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30 Day Fitness Challenge App Review

30 Day Fitness Challenge App Review

There aren’t many reviews on the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app so we had no choice but to write one ourselves. The fitness app has a decent number of animated workouts. It’s completely free of cost, but there is a paid upgrade available with a meal plan included. Workouts are suitable for beginners and the calendar-based structure helps to organize, track and plan out your training ahead of time. With a good amount of downloads on iOS and Android, this 30 Day Fitness app review will look at the main pros and cons as well as investigate if the premium is worth purchasing.

30 Day Fitness Challenge Workouts

After downloading the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app, we soon realized that this app is mainly for women only, thus designed mostly for weight loss. It’s a workout calendar app where you do one fitness challenge for 30 days with an option to do the next one after. At the time of writing this review, there are 5 challenges available with a focus on full-body, abs, butt, arms, or legs.

Once you choose your 30-day challenge, you must pick your difficulty level. The difficulty level is measured by how often you work out (the more times you work out, the harder the level). Users can choose between:

  • Easy – exercise once a week;
  • Medium – exercise 2-3 times a week;
  • Hard – exercise 4-6 times a week.

The workout intensity is increasing step by step so the longer you do your challenge, the harder it should get overtime. Of course, ideally, you should not feel this change because technically you’re getting more fit.

The workout structure of the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app is drawn up from repetitions with 30 seconds breaks in between. All workouts are animated and the length of the workouts is quite short anywhere between 7 – 20 minutes long. Users also won’t need any weights because all workouts are body-weight only. Hence, this makes the app great for busy women with little time to exercise. Especially great for people with limited equipment and access to the gym.

30 Day Fitness Challenge App Cost

There is a free and premium subscription available. The free subscription includes the above-mentioned workout challenges only, plus some basic tracking such as total calories burned during your challenge. Meanwhile, premium plan has a meal plan included. Another thing worth mentioning – the premium is also ad-free and gives the user a personalized workout plan and 700+ workouts for fat burning. The premium subscription costs $9.99 a month or $59.99 a year.

30 Day Fitness Challenge: Free vs Premium Subscription

After reviewing the premium version, in reality, the upgrade did not really deliver what was expected. Although the app claims to add extra workouts, we did not see much change apart from a bit of stretching at the end of the routine. Therefore, their “personalized workout plans” are a bit misleading because you get pretty much the same workouts that you would get in the free plan.

The only thing you’re getting for the money you pay is the food plan. You can choose between Standard or Vegetarian options. It also comes with a shopping list of what you have to buy each week.

Personally, we think it’s quite limited knowing that other apps give you way more options and customization. Apps like 8fit pretty much cost the same but the options there are more flexible, e.g. the opportunity to replace meals, etc.

When reading other 30 Day Fitness Challenge app reviews online, we see that other users have similar insights. Their meal plan is considered to be limited and defaulted. Therefore, if you’re going with the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app, we would recommend sticking to their free version rather than upgrading. If you buy their premium plan, you’ll see the same exercises and get a very basic food plan with no cooking instructions, preparation time or macro content. However, for basic workouts, the app has some good use.

30 Day Fitness Challenge App Review: Pros

  • The app gives you a workout plan to follow that’s tailored to your goal;
  • All workouts exclude weights so you can do them from home;
  • Gives you the option to replace an exercise with another move if you don’t like it;
  • You can synchronize data to Apple Health;
  • It has the Workout Calendar App’s Structure that’s great for planning ahead your workouts.

30 Day Fitness Challenge App Review: Cons

  • Not much space for strength training as no weights are involved. It’s primarily for weight loss, not growing muscle;
  • In the free version, random ads are popping up;
  • No music as an option;
  • The voice instructions sound robotic;
  • The meal plan is very limited, not really worth the money;
  • The app has no educational element attached (like health tips, blog articles, etc);
  • The workouts don’t include warm-ups or cool-downs.

Final Thoughts

30 Day Fitness Challenge is a good workout calendar app if you want to plan your workouts ahead. It’s suitable for beginners and busy people, even new mothers if you will. We see this app as a starting point for beginners and/or great means of training for busy people with limited access to the gym.

We also enjoyed the graduate difficulty increase that first helps to get used to fitness and then allows us to progress in it. The food plan is there as an option to choose for later use rather than pushing it there as of the start.

If you’re going with the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app, I would recommend sticking to their free version rather than upgrading.

Personally, we think this is one of the best ways to start exercising as we allow our body & central nervous system to get used to the new active lifestyle first. That being said, we don’t think that the 30 Day Fitness Challenge app is giving enough value to ask a price in return – workouts are animated to keep the costs down, they have no blog section with articles on health, as well as there’s no interactivity whatsoever.

We also don’t think the so-needed stretching and cool-down is only available in the premium subscription. The cool-downs are important and should be offered to free subscribers too.

However, we also don’t want you to think this fitness app is no good. On the contrary, back in 2016 the app even got the “Editor’s Choice” award. However, we think that, awarded or not, this was years ago. Till now we don’t see how they have improved their product. Instead, it seems that they have lied on their laurels and not really asking for feedback to keep on growing and deliver value to their customers.

We would just recommend sticking to the free plan. The calendar structure does ease the workout planning and you get a nice overview of all workouts that you’ve done over the last month or so.

Practical Tips if You’re Going with the 30 Day Fitness Challenge App

  • You can only replace a particular exercise only at the beginning of the workout so make sure to go over the routine beforehand to keep this option;

  • When downloading the 30 Day Fitness Challenge App, both Android and iPhone will have slightly different app names, but essentially it’s the same app. Go with the first app at the very top. They have launched many versions for some reason (again very confusing for the customer);

  • To see faster results, you can also combine 30 Day Fitness Challenge with apps like myFitnessPal – you’ll be able to efficiently track your calorie balance;

  • You won’t need equipment, however, an exercise mat would come in handy.
fitness mat for workouts at home

Hope you liked my 30 Day Fitness Challenge app review. Just a heads-up, they also give a one-week free trial on their premium subscription so only because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t so check it out!

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