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7 Must-Have Products for a Strong Immune System

products to boost immunity

Our ultimate goal is to have a strong immune system. And it’s not only during the virus season but all-year-round too! A strong immune system is much more than just preventing your body from getting sick. It’s about overcoming fatigue and being energetic.

When going deeper into researching immune systems, the majority reports the same repetitive methods for strengthening it. In other words, most if not all recommend avoiding stress, have enough sleep, eat vitamins and activity.

Don’t get me wrong – all this is super important but doesn’t that sound like a broken record to you? What if we don’t have time to cook or train?

Anyhow, here’s a list of products for a strong immune system that can help you support your health in a natural way!

Portable Blender

Every day our bodies have to fight various toxins called the free radicals which are bad for us because they make us age faster, attracts diseases, etc. Most of the time free radicals come from air pollution, chemicals, smoke, and other external sources.

Antioxidants are a natural way of fighting free radicals. Fruits and other vitamins are loaded with the good stuff that helps to protect our cells and ultimately strengthens our immune system.


This particular product is USB chargeable and very convenient. Smoothies, protein shakes, fresh juices – you name it! Regular vitamin intake supports metabolism, strengthens our bones and converts food into energy.

So every time you feel down, just make a cocktail of your favourite fruit & veg helping to boost that immune system, therefore, fighting it unknowingly. Food is and always will be the best source of vitamins.

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Workout Apps

Exercise still is a great tool for strengthening your immune system naturally. It flushes out bacteria and promotes healthy blood circulation. But ever wondered how to make workouts more sustainable and fun?

products to boost immunity

Workout apps are great in the sense that it allows you to sweat at home, therefore, saving a tremendous amount of time.

Recently, I recorded how much time I spent on going to the gym, being at the gym and then coming home. It took me like 3 hours! Then I did a session at home and even managed to put the dinner on the stove in the middle of my 15-second rest period. That is what I call a multi-tasker…

There are 4 workout apps which I recommend:

  • Aaptiv for intermediates & advanced level;
  • Sworkit for beginners and up;
  • BodyBoss for people who wants a hard-copy of the exercises;
  • Jillian Michaels for those who need a meal plan included.

For More on Workout Apps Visit This Page

Hidrate Spark Bottle

With all the junk we eat and free radicals flying around, we need to rinse our bodies clean. By doing that, we don’t store anything in our fat-tissue avoiding it to have a negative impact on our immune system.

Hidrate Spark makes sure that you’re drinking enough water daily. It creates your custom hydration goal while tracking your water intake on an app. Call it the world’s smartest water bottle if you will…

So look at it this way, the more junk is inside of you, the harder the immune system has to work. If the immune system has nothing to fight against, it can be sharp and ready to defend us.

Get Your Smart Water Bottle Here!

Sleeping Mask

Touching upon the never-ending sleep topic but I have to… Not having enough sleep decreases your cell production that fights diseases. And a shortage of cells leads to a weak immune system. Besides, even with those weak cells you have, sooner or later the feeling of tiredness starts to creep in and baam – you’re open to bacteria.


Personally, I think this mask is awesome because it completely blocks out the light whilst not creating any pressure on the nose. Get at least 7-9 hours of sleep to boost your immune system in a natural way.

Get Your Sleeping Mask Here!

Foot Massager

I always said that stress is the invisible monster because we cannot see the effects it leaves on our bodies. Similarly to lack of sleep, stress also decreases your good cells, but here the effect is worse because it actually releases a bad hormone called cortisol.

Cortisol is horrible because it lowers our bone density, increases weight gain, messes up our blood pressure and even increases the risk of heart disease. I hope that the weak immune system goes without saying here..

Studies show that a relaxing massage releases happy hormones like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine which in turn help to fight cortisol.

This product can help relaxing while taking a shower. It stimulates, exfoliates and relaxes the feet. And because a human foot contains the most sensory nerve endings than any other human part, it’s a great tool to relieve stress.

Get Your Feet Scrubber Here!

Home Sauna Combined With a Cold Shower

Contrast water therapy is my personal favourite. The secret here is improved blood circulation. The faster it is, the better our bodies work (aka stronger immune system). Sauna helps to sweat out the toxins stored in your fat-tissue and lower the blood pressure.

A home sauna is fun and easy to use, greatly suitable for people who do not have access to it. And when combined with a cold shower therapy, you get better skin, energy boost, release in endorphins (the happy hormones), and you handle stress much better.

Get Your Home Sauna Here!

Be Positive: Laugh

There are several studies that show a stronger immune system for those who are more optimistic. And let’s just think about it for a second – when we’re optimistic, we’re also happier, joyful and more attentive.

This just adds up all the previous points on how to strengthen our immune system in a natural way. When we’re happy and attentive, we take things easier, prioritize sleep and have enough energy to exercise.

Rollerskating is one of my favourite ways to get some positivity because I feel like a child again. You don’t even notice how the time flies when you’re having fun. Besides, it’s also a great workout for your legs.

Jawzrsize is a fitness device that is designed to train your facial muscles. I, on the other hand, see this product as a very fun way to get some laughter in while toning your face in the meantime.

One way or another, there’s definitely a link between your immune system and optimism. Therefore, if you really want to support your immune system in a natural way, start by seeing the glass half-full.

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If there is one thing for sure, it’s how complicated the immune system is. I invite all of you to think of your immune system every day because supporting it is much easier than we think. Good Luck and Stay Strong!

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