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8fit review: Are the workouts and meals any good?

8fit review
The 8fit app is a weights-free fitness app that comes with a custom meal plan included. It offers short & effective workout routines that are suitable for weight loss and toning. This 8fit review will look at how much does the 8fit app cost and list down a few of its strengths and weaknesses.

How does the 8fit app work?

The 8fit app was created back in 2014 by two not really fitness-related people: Pablo Villalba and Pedro Solá (both German developers/entrepreneurs). Today, it has over 10m downloads and 133k reviews with a score of 4.5 stars.

Their unique selling point is to create custom meals and workout plans for their users. The emphasis here is on the word custom and personalization as the app takes in your specific body parameters and abilities to create the best plan for you to create your fitness goal.

Overall, 8fit app reviews are good; people are seeing results and they’re loving the personalization. However, these good reviews come with some pretty strong complaints against their customer service and subscription policies.

8fit App Cost and Their Custom Workouts

At the time of writing this 8fit review, the fitness app did not offer any monthly subscriptions. The 8fit pro version costs $60 per year – the whole fee must be paid upfront, hence the complaints against their subscription policies. The pro version comes with a personalized meal plan included.

To customize your program, the first thing the 8fit app does is asks you a bunch of questions regarding your goals, gender, age, height, weight, current body fat, targeted body fat, and more. Once that’s done, your personalized workouts are created (the meal plan is created later).

You can either choose to lose weight, get fitter, or gain muscle mass. I went with the “lose weight program” that worked on reducing my calorie intake.

Get fitter is for people who are happy with their weight and just wanna maintain and/or slightly increase their progress, whereas gain muscle program creates a calorie surplus, hence the workouts incorporate more resistance training with a focus on building muscle with your own bodyweight.

The workouts are held 6 times a week in short 8-12 minute long sessions (but the time can slightly change depending on how fast you’re doing the routine).

In the “loose weight program“, 8fit combines high-intensity workout elements like Reps, Tabata, Time-Interval, and Paleo Run-style training. This makes the workout short but extremely effective. After 8fit’s workouts you’re basically left sweating and gasping.

8fit App Review

Check Out That Sweat Drop On My Nose


The workouts incorporate short, intense intervals either based on time, like 20-sec active 10-sec rest, or repetition, like 12 squats then 6 mountain climbers and so on.

A similar fitness app that also create short & effective workout routines are Johnson & Johnson only compared to 8fit, J&J is free.

8fit app also incorporates the “classes” section where you can target specific body parts like arms, glutes, core, or just full-body. Just recently they launched Weekly Classes where users can join dynamic fitness classes guided by professional coaches.

The best part is that 8fit app is one of the rare fitness apps that includes warm-up and cool-down. I see this far too often as something that’s overlooked as without a proper warm-up and a cool-down the workout cannot be complete. A great example of complete workout is what Les Mills is doing – bringing the gym classes into our homes so I would highly recommend to check it out.

8fit App Meals

When creating your meal plan, 8fit allows you to list down your food & timing preferences. This is one of their key selling-points: adjustability. Flexibility of the meal plans is how they stand out. This features becomes more and more topical as everyone’s looking for alternatives.

The food plan will be then personalized to your goals, taste, and lifestyle. You can choose from:

  • Standard (easy);
  • Pescetarian (vegetarian + seafood);
  • Vegetarian (no meat or fish);
  • Vegan (no animal products);
  • Paleo (only meat, fish, nuts and veggies);
  • Custom (choose the ingredients you want).

The options are just never-ending: you can select foods you dislike, select recipes you want (like simple under 10 minutes), and so on. You can even indicate how many meals per day you want and how different the food should be.

The only app that can stand close to 8fit’s recipe selection is Asana Rebel so if you’re into yoga-based workouts, make sure to check out the app Here.

8fit recipes give you cooking instructions, and at the very top, you’ll have a shopping cart with all the products needed for the next coming days.

