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Adidas Training: Home Workout Review – Is it any good?

Adidas Training review

Adidas Training is one of two apps by Adidas Runtastic. The app focuses on strength training and workouts, guiding you on how to perform various exercises correctly. This Adidas Training Review will determine how users can benefit from numerous workout collections, personalized training plans, and instructional videos.

Key Takeaways & Highlights of the Adidas Training App

With so many online fitness apps, it can be confusing to settle for one. Here’s a rundown on who should get the Adidas Training app.

Get the app if:

  • You want workout plans personalized to your fitness level
  • You want to lose weight, build muscle, or get toned
  • You want an all-inclusive fitness app with workouts, yoga, and meal plans
  • You want to be part of a community that shares your passion for fitness
  • You want to experience the fitness app’s features before you purchase the premium version.

Don’t get this app if:

  • You need constant motivation to reach your fitness goals
  • You want an integrated app that offers strength training and running practice
  • You prefer a simple app without the frills

Adidas Training App Background

According to our Adidas Training review, the app was launched on Nov 12, 2015, and is offered by Adidas Runtastic. It is available on both Apple and Play stores and is compatible with most devices.

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App Rating and Downloads

The app has over 10M downloads on Google Play with a rating of 4.5 stars. The Apple Store shows a rating of 4.8 stars which is slightly higher than the former. Therefore, the average rating for the app is around 4.65 stars which is pretty impressive.

The difference in rating may be because of the fact that the Adidas Training app can be integrated with Apple Health and is also compatible with all Apple devices. This certainly adds to the ‘user-friendliness’ of the app for Apple device users, hence, the higher rating.

Play Store also shows a good rating with a considerably large amount of downloads. Therefore, it is safe to say that the app delivers on its promise to get users in shape and provide real results.

Level of Personalization

In this Adidas Training Review, you will see that the app delivers on several fronts. You can tailor the workouts according to your fitness level– so whether you’re a beginner or already in great shape, you can find exercises that help you achieve your fitness goal.

Trainers perform all the exercises shown during workouts, so you can watch them while you work out. This helps you stay motivated while ensuring that your posture is correct.

With the Adidas Training app, you can get a customized workout in two ways:

  1. You answer all the questions and let the app create a workout plan for you according to your fitness level and goals. The app asks you questions such as how many times you want to workout in a week, the time you want to dedicate to workouts, the days when you want to exercise, etc.
  2. You create your own workout by selecting the body parts you want to target and the difficulty level you can manage.

Regardless of how you create your workout plan, the app gives you the freedom to edit it and personalize it further to fit your needs. For example, you can reduce or increase the exercise time, pause between exercises and rounds of exercises, and even eliminate exercises you can do without. This is a useful feature because there might be days when you don’t have a lot of time so you can easily skip a few exercicses but still complete the day’s goal. Or it could be the opposite and you want to exercise for longer since you’re feeling energetic. Either way, the ability to personalize workout duration comes in handy. 

Adidas review

Adidas Training Review- Core Features

The Adidas Training app is ideal for anyone who wants to lose extra weight, build muscle through strength training, tone up their body with a variety of exercises, or simply stay motivated to continue their fitness journey.

Workout Categories

As mentioned earlier in the Adidas Training review, the app offers a high level of personalization when it comes to workouts. However, apart from creating a plan that fits your requirements, the app provides other workout options for users to explore.

You can find guided workouts we well as featured workouts on your feed. This allows you to see what exercises are in store for you in the future.

There are also specialized workouts for women, such as the prenatal fitness series and the one-month cycle series. So, if you are pregnant and searching for safe ways to stay fit during this time, you can benefit from the Adidas Training app.

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Types of Workouts

The Adidas Training app offers a wide variety of workouts for users to try, so if you get bored with one style, you can always move on to another one. Moreover, users can create a combination workout by adding different types of exercises to a single session for maximum impact.

You can choose from the following types:

  • Over 180 guided exercises with audio prompts
  • HIIT workouts
  • Tabata workouts
  • Yoga workouts
  • Dance workouts

Difficulty Level

Personalized workouts provide exercise plans that suit your fitness level and goal, making them easy to follow. However, some beginners complain that exercises get more challenging as you continue through your weekly plans. This often results in users giving up on the app altogether, as they feel discouraged whenever they cannot complete a workout.

Other than personalized workouts, you also have featured workouts that you see on your feed. They are not shown according to your fitness level. So, even if you are a beginner, advanced-level exercises may be shown on the feed.

One benefit is that users can have a glimpse of what exercises they will be required to do at intermediate and advanced levels. On the flip side, it may also appear as clutter because you are not in shape to attempt them right away.

Equipment Required

According to our Adidas Training review, a good feature is that all the exercises included in the workout can be done at home. So, if you have a busy work schedule with no time to spare, you can complete the workout wherever you want, without having to go to the gym.

Additionally, most exercises don’t require any equipment, but you will need kettlebells, resistance bands, dumbbells, and more as you move to the advanced level.

Workout Duration

Personalized workouts allow users to select the duration according to the time they can dedicate every day. This adds to the overall flexibility of the app. Even after creating a workout plan, you can always edit the duration if you have less or more time to exercise that day. This works well for people who are strained for the time between work and home responsibilities. Since they can choose their workout duration and edit it as they go, reaching their fitness goal becomes achievable despite the limitation of time.

