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I have been in sports since childhood. Having to grow up with a skinny sister has left some deep wounds that I’m still working on today. I consider myself to be disciplined, simple and good-hearted. Honestly, I think that I’ve tried everything – really: starving, over-exercising, low carb diets – EVERYTHING. Still today, fitness for me is a cheap therapy session so help me to promote positive fitness. Lets clear the industry so it goes back to being about people, not sales!

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Hello :) I'm Laura from Latvia

I started gyming around 10 years ago back in high-school because I wanted to lose weight – or at least that is what I thought was the case. I found this great gym next to my home but it was expensive. Anyway, I managed to save money and buy myself a membership. I went to the classes only because I did not know how to use the machines. Still today I prefer fun classes over boring treadmills. Now, when I look back it hasn’t really changed much. Girls prefer classes while guys are pumping up muscles (with exceptions, of course).


But then..The Internet – Oh Boy.. Do you even know how many online workouts I found? The list goes on and on. It seems to me that everyone wants to sell their program but how do I know that it’s suitable for me? There are too much-contradicting information and only a few really good people that actually want to help. Most of the reviews online have affiliate links so I know they're making money and not really suggesting quality.


So here I am - neither a fitness trainer nor a certified nutritionist but I do have a strong passion is healthy well-being which I call Positive Fitness. All I know is that there’s a lot of confronting information out there oriented towards money. The whole health industry relies on complexed women who seek help. Instead of helping, they overflow us with complicated and expensive workout plans - too confusing if you ask me :) I believe that all workout plans work so it's just the matter of picking the one suitable for our needs, and suitable for your fitness level. I have been there myself, starting out slow and today I proudly can say that I have managed to make it a part of who I am.

I’m here to share my experience and spread clearance on this massive industry, even if it’s from a small uncertified person like me. I promise honesty and simplicity FROM the user's perspective. All I ask in return is for you to tell yourself out loud - I am Awesome! The less we care about what others think of us, the happier we are! 

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