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Baby2Body Review – Is the fitness app worth it?

Baby2Body Review

Baby2Body is an app that helps moms-to-be, pregnant women, and the ones going through post partum maintain their health and fitness. With customised meal plans, workouts, and helpful insights, this fitnes app promises to take women through all the stages of motherhood. Through this Baby2Body review, we will determine whether the app delivers on its promise to help new mothers and mothers-to-be build a healthy fitness routine.

Key Takeaways & Highlights

With so many online apps, finding the right one for you can be disconcerting. Therefore, we have set down a few things you should consider before investing your money into subscribing to Baby2Body.

Baby2Body fitness app is for you if:

  • You are concerned about your fitness before, during, or after your pregnancy;
  • You want healthy meal plans that are good for you and the baby;
  • You are looking for workouts suited to your stage of motherhood;
  • You want to incorporate yoga and breathing exercises into your routine;
  • You want wellness coaching.

Don’t get the Baby2Body app if:

  • You want more app functionality without signing up for a free trial;
  • You don’t like unusually long pauses between your workouts;
  • You prefer to customize your workout plans.

Basic Details about Baby2Body

Baby2Body is the brainchild of Melinda Nicci, the company’s CEO and founder. She is a sports psychologist and qualified fitness trainer. Since she is a mother of two, she feels passionate about women’s wellness and wants to help them live happier and healthier lives.

App Rating

The Baby2Body app is developed by Baby2Body Limited and was released on Dec 31, 2021. In the course of a year, the app has amassed 100,000+ downloads on Google Play.

It has a 4.7-star rating on the Apple Store, which shows that women find the app valuable in their motherhood journey. However, according to our Baby2Body review, this app has a low rating of 3.4 stars based on 44 reviews on Google Play.

One reason for the low rating on Google Play is the app’s frequent system crashes. It also means that the app works better with Apple devices than Android. Nevertheless, users haven’t complained about the app crashing after the last update in August. 

The app stands out from others because it combines different aspects of health and fitness, including meal plans, workouts, wellness coaching, breathing exercises, yoga, dance, and health tips.

Baby2Body allows you to choose your fitness level and tailors its plans accordingly. When you start using the app, it asks you basic questions such as:

  • Your current stage (pregnant, new mom, or trying to conceive);
  • When your baby is due or the date when you delivered your baby;
  • What are you interested in (fitness, well-being, nutrition)?

Once you have made your selections, Baby2Body creates a plan that meets your unique needs. Customized programs make you feel more confident about getting desired results.

Baby2Body review

Core Features of the Baby2Body app

Baby2Body is an app that takes women’s overall health into account. For this reason, it is not restricted to just physical fitness but also extends to mental wellness.

In our Baby2Body review, you will find that the app focuses on three fronts:

  1. Fitness Studio
  2. Zen Den
  3. Kitchen

Each category delivers custom plans that apply to your current state. Once you sign up on the app, it will guide you throughout your pregnancy and post partum. From safe cardio exercises, healthy recipes, to baby’s development and valuable tips, Baby2Body acts as a complete source of pregnancy guidance.

Fitness Studio

Baby2Body is a good option for women because it allows them to choose their workouts according to their fitness level. Since one size doesn’t fit all, following through with personalized workouts is easier.

Level of Personalization

Once you have built a profile, you can start creating a personalized workout plan. You have to:

  • select how many times you currently exercise in a week;
  • what your current fitness level is (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • how many times a week do you want to work out with the app?

Baby2Body Review opening

The app then creates a plan according to your selections. That doesn’t mean you cannot change your preferences later on. You can always modify your plan by going into your Fitness Studio settings.

Our Baby2Body review concludes that this app is flexible in terms of personalization. Since you get to choose your fitness level, the workouts in your plan are neither easy or hard. Also, if you feel that you want to do less or more, you can change your plan correspondingly.

Another thing we like about this app is the option to turn on workout reminders. This works great if you have chosen not to work out every single day. If you turn the reminder on, the app notifies you on the day your exercise session is due.


Your week-long workout plan has various exercises dealing with different focus areas. These include upper-body, lower-body, cardio, full-body, yoga, stretches, core workouts, etc.