There are other apps that are excellent for short workouts, such as the 7 Minute Workout app, Seven app, and 8fit. 

Every workout is divided into two parts: warm-up and core exercises. The duration of each exercise can be checked by clicking on ‘Details.’ Here, you can also check out how many rounds there are in your workout and the variety of exercises you have to do.

Other Workout Features

According to our Adidas Training review, users can bookmark any workout they want to try again. This way, you don’t have to search for it again; you can simply find it under the Bookmarks tab. Also, if you have created a workout plan that comprises various workout styles, this feature saves you the time of recreating it when you need it next.

The app sends you a reminder before your next scheduled workout, so you don’t skip it unintentionally. You can select the day and time when you want to receive a reminder.  This feature is perfect for people who find it difficult to follow a fitness routine or have a tendency to forget their workout days.

With a premium membership, you can track your progress and add the details of your workout, such as duration and calories burned to your Apple Health Account.

You can also track your progress through pictures, so you don’t only see the calories burned on the Training Statistics chart but also your waistline.

Apart from workouts, the Adidas Training app also has fitness challenges that users can take on. As there are other participants in these challenges, you feel motivated to see them through. Every challenge you complete earns you a badge added to your profile. A recent challenge that ended on 30 Sept. 2022 was ‘Commit to getting fit’ which had 16,706 participants.

Health and Nutrition 

Since a fitness transformation is not possible through exercise only, the Adidas Training app also offers a health and nutrition section where you can find a week-by-week guide to help maximize your results.

Here, you can read health blogs that discuss tips to get you in your best shape. From The Basics and Weight Loss to Muscle Gain and Cross Training, there’s a lot of helpful information regarding meals in this section.

However, if you are searching for a fitness app that offers meal plans, you can check out the Jillian Michaels app, Centr, Tone it up, and The Daily Burn app.

Adidas Training app vs. My Fitness by Jillian Michaels

The significant variance between the Adidas Training app and Jillian Michaels fitness app is that the latter is a celebrity fitness trainer’s app. All workouts are performed by Jillian Michaels, so if you’re not a fan of her, this app might be a hard pass for you.

Here are some obvious differences between the two apps:

  • Adidas Training app offers workouts for pregnant women, but the one by Jillian Michaels also has post-natal exercises for women.
  • My Fitness by Jillian Michaels lets you choose your cardio preference from HIIT, distance runs, stepmill, walks, jogging, and running. On the other hand, you have to download Adidas Running app for a total body workout that includes running.
  • With the My Fitness by Jillian Michaels app, you get customized meal plans along with recipes. It also allows you to omit food you might be allergic to. The Adidas app offers only healthy meal tips but not recipes and meal plans.
  • The user interface of Jillian Michaels’s app is clean and easy to understand, even for beginners. But according to our Adidas Training review, the app can look overwhelming with too many options and selections.

When you start exploring the Adidas Training app, you can quickly lose track of what you want to achieve. We feel that there is a lot going on with ‘create a workout,’ ‘featured workouts,’ ‘guided workouts,’ and ‘challenges.’ Navigating the app can be a challenge for beginners since there are a lot of elements in it.

Another thing that we’ve noticed is that users need to watch their TV screens or phones continuously to complete the workout. While the playback audio does mention the seconds left in each exercise, it doesn’t tell you how many times each action has to be repeated. So, you either have to watch the screen throughout the workout or repeat the steps at your own speed.

Adidas Training app Payments

The Adidas Training app offers several workouts, including a personalized workout plan without a premium subscription. However, other features, such as meal tips, progress tracking, device integration, etc., can only be accessed with a subscription.

Here is the cost of the Adidas Training app:

  • The monthly subscription is $9.99 per month
  • A six-month subscription is $39.99
  • A 1-year subscription is $49.99 per year

Per our Adidas Training review, the app offers a 7-day trial period that allows you to experience the app’s full features. So, if you plan to purchase the subscription, we suggest you to check the free trial first to see whether or not you’re enjoying the app. 

Final Review on fitness app and Opinion

As we end our Adidas Training review, it’s safe to say that this app has a lot to offer in terms of workout variety and personalization. The app makes it easy to create a workout plan that fits your schedule and keeps you on track with your fitness goal.

The app’s high rating on both Play Store and Apple Store show that users across the globe are happy with the results they have achieved with it. 

Considering its effortless integration with Apple Health and overall convenience of use, this app is definitely worth trying.

Here are a few features that make this app a winner:

  • It offers personalized workouts
  • The workouts are easy-to-follow, making the app suitable for everyday use
  • There is a wide variety of exercises that you can explore through the app
  • It can be used with Adidas Running app
  • It connects you to a larger fitness community

Following are a few cons that we can’t ignore:

  • The app has a complicated and crowded interface
  • Exercises have to be watched on a screen for you to follow along
  • You have to install both Adidas Training and Running apps separately

The best way to start using this app is with a 7-day trial period. This will help you understand whether the workout plans are suitable for you and if you’re enjoying all its features.

Let’s conclude this Adidas Training review with a few practical fitness tips:

  • You need to be consistent in your fitness journey to see real results
  • Workouts are important, but a healthy diet will help you achieve your goal faster
  • Whichever fitness app you choose, follow it for some time before deciding whether or not it’s for you.

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