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8fit Workouts & Meal Planner: A Very Honest 8fit App Review

Updated: Feb 28

8fit app was created back in 2014 by two not really fitness-related people: Pablo Villalba and Pedro Solá (both German developers/entrepreneurs). In 2018 one of the co-founders Pedro Solá left his chief executive officer position due to sexual harassment and financial misconduct so that was a bit of a hit for the company. Still, it has over 10m downloads and 133k reviews with a score of 4.5 stars. This 8fit app review will look at how much 8fit app costs and will list down its strengths and weaknesses so keep on reading!

How Does the 8fit App Work?

Their unique selling point remains the same: to create custom meals and workout plans for their users. Overall, 8fit app reviews are good; people are seeing fast results and they're loving the personalization. However, these good reviews come with some pretty strong complaints against their customer service and subscription policies.

8fit App Cost and Their Custom Workouts

Apparently 8fit app has 2 versions, one is free (super basic) and the other one is a pro version with personalized meal plans included. I could not manage to find the free version, so I went with the pro which costs $60 per year – no monthly option and the whole yearly fee paid upfront.

To customize your program, the first thing the 8fit app does is asks you a bunch of questions regarding your goals, gender, age, height, weight, current body fat, targeted body fat and more. Once that’s done, your personalized workouts are created (the meal plan is created later).

You can either choose to lose weight, get fitter or gain muscle mass. I went with the loose weight program which focused on reducing my calorie intake. Get fitter is for people who are happy with their weight, but just want to turn fat into muscle. Finally, gain muscle program gives the user a calorie surplus, hence the workouts incorporate more weightlifting.

The workouts are held 6 times a week in short 8-12 minute long sessions (but the time can slightly change depending on how fast you’re doing the routine). In the "loose weight program", 8fit uses mostly high-intensity workout elements from Reps, Tabata, Time-Interval, and Paleo Run-style training.

8fit asks you a bunch of questions regarding your goals, gender, age, height, weight, current body fat, targeted body fat and more.

So basically super short, intense intervals either based on time, like 20-sec active 10-sec rest, or repetition, like 12 squats then 6 mountain climbers and so on. 8fit app also incorporated the “classes” section where you can target specific body parts like arms, glutes, core or just full-body (similar to Aaptiv app). The best part is that the 8fit app is one of the rare apps which include warm-ups and cool-downs.

I Look Terrible But Better Check Out That Sweat Drop On My Nose

8fit App Meals

When creating your meal plan, 8fit allows you to list down your food & timing preferences. The food plan will be then personalized to your goals, taste, and lifestyle. You can choose from:

  • Standard (easy);

  • Pescetarian (vegetarian + seafood);

  • Vegetarian (no meat or fish);

  • Vegan (no animal products);

  • Paleo (only meat, fish, nuts and veggies);

  • Custom (choose the ingredients you want).

The options are just never-ending: you can select foods you dislike, select recipes you want (like simple under 10 minutes and so on), how many meals per day you want, and the variety of meals (from low variety with simple, repetitive foods to high variety with longer cooking times and different each time).

The recipes give you cooking instructions, and at the very top, you'll have a shopping cart with all the products needed for the next coming days. Just a tip though - if you want to boost your energy levels, try Amazing Grass Production. It's the best organic superfood!

8fit App Review: Pros

  • Personalization is their biggest advantage for sure. Normally, fitness apps go with default workouts & meal plans which are the same for all users (like Sweat App or 30-Day Fitness Challenge). 8fit app tailors everything to your body parameters, height, weight, and fitness level;

  • Highly adjustable and flexible app. Not only you can change your meal plan, but you also can adjust the workout difficulty and the overall custom program if needed (they use your feedback to improve your next workout);

  • Strong educational and informative element – each move is explained via real-life demo and written instructions. 8fit app also produces interesting blog articles, lists down the importance of warm-ups & cools-downs, explains workouts before sessions and more. The red-thread goes through the entire 8fit app;

  • Interactive and easy user-interface. With so many tailoring as an option, they still managed to get it simple. Good tracking. All activities outside the app count towards that day's training.

