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ALO Moves Review: A fitness app for yoga-lovers

ALO Moves is a fitness app that offers and teaches its users yoga-based workouts. Apart from extensive yoga selections, they also offer other types of workouts and meditation sessions that promote mindfulness and wellness. With their great filtering options, the users can narrow down the workouts as close to their preference as possible. The app makes working out more accessible because you can select how long the workout should be and even use their offline download feature to work out anywhere, anytime. However, these awesome features comes with a hefty price and buggy-interface that might question if it’s worth subscribing to it.

A little intro before diving in

Staying in shape can be challenging, especially with sudden pandemics coming our way 🙂 Fitness apps are indeed easier to use because you can do them in the safety of your own home and you only need minimal equipment. However, this can prove to be difficult when there are so many apps to choose from and you have no idea which one will suit you and your needs. This ALO Moves review will provide you with insight for you to decide if the app is for you. This Alo Moves review will dive into specifics on workouts, meal plans and additional offerings.

Take Away and Highlights

ALO Moves is suitable for you if:

  • You want to work on fitness (strength, barre, Pilates, HIIT, and more), Yoga, Mindfulness (meditation routines), and Skills Training (think learning how to do a headstand or the splits);
  • If you want a variety of different videos that focus on different levels;
  • If you want to increase flexibility;
  • If you want to practice mindfulness, meditation and relaxation.

ALO is not suitable for you if:

  • You want to do more complex exercises that build muscle;
  • Not suitable for you if you prefer live classes.

Background – How the App Came To Be

Before going deeper into this ALO Moves review, we must first dive into the background and core features of the app.

ALO Moves started in 2007 in Los Angeles. ALO stands for air, land, and ocean connecting it with spirituality which was the goal of the creators. Even though it has been around since 2007, the app was developed in 2018 and rebranded as the name ALO Moves because they wanted to provide online yoga, fitness, and meditation videos. The business is owned by the two partners Harris and Marco DeGeorge who have been friends since their youth. The company not only has a fitness app but also has yoga apparel.

Alo Moves clothing shop

The Success of ALO Moves

ALO Moves has been downloaded more than 100,000 times on Google play and has a 4.3-star rating on Google play and 4.9-star rating on IOS respectively.

When you start the app, be it a free trial or a subscription, you are required to answer a small questionnaire that asks you what your preferences are and what you would like to focus on. The app also asks how experienced you are in yoga and curates a selection of videos and series just for you. The interesting thing about the app was how much you can specify the categories to your liking using the filters. You can change the level as well as what sort of videos you want down to even how many minutes you want to work out. Custom length is wonderful for people who might not have a lot of time during the day to work out and they can specify the time using filters.

ALO categories

The app has 4 different categories that focus on Yoga, fitness, meditation, and skills respectively.

  • Yoga – This app has a variety of different kinds of yoga accessible for people such as Ashtanga which is a style of yoga created by K. Pattabhi Jois during the 20th century and is often referred to as a modern-day form of classical Indian yoga. Other kinds of yoga available are Hatha, Restorative, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and Prenatal;
  • Fitness – just like yoga, this app also offers different kinds of fitness such as strength, HIIT, Pilates, Barre, Stretching, and Core;
  • Mindfulness – There is a lot in the mindfulness category as well such as Yoga Nidra, Sound Bath, Meditation, Breathwork, and personal growth. The videos are accessible for any area and all of them have been explored in detail from the basics to the advanced level;
  • Skills – There is a large variety of skills available in this genre. Topics accessible in skills are yoga poses, how to teach, inversions, backbends, arm balances, mobility, and flexibility.
alo moves workouts

Source: Alo Moves

ALO Moves workouts

The two main focuses are working out and meditation. There are over 2500+ classes available on the app.  The videos are divided into various categories and subcategories. New videos are added almost every day on the platform. Similarly to the Headspace app, workouts and meditation sessions are designed to connect your mind and body. Hence, users who are seek wellness and mindfulness would enjoy this app more.


The app details how long each workout is going to be which you can customize and find by filtering. It tells you about the instructor so you feel a bit closer to them. ALO Moves also provides the difficulty level and how intense the workout will be. One of the features is called community where you can see if people liked the exercise or not. Another amazing feature is that you can save the videos offline so you can take your device with you and exercise anywhere.

Difficulty Level

There are various levels in the app and each level is graded from beginner to advanced. These videos can focus on a variety of different topics – some can be easy for beginners while others are more difficult but the people can slowly build up with the classes.  This app includes all the levels and exercises so it is appropriate for people with any level of skill and can accommodate different times.


Another reason this app is very accessible is that almost all the exercises can be done with a yoga mat and a pair of small weights. This does not ask for a lot of investment and can be done with simple tools that are easily available and cheap.

exercise mat for workouts at home

More workout details:

  • The duration of the workouts can differ. There are videos and lessons which are anywhere from 9 minutes up to 90 minutes long. The classes you choose depend entirely on how much you want to workout.
  • There are no particular cooldowns but there are simple warm-up exercises available.
  • ALO Moves does not have a calorie counter.
  • The routines are pre-recorded but the filters give you access so you can narrow down as close to your goal as possible and find a video or class that suits you.
  • The app asks you to specify what areas you would like to work on and what your experience is. This is then used for video-recommendations which helps with selections.
  • All the workouts can be done anywhere in the world as long as you have a yoga mat.
  • The offline save button helps you so that if you go somewhere without internet, you are still able to keep up with your workout.
  • New lessons come out weekly.
  • You get to practice yoga taught by internationally recognized instructors.

