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I have been in sports since childhood. Having to grow up with a skinny sister has left some deep wounds that I’m still working on today. I consider myself to be disciplined, simple and good-hearted. Honestly, I think that I’ve tried everything – really: starving, over-exercising, low carb diets – EVERYTHING. Still today, fitness for me is a cheap therapy session so help me to promote positive fitness. Lets clear the industry so it goes back to being about people, not sales!

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Spreading the positive fitness in not just workouts, but also life. It's about being strong and energetic!


Looking at fitness from a user's perspective in a clear vision. I am you!


All workout programs work. It's just the matter of finding what works best for YOU!


It's about making it a part of who you are and the only way of doing this understanding your needs!

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