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8fit review

I love positivity though sometimes it's hard

I am a fitness enthusiast and blogger. I also believe that we all can find our own way of exercising.

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This site is dedicated to fitness app reviews and other
motivational content – all meant to guide you towards the world of positive fitness! Master home workouts one fitness app at a time!

Workout Apps

Finding your custom fitness app is getting harder and harder, don’t you think? With more fitness apps coming out offering the same thing in a different layout makes it even more confusing…

What I blog about

My Story

When it comes to fitness, I think I’ve tried pretty much everything. Diets, self-pity, over-exercising, shame.. you name it. I think what really counts is physical and mental fitness that gives us the energy to live a healthy life filled with quality relationships. My journey is not over yet and I still learn new lessons every single day. But the biggest of all – don’t ever compare yourself with others. Better yet, don’t even be bothered by what others might think of you or your fitness results. What matters is strength and good health!