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5 Ways How To Stay Active During Self-Isolation

stay active during self isolation

For those who are stuck at home for a while and looking for ways how to stay active know that there is a God. The only thing that’s worse than being trapped is coming out fat after the quarantine. Here are 5 ways how to stay active during a home-regime!

Workout Apps

Let’s start with the most obvious choice here – Workout Apps! Exercise apps are great because not only you can do your workout from home but you can also track your progress. Besides, guys, it’s soo easy to download and follow so literally everyone can do it.

Click here to name a few apps out there! If you’re looking for something more advanced, here’s a list with workout apps that include meal plans and here is one with fitness apps entirely for free.

Outdoor Walks

Taking longer walks is also something you can do to incorporate some activity into your temporarily inactive lifestyle. Just remember to keep a healthy 2-meter distance from others. Walking has an impact on your mood, state-of-mind, and health (especially mortality) so more on that here.

I would recommend going for a walk after breakfast to have that healthy digestion going on!

Morning Stretching

There’s nothing wrong with some good old stretching session first thing in the morning. Due to inactivity, your muscles get really tight so stretching will help to loosen them up and burn those extra calories. Even as little as a 5-minute session burns energy.

Stretching is especially important if you’re also working from home (try focusing on chest and hip flexor areas to maintain a proper posture).

Home Gyms

During social distancing, you don’t even need much equipment. I use water bottles as dumbells and do simple exercises like sit-ups and leg raise. A study shows that doing exercise for 30 minutes is just as effective in losing weight as an hour-long session. Look into fitness communities as Fitness Blender, they have a great amount of free workout videos for all fitness levels.

But if you want something fancy then there are always Peloton Interactive exercise equipment that stream live & on-demand workouts whilst staying at home.


Lastly, this is my personal favorite – dancing! Just put some music on and start moving your hips. It’s fun and easy! This might seem a bit difficult at first because you might feel stupid but trust me, your mood’s gonna go up and you’ll be moving your entire body! A little positivity definitely won’t hurt during self-isolation.

Of course, there’s always additional stuff you can do like cleaning and fixing the house or playing with your kids… There are plenty of fun kids fitness games, just saying! Anyhow, social distancing can get tough at times so good luck and stay safe & well!


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