Apple Watch is a smartwatch that not only calls and notifies you but also reminds you of breathing, walking and all that other good stuff. In a way, it’s like your lifestyle buddy… From simple features such as calling and texting all the way to tracking fitness and even making payments. Today, Apple watches are our best friend to a convenient and healthy lifestyle. In this article, I’ll compare Apple Watch Series 4 vs 5 so after reading this post, you should be able to understand which edition is more suitable for you!

Apple Watch Series 4 vs 5

Why Someone Needs an Apple Watch?

You might not need another device to make calls or receive reminders to walk every once an hour, but you’ll surely want to stream songs, use it underwater and talk to Siri like James Bond.

You see, it’s not just an iPhone on your wrist. It does way more than that.. Personally, I use it to get in shape and be more productive. In a way, it combines a tracking device, phone and a heart rate monitor all in one.

I admit it’s not something that you certainly “Must-Have” but if you want a cool toy and capitalize on the awesome wearable technology available today then Apple watch will do just fine.

Apple Watch Series for Workout Apps & Fitness

For me, the secret has always been in the workout apps. So many apps have launched an Apple Watch version simply because it’s more convenient than phones.

Let’s think about it for a second… Imagine that you’re in the middle of an intense routine. Whilst using your phone, you are left with staring on a distant screen and ticking off each move you complete. All of that feels a bit disjointed and interrupting.

From simple features such as calling and texting all the way to tracking fitness and even making payments.

Meanwhile, with Apple Watch all actions happen on your wrist – simple as that! Besides, it also tracks your progress simultaneously. Not only it saves your time but it also delivers accurate data for you (just a heads up, if you want to read more about how to find your custom fitness app, click here). Based on my experience, the Apple smartwatch has made all workouts easier and more effective.

My favorite part is that it makes everything easy. The easiness does come with a hefty price that ranges anything between $399 to $ 700 (excluding the limited editions and future upgrades). The price depends on which model, case and features you choose. Let’s dive in Apple Watch Series 4 vs 5 and see which one is best.

Apple Watch Series 4

The main features of Apple Watch Series 4 include GPS, electrical and optical heart sensors and Digital Crown with haptic feedback. What’s uniquely special about Apple Watch Series 4 is its fall detection feature that calls someone every time you fall. Besides, they did make the screen bigger than previous versions too. Apple Watch 4 price starts at 399 USD.

Pros of Apple Watch 4:

  • Proactive health tracking;

  • Activate Siri by just lifting your wrist;

  • Sleep monitor;

  • OS that allows operating various apps;

  • Far more accurate measurement of heart rate, therefore, making it a great health tool;

  • Highly customizable – it’s nice if you want to make it personalized.

Cons of Apple Watch 4:

  • Compatible only with iPhone 5s or later;

  • It’s quite heavy so you must get used to the weight;

  • Expensive Apple supportive accessories;

  • Problems with connecting with Verizon.

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 has all the features of Apple 4 however the newest version has significantly worked on improving its battery life as it was one of the biggest complaints. One of the most distinctive features of Apple Watch 5 is the “Always-On” display mode. The fact that Apple has achieved it without compromising too much on the battery life is also commendable. All this starting at 399 USD.

Apple Watch Series 4 vs 5

Pros of Apple Watch 5:

  • Apple Watch 5 never sleeps so you can always see the time;

  • You can receive phone calls even when you don’t have your iPhone with you;

  • Comprehensive heart rate tracker;

  • Upgraded storage space to help you keep more apps, music, and photos on your watch;

  • Built-in compass to help you find the direction (GPS);

  • Amazing speed and highly accurate data.

Cons of Apple Watch 5:

  • Reduces battery life due to the Always-On mode.

  • The screen protector is a must because it scratches easily;

  • Just like Apple Watch 4, expensive Apple-approved accessories.

Apple Watch Series 4 vs 5

The truth is that after reviewing the Apple Watch Series 4 vs 5, I realize that Apple smartwatches are by far the best quality devices in the market. I like how the company always improves its product either by adding new features or making the existing ones better (like a bigger screen or louder speaker).

If the new Apple 5 is worth it or not, you decide! Both have easy set-up and both will require “heavy investments” and strong caution from your side.

The truth is that after reviewing the Apple Watch Series 4 vs 5, I realize that Apple smartwatches are by far the best quality devices in the market.

From a practicality standpoint, Apple 4 Series will be useful and will be a great addition to your iPhone. But if you want to stay up to date with the latest trends then Apple 5 Series is a clear choice. Besides, Apple 5 smartwatch will also have fewer errors. Like it or not, Apple 5 series will be more suitable if you’re looking for “always-on” mode, more advanced metrics and longer battery life.

Get your Apple Watch Series 4 here and/or Series 5 here! Let me know in the comments below which version you went for! Till Next Time!

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