Meal plans and calories

Currently, Alo does not have a meal plan included. Therefore this app might not be suitable for you if you are looking for a detailed diet plan coupled with how many calories you burned. There is an underlying understanding that if you workout, you will get toned and lose weight but there is no tracker for calories in the app. If you want to use an app that uses proper meal plans, calorie counters, etc which we could not find in this ALO Moves review then you can check out this app with a meal plan review of the 8Fit app.

Additional Features

As we mentioned before, this fitness app is incredibly handy because the users can filter out a lot of the categories and customize the classes as close to their preference as possible. The app also has an offline download feature making it even more accessible from remote areas. ALO Moves is not just a fitness app but it branches out into multiple things. ALO also has its yoga wear and they also run a charity. Coupled with that, the app also has a blog where different articles are posted in 4 categories: yoga, fitness, mindfulness, and skill. The blog is very detailed and provides updates about the improvements in the app.

ALO vs. Other Apps

In preparing for this ALO Moves review, we wanted to compare it with other yoga-based apps in the industry today.

First of all, ALO Moves is comparatively more expensive than other apps. It charges 20 dollars a month and 199 dollars a year. For instance, Asana Rebel app which also offers yoga-inspired fitness, has a calorie counter, adjustable meal plan and push notifications that encourage overall fitness. When we compare the two apps, we conclude that Asana is not only cheaper but also has a larger offering.

That being said, we still see ALO Moves as a cohesive fitness app that yoga-lovers would highly enjoy. It has a lot of variety from stretching to meditations, it accommodates all. You can find some ALO Moves workouts on Youtube too, but these will not be personalized or customizable.

A few downfalls

The UX had a lot of fundamental problems. The majority of people stated that they loved the videos but had a lot of difficulties using the app itself. The app had a lot of bugs and there has been no update to fix the bugs at the time of writing this ALO Moves review. For many people, the app crashed down in the middle of a session, and even casting it caused problems. People have to keep deleting it and re-downloading it to make it work. Perhaps rebuilding it from scratch might solved this problem.

Many are reluctant to use this app because despite having amazing instructors and a variety of videos, the app makes it hard for the uses to access these videos. If you open a video, a random one starts playing because the app keeps lagging. Compared to android, IOS has had fewer bug problems reported so maybe it is not compatible with android phones. But even in IOS, people have complained about it being glitchy but not as much as android users.


A subscription for ALO Moves costs about 20 dollars a month and 199 dollars a year. When you compare this with any other apps, it is quite obvious that ALO Moves is more expensive. Until this day, we found the Sweat app as the most expensive in the fitness app market, but now ALO is right there next to it. Only with Sweat, you get a meal plan and community with like-minded fitness enthusiasts together with the price. All the other workout apps that we have reviewed are below the 20$ threshold.

Whether you subscribe or use a membership, the content available will be the same. ALO Moves offer a 14-day free trial so you can try out their services before subscribing to it. We recommend that you make use of this 14-day trial before you invest your money in an app that keeps glitching.

ALO Moves Review: The Final Word

ALO Moves is perfect for yoga-lovers who wants to try out a variety of different things. The workouts will more likely tone you up and relax rather than build muscle as there are no heavy-weights exercises.

It has plenty of options from which to choose from and you can even specify how long you need the workouts to be. The more you’ll play around with the filtering options, the more you’ll find what you’re looking for. This app is also perfect if you want to increase flexibility and focus on specific skills such as handstands and splits.

alo moves workout suggestions

We do not see this app for building muscle. Instead, get this app if you are after flexibility and just toning yourself up. We also would not recommend this app for people who are looking to lose weight, because there is no way to stay on top of calories. Hence, for weight loss, 80% of success comes from food and its intake.

However, if you’re a yoga-lover with a passion for mindfulness, then this app is wonderful. You also won’t get bored as ALO does a great job to mix-things up and present alternatives. With Alo Moves, you’ll also have the chance to develop and learn new yoga-inspired moves that can be executed correctly. The skills section where instructors guide you through technique is very useful.

Other ALO Moves reviews online enjoy video selections and instructors. However, there are some serious complaints about the app’s interface and buggy operations. We might argue if the app is even worth the price, but it depends on its future updates too. From the workouts point of view, the app is great, but the glitching is very problematic. The IOS users seem extremely satisfied while the android users experienced a lot of difficulty in using the app. When deciding if you want to sign up for this app, you also have to put into focus that it is more expensive than other apps.


  • A diverse number of videos and instructors;
  • Customizable with great filtering options;
  • Requires minimal equipment;
  • All levels of exercises available;
  • New workouts coming out weekly;
  • Gives recommendations & workout suggestions;
  • Works offline.


  • It is more expensive than other apps;
  • The app has a lot of bugs and interface issues;
  • No cool-downs included;
  • No calorie counting nor meal plan available.

alo moves pros and cons

This concludes our ALO Moves review. We hoped you enjoyed it as we always try to stay as honest and objective as possible. If you decided not to buy this app then don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of alternatives out there and that is why we encourage you to check out our fitness app review section. We’re sure you’ll find there something that will be suited for you! Stay healthy and fit!

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