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I have been in sports since childhood. Having to grow up with a skinny sister has left some deep wounds that I’m still working on today. I consider myself to be disciplined, simple and good-hearted. Honestly, I think that I’ve tried everything – really: starving, over-exercising, low carb diets – EVERYTHING. Still today, fitness for me is a cheap therapy session so help me to promote positive fitness. Lets clear the industry so it goes back to being about people, not sales!

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Oct 17

My journey

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Hey everybody, I'm Viktoria and I'm two years away from graduating as a master at Uni. Ever since I can remember I was always moving and being active. But at the same time, I was dealing with a lot of issues with my eyes. The final operation that was supposed to set me free from all the "suffering" of not being able to see properly actually didn't go as planned and that sort of was the starting point of my journey into mental and physical health. Due to heavy medication that I was put on in order to prevent me from getting another operation I, first of all, gained a lot of weight, but not only that, it also sent me into darker place mentally. Once I was able to start moving properly when my eyes were healed and all good, my dad and I started going into our small village gym. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing I just knew I need to regain my strength which being 14-15 years old I automatically associated with weights. Because of that one hour a day, few days a week I finally started to feel like I am gaining the control of where my life is going. My mental health has improved, I spent quality time with my dad and overall, I felt great in my own body. But it didn't stop there. It was time for me to move out and start a whole new life at my dream university in a different country, far away from my home. Finding out that all the gyms are incredibly expensive I rather gave up this, what for me felt like a luxury, to dedicate more time into studying and... yeah... just studying really. There was a problem that I lost the only consistent thing that I was in charge of. But I didn't realize that until I felt so unhappy with how I looked and with what I ate that I was just in a constant state of sadness and misery. It took for me to actually go into the gym, step on the scale, look in the mirror and tell myself that I am the one that needs to make a change. As Laura mentioned, after a lot of time dedicated to trying to find good online workouts, I found my happiness in HIIT and very energetic cardio that not only changed the way I look but it made me create my own routine that I was willing to stick to because I was craving this feeling of accomplishment. I began by working out consistently and then slowly adjusting my diet to the point where everything makes sense now. I understand what I do when I exercise, I understand what nutrients my body needs and to be fair, I understand that strength is not measured by the amount of weight you can lift, it is so much deeper than that. Thank you, Laura, for doing this, for spreading positivity where it's needed :)

Thank you, Vika for sharing this! :) Truly inspiring journey that goes way back. It made me smile all throughout. I also use fitness to shy away from sadness 😍