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Asana Rebel Review: Is It Suitable For You?

Updated: 6 days ago

Asana Rebel is a fitness app that’s been around since 2015. Their unique selling point sounds intriguing: yoga-inspired fitness! I'll tell you straight up that this app is more than just workouts at home. It's a lifestyle app with plenty to offer so continue reading to discover why Asana Rebel might be a good app for you!

Asana Rebel Workout App

Asana Rebel builds a daily plan that encourages you to take small actionable decisions throughout the day (it’s a lifestyle change that they’re after). They try to help you develop healthy habits by for instance giving you fun quizzes to answer once a day. Or they share various nutrition hacks (for example, avoid caffeine after 2 pm and so on).

First, you’ll have to answer a couple of tailored questions about your goal, weight, length, etc. Their goals aren’t linked to drastic changes in weight or starving yourself to misery just to see results, no Sir. Instead, their goals are more general, more comprehensive.

Asana Rebel Workouts

All workouts are bodyweight only so you won’t need any additional weights. This, in turn, already signals that workouts will make you more toned, and help you reach that good feeling after a routine. It's not much suited for muscle building (for that I suggest apps like Sweat).

Asana Rebel builds a daily plan that encourages you to take small actionable decisions throughout the day (it’s a lifestyle change that they’re after).

Asana Rebel's workouts are guided by a calming voice and energetic music. All workouts are short but effective that should be executed as a continuous movement with no breaks in between.

All movements are connected and complemented by others. Your breath moves together with your movement so you connect the mind, not just the body. It’s a nice mix of both modern cardio-based workouts together with traditional yoga moves.

Roughly, the workouts are 20 minutes long (the shortest 4 minutes and the longest 40+). So it's easy to select a routine depending on our availability.

Is Asana Rebel App Free?

Asana Rebel is doing a great job of giving us pieces of everything to try out for free. To access the whole thing, you must upgrade to premium. Once upgraded, you’ll have access to different workouts that focus on different body parts and targeted areas. They have either quarterly for $37.99 or yearly subscription for $58.99.

Asana Rebel Food Plan

You’ll have a chance to try 7 recipes for free but you’ll uncover the real treasures only with the upgrade. What I love the most about the Asana Rebel exercise app are their recipe extensions that note down not just cooking instructions but also benefits of the food you eat.

They have everything from easily digestible recipes to anti-inflammatory foods and even foods that boosts mental performance (more on digestion here). The app that comes the closest to Asana's recipes is 8fit with their various modification options.

Asana Rebel Meditation Sessions

Personally, meditation sessions were something new for me. Still, I liked the calming audio session led by a male coach that said how well I did today.

The sessions help to build healthy eating habits, increase work performance, remove stress, improve sleep, control weight and more. All this is done by a professional meditation coach that shares techniques and various methods for you to succeed.

Asana Rebel Pros

  • Holistic and comprehensive lifestyle change app;

  • Workouts incorporate voice instructions and music (good for form);

  • Constant reminders of drinking, eating healthy, etc;

  • Super-easy UI and interactive experience;

  • New workouts coming out weekly;

  • Also, Asana Rebel tracks basic stats which is enough to not confuse you too much but plenty for you to see progress;

  • Appealing workout videos;

  • Works on Ipad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Asana Rebel Cons

  • The price is well-hidden in the app;

  • Workout videos buffer too long;

  • Hard to follow workouts if you’re new to yoga or fitness in general. There are no breaks in between so you must watch the screen constantly (also, they don’t tell you what the next move is). This might tense you up and hinder efficiency;

  • The app uses a lot of storage space;

  • Doesn’t work without WiFi;

  • Workouts do not take into consideration your body type, and it does not include low impact modifications so routines can be challenging.

So Who’s Gonna Like Asana Rebel?

This yoga-based workout app is a healthy lifestyle inspiration. It’s more than just an exercise app. Asana Rebel is a custom fitness app that offers strong educational content and long-term support to achieve a healthy life balance.

It’s suitable for women who are looking for toning, burning fat and increasing flexibility. Also, if you want to improve productivity, develop healthy habits and work on your life quality then you might like it too.

It really was a nice and calming workout experience that slowly changes your inner world. If a healthy life balance is important for you then this Asana Rebel review encourages you to try out the app.

Asana Rebel is a custom fitness app that offers strong educational content and long-term support to achieve a healthy life balance.

However, if yoga is something that’s unfamiliar to you and you’re after muscle and strength then go with apps like Nike Training Club. I would still recommend Asana Rebel to people who want to increase flexibility because there's no improvement if we keep on stying in our comfort zone.

And to go all-in on Asana Rebel, a proper yoga gear is a must! Everyone knows that Sugarmat has the chicest yoga mats while Alo Yoga always delivers the highest quality yoga leggings.

So check both these sites out! Besides, a study by the International Journal of Yoga even suggests that yoga practice not only increases flexibility and balance but also improves athletic performance. So that's just something to consider if you want to be fit in its most direct form. Till next time and don't forget to share your thoughts on Asana Rebel app in the comments below!

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