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Hi! I'm Laura

I ask myself how can someone find a workout app with all this tremendous offering going on? It seems that everyone wants to sell us something so how do we know that it's actually suitable for us?

​Here's me trying to help you choose the right fitness app!


Spreading the positive fitness in not just workouts, but also life. It's about being strong and energetic!


Breaking down the stereotypes and looking at workouts from a user's perspective. I am You!


All workout apps work. It's just a matter of finding what works best for YOU!


It's about making it a part of who you are and the only way to do this is by understanding your needs!

How To Find Your Custom Fitness App?

Finding your custom fitness app is getting harder and harder, don’t you think? With more fitness apps coming out offering the same thing in a different layout makes it even more confusing...

Are Workout Apps Worth it?

Today workout apps are dominating the health and fitness industry. With over 250k fitness and health apps to choose from, I found myself a bit lost and confused...

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