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Alltrails review – Is AllTrails Pro Any Good?

AllTrails review

AllTrails is a hiking & fitness app that claims to help find the nearest hiking trails next to you, register your outdoor activities, and stay safe while doing so. Having a decent app for all your outdoor adventures might make them more pleasurable, whether you’re a frequent hiker or just a vacationer. With so many similar programs available, it may be tough to choose which one is ideal for you. In this AllTrails review, you will find out if the AllTrails app is the right one for you!

Key Takeaways and Highlights of AllTrails

There’s no need to worry if you’re too busy to read the entire AllTrails review. Instead, here’s a brief rundown of the benefits and drawbacks:

 Get the AllTrails app if: 

  • You want to try out the most popular trails as well as learn about new cycling, hiking and running routes 
  • You’d love to have an option to filter trails based on their difficulty level, length, type of activity, etc. 
  • You’d rather use an offline map than have your phone out on the trail 
  • You rely on other user’s reviews and pictures when choosing a trail 
  • You appreciate community-based service

Don’t get this app if:

  • You would never subscribe to a Pro version. In this case, you won’t be able to use the maps if there’s no cell reception in the area, which takes away the app’s primary purpose.
  • You have difficulty deciding whether the route is the right one for you since the details provided on some trails are very limited.

AllTrails – App Background

AllTrails – a website and app for outdoor enthusiasts – was founded by Russel Cook in 2010. He had the intention to create an all-in-one app for outdoor activities. 

Wondering what’s making the AllTrails stand for one of the leading hiking apps in the world? One of the reasons is that AllTrails has more than 350 000 curated trails, 965+ million logged kilometers, and over 40 million members from over 100 countries. Currently, the Apple store has around 600 thousand AllTrails reviews and ratings from users. The Google Play store has over 90 000. The average user rating for the app is 4.8/5, which is good.

While there are a few concerns, the majority of AllTrails app reviews are positive! On both Google and Apple stores, AllTrails has been tagged as Editors Choice, thereby advising that it is a recommended app to download. It is suggested to users for one reason: the AllTrails community’s reviews on routes provide you with a full picture (and often insider knowledge), allowing you to consider all the circumstances before you go out.

alltrails dashboard

There’s just one major difference between AllTrails and other hiking apps. In addition to being a useful hiker guide, AllTrails gives you the opportunity to interact with its community of thousands outdoor enthusiasts. For instance, you are enabled to both share your trails and submit comments on other users’ trails. 

Getting Started With the App

The AllTrails app consists of five major sections: Explore, Community, Navigate, Saved, and Profile.

To get a list of trails next to you, a short description and their rating, you have to register and log in first. After that, you can switch to map mode and see all nearby routes pinned on a map. Since you can search for trails in any location, finding routes elsewhere is simple and convenient. 

However, while testing the app for this AllTrails review, we discovered that when you establish an account, a “home” location is automatically assigned based on where your IP address is registered. To manually update the location, go to settings and enter a new location under “Change Member Location.”

When looking for trails, the filtering option is an excellent method to cut down the search results. For example, you can sort the results by trail popularity, hiking distance, difficulty, attractions, etc. 

Trail descriptions tell you what you can accomplish and what you’ll experience on your journey. In addition, there is a trail overview and reviews with other users’ images.

Reading other people’s reviews is one of the best features of the AllTrails app. It can help you decide if this trail is for you. Since AllTrails has many active users, the reviews are more likely to be accurate. In addition, if other people find your activities exciting and relevant, they may follow you and see when you upload images or reviews to your profile. 

If you’d like to give the trail a go, you can get directions to it using your phone’s GPS, check in if you’re already there, and record your path through the trail. You may also quickly add waypoints that you can mark for future references, such as a good camping area, fishing hole, or water source.

alltrails route

Core AllTrails’ Features

Navigating Trails 

Assume you found a truly fantastic trail on your trip and want to share it with the community. On the AllTrails app, you can instantly create and share your path with everyone. If there is an undiscovered trail in your area, you can help others find and explore it by describing your path in detail and thoroughly. 

You’ll also have access to “Curated trails” created by other users. However, we noticed that other users might not be very keen on writing descriptions. Hence, you may not have a lot of written information about a new trail you’d love to explore. Usually, a hiking app needs to deliver more information about routes. It helps to have a clearer picture of what to expect. Here, almost everything depends on the users’ willingness to describe.  

When checking other AllTrails reviews online, we noticed similar feedback – most users seem to lack detailed information about trails. There is no way to understand what to expect apart from pictures and reviews, which are also not always added. 

One of the most serious difficulties with AllTrails is that all the trail information they provide is crowd-sourced. While this allows the company to build a massive database of hikes from across the world, it also means that there will be a lot of incorrect information. It can easily lead to complications when navigating the chosen path. Perhaps, AllTrails might do more investigation and fact-checking. User-to-user contact, if allowed, might also be valuable in this instance.

alltrails map

Statistics & Motion Metrics

Considering that the motion metrics are a crucial part of our daily regime, tracking them for better fitness results is essential. Therefore, the AllTrails app has tried to provide its users with those indicators. 

After you’ve completed your first route, you’ll be able to view statistics on distance length, elevation gain, moving time, and calories burned. It helps you keep in touch with your progress, and the numbers keep you motivated. 

You might enjoy this part of the app if:

  • You want to monitor your calories burned when hiking or running within the AllTrails app;
  • You have a specific goal (for instance, distance length, calories burned) to reach for each activity;
  • You like experimenting with different difficulty levels and seeing how it impacts you.

Do AllTrails Have Any Workouts or Meal Plans?