8fit App Review: Cons

  • The videos sure take a long time to load;

  • The 8fit app crashes a lot (and not just only for me, but for others as well). It’s either showing the same meals, doesn’t connect to health tracker or stops working in the middle of your workout. You really just end up feeling frustrated, that’s all;

  • Most people rate their customer service quite poorly with long response times. A lot of users have problems with payments and refunds, which is understandable because you must subscribe for the whole year and pay the whole fee upfront. Something is wrong with the communication (yet, when contacting their support, personally I had no issues with them);

  • The workouts are not really adjustable. The breaks in between are too short giving you no time to properly prepare for the next exercise. Seems that in order to make the workouts short, they have unnaturally squeezed in the intervals. This might be challenging for beginners. For them, I would suggest apps like Workout for Women;

  • Also, workout scheduling is not efficient. You can schedule the next session only after a completed workout. This cannot be done week in advance, considering that something always comes up. You might end up forgetting to exercise at all.

So Who Will Like 8fit Workout App?

Their method is simple – stick to your custom program to see results and here are a couple of extra options to choose from if you get bored. It’s like a small personal trainer in your pocket. On paper, it sounds too good to be true.

If you're after customization then you also might like workout apps like Asana Rebel and Freeletics so I would definitely recommend checking those!

In reality, the 8fit app maybe is a bit too ambitious if you ask me. They have some serious bugging errors to resolve in order to make this a long-term fitness app for us.

There’s nothing worse than ending up finishing your workout early simply because you’re too disappointed - this is not acceptable if we're subscribing to it for a whole year.

That being said, I totally see the 8fit app as a great next step for beginners. Any fitness level will actually find something here as all workout difficulties can be adjusted.

Feasible Workouts

The workouts, at least from the weight loss program, are feasible to do from home, and you’ll find a nice progression of them as well. How I've been writing in my blog already, this is the best way to do fitness.

The 8fit app also has some unique features like sleep meditation sessions - that’s pretty cool (on that note, if you like meditation then you must check out Centr App).

My favorite part is that the IU is simple and the custom program is adjustable. Though, I must say that I'm missing a bit of a "soul" in this app. It's very structured, clean and accurate if you don't count the bugging errors. When you look at Fitness Blender or Nike, you can feel their brand values. Here it's very clean...

8fit For Women Who Don't Have Time

I recommend the 8fit app for people who are ready to change their food habits and want to progress. Even though, in my opinion, 9 minutes a day won’t be enough for you to see fast results, it’s still a good start, especially if you combine both: workouts and diet.

In reality, the 8fit app maybe is a bit too ambitious if you ask me. They have some serious bugging errors to resolve in order to make this a long-term fitness app for us.

One last note from me, I question their estimation of calories burned during workouts. I sure don’t think that a beginner can burn 311 calories in 11 minutes (something’s wrong with their calorie calculation).

For me, this is a huge credibility decreaser, but this is purely personal. I can tell you right now that for me to burn 300 calories, I must run at least 30 minutes, thus the last 5 would be probably sprinting. This is very misleading and far from the truth so don't trust every number they give you. I always use my Garmin watch to show me the real figures.

126 Calories In 5 Minutes? Gosh, That's.. New!

Some Practical Tips if You Go With the 8fit App:

  • Remember that you’ll see results much faster if you combine workouts with clean eating (there're even many theories out there saying that your results will depend on 80% diet and 20% workouts);

  • To see progress over time, I always suggest getting a smart scale. Fitbit Aria 2 and Redover both are good;

  • Eat a banana after a workout - it's the best post-workout snack out there! It's a fast-acting carb that will top back up your carb reserves and will boost your energy levels back to normal. Not only you'll control yourself better when entering the kitchen, but your body will also take all the vitamins & minerals that are naturally inside;

  • Try tightening up your belly and suck in your core when doing any of the exercises. It will improve your form and you'll train your ab muscles with every move. You should always tense your core and not let your belly "hang" so to speak. A great product for the beginning can be fitness belts that hold your core in till you get used to the feeling.

From customized apps to personal trainers online, there's so much support coming in to find our suitability. To discover your perfect workout app click here!

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