Apart from the exercises in your weekly plan, the app also offers extra workouts that you can try on days when you feel more energetic. This is especially helpful if you want to explore other exercises the app has in store for you in the future.

Each workout has a set duration that you can’t alter. However, you can skip some parts of the workout to reduce your total exercise time if you want to.

Every workout is divided into three parts: warm-up, workout, and cool-down. We like the fact that the duration of each action is mentioned, so you know exactly how long it will last. This is helpful when you want to decrease the total time of your workout.

Required Equipment

When you’re using Baby2Body’s app for workouts, you don’t require a lot of different equipment. As for the things that are mentioned with each workout, the app also offers alternatives that can be easily found at home. This is a good feature because it means you can still do all the exercises regardless of equipment.

Nevertheless, it would help if you had the following:

  • yoga mat,
  • set of hand weights,
  • resistance bands,
  • exercise/ swiss ball,
  • yoga ball,
  • step, 
  • ankle weights

Accessibility Of The Workouts

While there are various workouts you can try through the app, most are only accessible through premium membership. You also need to register for the 7-day free trial to follow your first week’s workout plan.

This feature feels restrictive because a 7-day trial is not enough to assess whether or not Baby2Body offers new workouts every week. Moreover, it may be a little frustrating for new users to be unable to view what’s in store in the premium version.

Zen Den

Zen Den acts as a wellness coach. This section includes short audio and videos that women going through stages of motherhood would find very informative.

It guides you through numerous breathing techniques that you perform with the app. You can choose the duration of your breathing exercise and simply follow the instructions on the app.

From pelvic exercises and healing meditation to bedtime affirmations and informative content– you can spend hours browsing Zen Den if you have a premium membership.

However, if you don’t have a premium membership, you can access only one to two videos, bringing us back to our previous concerns with the workouts. Unless you sign up for the free trial, you have no way of knowing what’s inside each video and how valuable the information really is.

Baby2Body zen den


As the name suggests, the ‘kitchen’ category is all about eating healthy. According to our Baby2Body review, you not only learn what’s good for you in your current state, but you can also prepare the recommended meals by following the recipe from the app.

In our opinion, this is a strong feature of the Baby2Body app because you don’t have to search for meal recipes after receiving appropriate recommendations. Instead, you can get both at the same place.

Nutritionist experts create all meal plans, recipes, and dietary guidance. So, when you follow the meal plans recommended by the app, you feel confident that it’s healthy for you and your baby at your current stage.

As with the app’s other features, the free version gives you limited accessibility, which means you can’t view all the recipes in your week’s plan unless you sign up.

Baby2Body kitchen

Other notable features of the Baby2Body app

According to this Baby2Body review, the app’s programs are designed for fertility, pregnancy, and three years postpartum. Besides the three main elements of the app mentioned previously, this app also offers users the following useful features:

  • Daily BitesThe app gives new insightful information related to women and their health every day.Daily Bites include practical tips that you can follow for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Relevant reading material – The app has a blog section that is very informative and allows you to feel like you’re a part of a community.
  • Daily updates on your baby’s development – You can also keep track of your baby’s development during pregnance. This eliminates the need for downloading a separate baby development app.
  • Track your weight, water intake, exercise, etc. – With Baby2Body, you can motinor your health using various parameters. This is a good way of identifying when you’re slacking and not taking caring of your health.
  • Photo and text journal to record your memories and milestones – You can record your milestones and memories through text/ photo or both. It gives a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction whenever you revisit them.
  • Cycle tracking and fertility predictions – The app allows you to track your period cycle so you’re never caught off-guard when it starts. It also sends you an alert when your chances of conceiving are higher.

As you can see from this Baby2Body review, this app has many valuable features that users would find attractive.

Baby2Body vs. Studio Bloom

As discussed earlier in the Baby2Body review, this app targets women’s concerns before, during, and after pregnancy (fitness, mindfulness, wellness, etc.). Studio Bloom is a similar app that makes it easier for women to build a personalized fitness routine according to their current stage. 

The difference in User Experience

If we compare the UX of the two apps, we prefer the Baby2Body app’s layout as it looks more engaging and attractive. In contrast, Studio Bloom’s layout is uninteresting, with everything (workouts, meditation, yoga, blog, etc.) on the same page.