8fit review

8fit Review: Pros

  • Personalization is their biggest advantage for sure. Normally, fitness apps go with defaulted workouts & meal plans which are the same for all users (e.g. 30-Day Fitness Challenge). 8fit app tailors everything to your body parameters, height, weight, and fitness level;
  • It’s also highly adjustable and flexible. Change your meal plan, adjust the workout difficulty and even the overall custom program if needed (they use your feedback to improve your next workout);
  • Provides its users with a strong educational content – each move is explained via real-life demo and written instructions. 8fit app also produces interesting blog articles, lists down the importance of warm-ups & cools-downs and explains workouts before sessions. The red-thread goes through the entire 8fit app;
  • Interactive and easy user-interface. With so many tailoring as an option, they still managed to get it simple;
  • Good tracking. All activities outside the app count towards that day’s training;
  • Additional features like sleep meditations available.

8fit Review: Cons

  • Slightly buggy and slow. At moments, the app crashed or videos took too long to load. You might end up feeling frustrated;
  • Not the best customer service in terms of speed;
  • Because the workouts are short, it gives no time to properly prepare for the next exercise. Seems that in order to make the workouts quick, they have unnaturally squeezed in the intervals;
  • No push notifications or workout scheduling available. You can schedule the next session only after a completed workout. This cannot be done a week in advance. And considering that something always comes up, you might end up forgetting to exercise at all.

I also question their estimation of calories burned during workouts. I sure don’t think that a beginner can burn 311 calories in just 11 minutes.

8fit App Review

126 Calories In 5 Minutes? Gosh, That’s.. New!

For me, this is does decrease 8fit’s credibility. To burn 300 calories, I must run at least 30 minutes, thus the last 5 would be probably sprinting. This is a bit misleading and disapointing, to say the least.. Especially if they’re promoting a healthy wellbeing.

Who Will Like the 8fit App?

Their method is simple – stick to your custom program to see results and here are a couple of extra options to choose from in case you get bored. It’s like a small personal trainer in your pocket. On paper, it sounds too good to be true.

In reality, the 8fit app maybe is a bit too ambitious if you ask me. They have some serious bugging errors to resolve in order to make this a long-term fitness app for us. But considering that it’s an app, there always be a few bugs here and there.

From my personal experience, there’s nothing worse than finishing your workout early simply because you’re too disappointed – this is not acceptable if we’re subscribing to it for a whole year.

That being said, I totally see the 8fit app as a great next step for beginners. Any fitness level will find something here as all workout difficulties can be adjusted.

And just for comparison, if customization is what you’re after then you also might like Jillian Michaels fitness app which in my opinion is a slightly more sustainable solution if you’re looking for a long-term fitness app.

Feasible Workouts

The workouts, at least from the weight loss program, are feasible to do from home. You’ll also find a nice progression of them too. You’ll see a graduate increase in difficulty and without even knowing it, you’ll built up your endurance.

My favorite part is the 8fit’s simple interface and the adjustable custom program. Easy navigation makes fitness apps that much more awesome! So if you’re looking for a flexible solution that fits a busy lifestyle then 8fit might be just the app for you.

8fit For Women Who Don’t Have Time

The 8fit app will be great for people who are ready to change their food habits and want to see results. Even though, in my opinion, 9 minutes a day won’t be enough for you to see fast results, it’s still a good start, especially if you combine both: workouts and diet.

I don’t necessary see this workout app being strong in muscle building, but for weight loss and conditioning it’s well worth the money.

A few tips before

  • You might have heard about the 80/20 rule – 80% diet and 20% workouts. Hence, you’ll see results much faster if you combine workouts with clean eating;
  • Eat a banana right after a workout because it’s a fast-acting carb that will top up your carb reserves and boost your energy levels back to normal. Not only you’ll control yourself better when entering the kitchen, but your body will get the well-deserved vitamins & minerals;
  • Try tightening up your belly and suck in your core when doing any of the exercises. It will improve your form and you’ll train your ab muscles with every move. You should always tense your core and not let your belly “hang” so to speak;
  • To see progress over time, get yourself a smart scale.
smart scales

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