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Aaptiv Review (2022 Update): Is it only Audio?

aaptiv review

Aaptiv is a highly interactive fitness app that offers both: effective audio-based and video workouts. It covers a wide variety of workout types like Pilates, meditation, indoor cycling and more. Users can try out music-driven, trainer-led fitness classes at home which makes the workouts accessible and flexible. Aaptiv has also grown into new segments by offering cooperative workouts that promote employee wellness. This fitness app is led by certified voice-first fitness coaching that guides and motivate the user throughout the entire workout.


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Background of Aaptiv

The Aaptiv app was first launched back in 2016 and today it’s one of the fastest-growing digital fitness startups that covers over 22 fitness categories, offers more than 2.5k on-demand fitness classes, and has gathered over 200k paying subscribers. Thus, this amount is growing significantly each day. Today, their audio-classes have been streamed millions of times.

It turns out, the CEO of Aaptiv Inc. Ethan Agarwal is a fitness enthusiast himself who’s strongly supporting health and wellness. By understanding its audience and being able to connect with it, Aaptiv has grown into one of the best audio-based fitness app available today. After reading this Aaptiv review, you should have a clearer idea of whether or not Aaptiv might be just the app for you!

What Makes Aaptiv Different?

The special thing about Aaptiv is their unique audio-based on-demand fitness led by certified personal trainers. That’s right – Aaptiv has its own trainer database which the users can hear only. When comparing Aaptiv with the average fitness app in the industry, most workouts are pre-made, often defaulted and robotic. With Aaptiv, the effectiveness of training does not suffer even if the concept of workouts are moved away from the classic gym-setting.

The presence of real trainers that conducts the workout is revolutionary because the coaches are guiding the user through the workout and motivation to push harder. Depending on fitness goals, users can choose their own trainer too. All trainers are introduced on Aaptiv’s website and users can read more about their backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Video Workouts

Alongside audio-fitness, they’ve also launched video workouts to guide users through their training. With this recent feature, Aaptiv offers a wider range of workouts and give the option to diversify your training.

Purely audio-based routines perhaps would not be the best way for a beginner, because audio-based classes are not the same as actually seeing how exercises are done. Hence, the audio-workouts would limit a fitness beginner as most likely exercises like Jumping Jacks and Start Jumps might not be familiar. Now, with the video-workouts, even the beginners can gradually introduce themselves to various exercises and intensity levels. Those who need it can familiarize themselves with exercises & form before moving over to the voice-first approach.

Aaptiv for Employers

Another new improvement by Aaptiv is music-driven and trainer-led fitness classes for employees. Designed specifically for the cooperative world, employers can improve their employee wellness with Aaptiv. In fact, companies like Amazon and Starbucks have signed up with Aaptiv. This feature allows employees to work out when, where and how they want it. It’s highly flexible as employees with different levels and fitness goals can find workouts that are best suited for them. It also allows them to join challenges and track progress.

Employee training is also offered by apps like Sworkit, but with Aaptiv it’s much more interactive. Music is one of the main characteristics that inspire and motivates them to keep going.

Are the workouts effective?

After sharing your fitness goals, Aaptiv creates a custom daily plan. By custom plan we mean everything from when to what to train. Users can also select a workout outside their plan by browsing through the workout types. Again, here the options covers everything from boxing to mediation. Users choose their fitness level, trainer, and the duration of each workout. Though workouts vary from 4 minutes to hour-long sessions, on average Aaptiv workouts tend to be around 20-30 minute long.

Not only Aaptiv workouts are highly energetic, but they’re also tough and intense. This makes training worth it. It kind of felt like going to the gym without leaving our home.

Aaptiv has a huge library of fitness classes from Pilates to outdoor running and full marathon training programs. Similarly to the Sweat app, Aaptiv also has a maternity program available for new moms to gradually and safely get in shape with the opportunity to download workouts beforehand in case of limited Wi-Fi (hence this feature is available for all workouts).

Aaptiv cost

After subscribing to Aaptiv, the users get unlimited access to all classes for $14.99 a month, $99.99 a year, or lifetime membership for $399.99. However, Aaptiv offers a 7-day free trail. We highly recommend trying out the free trial period first before subscribing to Aaptiv Premium.

Summary of Aaptiv Review

Surely, the Aaptiv app is an innovation in the fitness app industry. Aaptiv gives its users audio and video workouts on-demand. It’s those classes that take our favourite workouts and make them more interactive, more fun.

After writing this review, we believe that Aaptiv’s guidance is important for safe training. Having someone telling you what to do is not only easy but it’s also generally more adventurous. All that makes training sustainable and helps us to reach our fitness goals whatever they may be. We and other Aaptiv reviews online love how they understand the importance of music too. Motivating music just makes us push even harder, always..

With the Aaptiv app, users can expect a high level of interactivity. Either it’s audio workouts or perhaps you’re joining their competitive group-challenges, all aspects make this fitness app a great pusher and chance to fit workouts into our busy lives.

Pros and Cons of Aaptiv

To summarize the Aaptiv review, here’s the main pros and cons of it:


  • Certified fitness trainers;
  • Personalized fitness plans;
  • Custom tracking and reporting;
  • Large library of fitness classes;
  • Regular updates.


  • Not available in all countries;
  • Some of the new updates take away the flexibility of the app;
  • Unstable policies around auto-renewals;
  • No meal plan included.

Aaptiv review


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Hope you liked our Aaptiv review. Check out more fitness app reviews at Positive Fit!

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