If you’re someone who likes all their options in one place, you might enjoy Studio Bloom more, but if you prefer a more aesthetically-pleasing and modern user experience, Baby2Body is the way to go.

Baby2Body workouts are more accessible

Studio Bloom has a large variety of workouts, including core prenatal, birth prep, strength, cardio, body weight, pelvic floor, etc. One thing that is especially discouraging is that you can’t watch a single video without signing up.This means you have no idea what you’re signing up for. 

In the Baby2Body app, you can watch a few videos at least to understand the flow of the workouts and how each video is explained. That feature is lacking in the Studio Bloom app.

Fitness Tracking

Both apps allow users to track their fitness progress, but Studio Bloom includes a Fitness Tracker for Apple Watch. However, from our Baby2Body review, we have concluded that Studio Bloom delivers more in terms of monitoring stats and tracking progress. 

With Studio Bloom, you can monitor your heart rate, calories burned, and active energy. Keeping track of your vitals is important because it makes it easier to identify when you’re not in your best shape. it serves as a reminder that you should get back on track.

The app seamlessly integrates with Apple’s Health app, making it effortless to track your stats and share your activity.

Compatibility with Other Devices

In terms of compatibility, Studio Bloom’s range is more expensive than Baby2Burn. The former works well with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV. In comparison, Baby2Body is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and Mac.        

Another aspect that is more inviting in Studio Bloom is its community. The app allows you to connect with other members through the app and read their stories. This is a strong feature of this app because women need support and someone who understands what they are going through in this situation. Studio Bloom gives them a platform to hear and be heard by women in similar conditions. 

Baby2Body Pricing

The app offers its users three plans: monthly, annual, and lifetime.

The pricing of each plan is as follows:

  •   Monthly- $19.99 (billed monthly)
  •   Annual- $10.00 per month (billed $119.00)
  •   Lifetime- $249.00 (billed once)

Our Baby2Body review reveals that the app offers a 7-day trial for free. You just have to sign up with your billing details and start your trial period. During this time, you can explore the app and the suggested workouts, meal plans, etc..

We recommend signing up for the 7-day trial before making a longer commitment. However, we do think that a 1-week plan isn’t enough to judge whether the app will be useful in the long run. A better strategy would be to pay for a month and fully understand what the app entails for you. 

Final Review of Baby2Body

As we reach the end of our Baby2Body review, we can say that this app benefits women who want to remain in top shape during every stage of motherhood. The user interface is uncomplicated and beginner-friendly. Moreover, navigating the app is also easy, and the layout leaves little room for confusion.

The app allows you to customize every plan according to your stage and fitness level, which makes the app suitable for everyone. Between meal plans, yoga, breathing exercises, fitness workouts, and valuable tips, we think this app is an all-rounder. It is a one-stop app for women looking for health and fitness solutions. We can see now why the app has a 4.7-star rating on the Apple Store.

The pricing plan of the app is reasonable, so if you enjoy the trial period or 1-month plan, you can go ahead and purchase the yearly plan. If you are currently in the ‘trying to conceive or ‘pregnancy’ stage, this app will prove helpful throughout your pregnancy and even postpartum. 

Following are the pros from our Baby2Body review:

  • customizable and flexible workout plans;
  • healthy and delicious meal plans with easy-to-follow recipes;
  • breathing exercises for a healthier body;
  • yoga and meditation for elevated living;
  • insightful tips for your current stage.

 Here are some drawbacks that we’ve highlighted in our Baby2Body review:

  • workout durations can’t be personalized;
  • repetitive workouts;
  • limited access to basic features with the free version;
  • the free 7-day trial period might not be adequate.

While this app can be used at any stage of motherhood, it would be ideal if you started using it in your early stages. This will help you build a solid fitness routine and enjoy the app’s full features at every stage of your pregnancy and postpartum.

If you are experiencing the wonder of motherhood, here are a few fitness tips that might help you:

  • make time for your workouts (the best time is the morning)
  • stay hydrated
  • eat healthy food that keeps you energetic
  • don’t ignore breathing exercises as they help you relax and focus better
  • follow a fitness app if you have trouble sticking to a healthy routine

This Baby2Body review shows that the app is worth your money. If you want to experience it yourself, you can find it here!

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