As AllTrails is primarily an outdoor activity and wellness app, it does not include workouts or food planning. AllTrails is more concerned with advising healthy everyday activities that are compatible with your lifestyle and nutrition. However, if you’re looking to improve your health, we think this is a great addition.

If you want to discover other workouts besides hiking, as well as follow a healthy diet plan, take a look at our Reshape Me Review. The Reshape Me app includes both workouts and meal plans, so it can be a great bonus to AllTrails. 

AllTrails App VS Other Apps        

The AllTrails app has features that set it apart from other fitness and hiking apps. The main difference is the ability to share routes with other users. AllTrails is an excellent option if all you want to do is search for and capture trails to share. In addition, it provides you with all of the basic features for free. Hiker or runner? We also recommend at least consider staying with AllTrails.

However, an app like Gaia GPS should be considered if you need a severe GPS program for mountaineering, hunting, off-roading, or any other extraordinary activity. It has greater navigation skills and a range of handy features when you need to notify others of your whereabouts.

 Hiking Project is another fitness & hiking app worth comparing to AllTrails, as it also allows you to plan basic running, hiking, and biking routes. Although the user interface on Hiking Project is considerably better this time, it lacks critical information, particularly new updates on weather and other important aspects. Yet, the Hiking Project app has the huge advantage of being free of cost. You can plan your route without dealing with advertisements or switching to a fee-based system.

 There is no right or wrong answer here. Each app offers a unique set of functions that may not be suitable for everyone, we hope this AllTrails review will help you figure things out!

AllTrails Reviewing The App’s Payments

AllTrails offers two membership plans to its clients. Basic Membership is completely free to use. The Pro Membership costs $29.99 annually and is suited for folks who spend a lot of time outside. There is a 7-day free trial available if you want to try AllTrails Pro before purchasing.

The Pro subscription costs $29.99 for one year or $59.99 for three years. Plus, a portion of every Pro membership (1%) goes to protecting the wild places we all cherish.

The Pro option may not be worth it if you go hiking or spend time outside only on weekends. However, if you spend a lot of time wandering around faraway locations with weak cell phone service, the AllTrails Pro version will definitely pay off.

Basic VS Pro AllTrails Version 

First, make sure you’re a registered user by installing the AllTrails app or visiting its website. Set your home zip code and other required data to finish your profile. After you’ve joined and logged in, you may search for the city, trail, or park you want to visit and learn more about. Let’s begin by investigating the general functions!

Free version core features:

You will start with the option to look for trails next to you. Alternatively, use AllTrails search engine to look for trails by their name, city, or park. We also tried out the filtering options, and we have to say, they’re just as impressive as they claim to be. Users can filter trails based on their difficulty level, duration, activity, and so on. In short, everyone will find a trail that suits their wishes and needs. The free version of AllTrails allows you to observe nearby trails and surroundings on an online map. Once the route choice has been made, you can save it in your favorites or share it on your profile feed.

Obviously, the main purpose of the AllTrails app is to add information about trail conditions, review the route, and upload images. Since it is very easy to do, the majority of users seem to rely on other people’s reviews when choosing a new trail. However, you can just as well create your own trail and write a description. 

Pro version core features:

The first thing we noticed when testing the pro version of AllTrails is that it is very significantly different from the free version. For instance, the option to download maps for offline use – it is possible only when you’ve signed up for the pro version, although, to our mind, it’s the most important feature for all hikers. Another great function is the ability to customize maps to your desire and eventually get them printed. And once again, we still think both pro and free users should be able to do this. 

When a pro user needs to prepare for a hike, AllTrails allows him or her to use real-time map overlays with air quality, weather, light pollution, etc. to help plan ahead of time. So, if you’re a pro user, there’s no more breaking plans for you! 

And now for the most important – lifeline function. It allows you to keep your relatives informed about your location. For instance, if you are late for your scheduled route end time, Lifeline will notify your emergency contacts. Just as useful and vital is the alert system function that signals when you go off-route. Of course, it goes without saying that in the pro version you won’t be annoyed by the ever-increasing ads.

In summary, the AllTrails pro version has all the essential features for a hiker. Just one thing – we are not sure if basic security functions should be a paid service. 

Final review on AllTrails

Due to its versatility, we believe AllTrails is an excellent app. It is suitable for various sports such as hiking, climbing, biking, running, fishing, skiing, etc. However, the app’s effectiveness is based on whether AllTrails has routes in the area you live in or are visiting. Also, if you pick the basic subscription, we recommend using another program that allows you to view maps offline. On the other hand, if you don’t mind paying for the AllTrails pro version, the AllTrails app might be a great and exciting new method to discover alternate routes others recommend!

To sum up the AllTrails review, here are the main pros and cons of the app:


  • Easy to search trails next to you 
  • Detailed trail filtering option 
  • Both official and user-generated trails


  • Offline map is available only to pro users 
  • Quite expensive Pro version 
  • Lack of details in trails descriptions

All in all, AllTrails isn’t quite an innovative app. Its most authentic feature is being able to check what other people thought of the routes and write your reviews. You’ll feel good knowing you helped someone else go out there and discover a new route of their own. If above all else, you value the opportunity to express yourself and get to know the opinions of real people, not just descriptions, then you’ll love this app!

However, if you expect it to be a daily activity tracker similar to fitness apps, AllTrails isn’t the right option. You simply can’t enter any other activity you’ve done outside the AllTrails apps. Nevertheless, our AllTrails review suggests that this hiking app might be suitable for those who want to explore new trails without expecting that this app will set and measure your activity goals as regular fitness apps do. 

With a strong focus on exciting adventures, AllTrails aims to help beginners and professionals discover new trails. We hope this AllTrails review enables you to understand the app better!

Download AllTrails for iOS here 

Download AllTrails for Android here