Aaptiv Review: Innovative Company but Can You Use it?

Updated: May 6

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Aaptiv app was first launched back in 2016 and today it’s one of the fastest-growing digital fitness start-ups that covers over 22 fitness categories, offers more than 2.5k on-demand fitness classes, and reaches over 200k paying subscribers.

According to Tech Crunch, their audio classes have been streamed more than 14 million times (1).

Besides, the CEO of Aaptiv Inc. Ethan Agarwal is a fitness enthusiast himself (2). This Aaptiv review will take a closer look at what's so special about this fitness app so keep on reading!

What Makes Aaptiv App So Different?

The special thing about Aaptiv is its unique on-demand fitness classes led by certified personal trainers and based purely on audio.

That's right .. Aaptiv has its own trainer database which you can "hear". The presence of real trainers that conducts the lesson is quite special. They guide you through and motivate us to push ourselves.

Depending on your fitness goals, you can choose your own trainer.

All trainers are introduced so you can read about their backgrounds and areas of expertise.

The good thing - Aaptiv has a free 7-day trial period. After the trial period, you get unlimited access to all classes for $14.99 a month, $99.99 a year or lifetime membership for $399.99.

Aaptiv Workouts

After sharing your fitness goals, Aaptiv creates your custom daily plan. You can also select a workout outside your plan by browsing through their workout types (everything from boxing to mediation).

You can choose your fitness level, trainer and the duration of the workout. The length of the workout varies from 4 minutes to an hour-long session.

Averagely, Aaptiv tends to go with 20-30 minute long routines.

Aaptiv Review: Pros

  • Aaptiv has personal trainers for everyone;

  • The app creates personalized fitness plans;

  • You can take part in their competitive group challenges;

  • You can track your progress via stats;

  • Aaptiv has a huge library of fitness classes from pilates to outdoor running and full marathon training programs. They even have a maternity program for new moms;

  • Aaptiv is constantly updating their app with new classes every week;

  • You also have the opportunity to download the classes beforehand in case you don’t have access to Wi-Fi;

  • Overall, Aaptiv has convenient workouts that are based on our availability and location.

Aaptiv Review: Cons

  • Currently, Aaptiv is limited to certain countries (here's a list of 20 countries where the app is operating);

  • Some of the new updates take away the flexibility of the app;

  • Unstable policies around auto-renewals. People are struggling with getting refunds and getting a hold of Aaptiv customer support;

  • Audio-based routines limit the workout selection for beginners as they are not familiar with the exercise or how to correctly execute it.

Summary of This Aaptiv Review

Surely, Aaptiv app is quite innovative by giving us audio-only on-demand classes that take your favorite workouts and make them more interactive, more fun.

My favorite thing was how they understand the importance of music so they make sure all classes are music-based. Motivating music just makes us push even harder, always..

The level of interactivity is quite special too. It works great with trainers pushing you.

Also, group-challenges are great for motivation. This makes Aaptiv suitable for people who need guidance and maybe sometimes are struggling with encouragement.

Aaptiv app is quite innovative by giving us audio-only on-demand classes that take your favorite workouts and make them more interactive, more fun.

However, audio-based classes are not the same as actually seeing how exercises are done. If you’re a beginner and go with strength training, your choices will be limited.

Not only you won’t see the exercise, but you also won’t know how to do that particular move which might increase the risk of injury.

In that case, the only safe choice at this point is just to go with “Running”. Otherwise, you're left with going on Youtube and looking up each move. It doesn't sound like a fun workout, does it?

For great workout demos, look into fitness apps like Centr or Jillian Michaels Fitness.

Who Might Like Aaptiv?

I would recommend Aaptiv to people who want to spice things up and change their training style to avoid boredom.

I would not recommend Aaptiv to a complete beginner because their voice-first approach to personal training works best for users who already have some experience in fitness.

Don't get me wrong, interactivity is extremely important for complete beginners too. Though for them I would recommend Fitness Blender.

Fitness Blender also creates interactive workout routines so beginners can start to familiarize themselves with exercises & form before moving over to Aaptiv.

Alternatively, check out Sworkit - they have both - interactivity and great workouts too.

Aaptiv is suitable for people who need guidance and maybe sometimes are struggling with encouragement.

Lastly, how I see it, Aptiv is fastly expanding. However, rapid progress brings a lot of mistakes.

I've read that new updates come with frustrating errors therefore Aaptiv should keep in mind the importance of communication.

So far, when checking other reviews online, I see refusals to issue refunds and long response times. But I'm sure that this will improve over time and this is nothing new for a fitness app that has a subscription fee.

The main point here is that Aaptiv is legit and qualitative! If interactivity is important to you then you should try this app before making a judgment.

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Personally, I really liked the concept but I realize that it's not for everybody. They only work with our sense of hearing while traditional fitness app tends to work with both, sense of hearing and sense of vision. What's best? Who knows..

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