Best Fitness Apps with Meal Plans That Will Bring Results

fitness apps with meal plans
If I had a nickel for every time someone mentioned the 80/20 rule… nothing would really change!

Still, I remember the day when I learned that it’s not just the workouts – we also have to eat right to actually see results.

Needless to say, today the 80/20 rule has been widely disputed.. But I’m not here to discuss it either. On the contrary, I’m all about eating healthy.

In this article, I’ll list down the best fitness apps with meal plans that will bring you those results everyone is craving for!

Jillian Michaels App

Yes, our favorite celebrity trainer Jillian Michaels has included a custom meal plan in her fitness app.

As for the workouts, I won’t lie – some workout programs are tough but at least the food won’t leave you starving.

It follows the 4-meal principle: breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. Also, there are 9 meal plans to choose from in case you’re looking for something specific like vegetarian options, etc.

All in all, it’s challenging but you’ll see results if you’ll stick to the selected plan.

Thank God, she has made it fun and energetic for us!

Read more about Jillian Michael’s app Here!


BodyBoss is not really a fitness app but it sure will put you through a 12-week transformation.

To get the meal plan and the workout guide, you must purchase their Fitness & Nutrition Bundle.

First things first.. Is it suitable for beginners? I don’t think so… But will it give you results? Absolutely…

It’s basically a step-by-step guide for you to follow. Every week you’ll do 30-minute circuit training for 3 days plus an additional 2 days of active cardio.

Meanwhile, the meal plan comes in a cookbook format and has no alternatives involved.

So if you do not know what to do and what to eat then this training and eating regime might be for you.

Read more on BodyBoss Here!


Centr is very (and by very I mean VERY) easy to follow! With their full-length coached sessions and truly delicious food, you’ll see results and you’ll also get to see Chris Hemsworth training.

The workout app can be used by all fitness levels though at moments it might require basic equipment.

All recipes list down your calorie intake so you’ll be on top of your balance for the day.

My favorite part is the “leftovers” option for people who hate prepping meals 5 times a day..

Centr app is always keeping your body guessing what you’ll do next, therefore no doubt, it’s one of the best fitness apps with a meal plan included.

Read more on Centr app Here!


Sweat really will make you sweat! Workouts are rep-based and follow the A/B format. The quicker you finish the number of repetitions, the better the workout.

This exercise app also follows the 4-meal plus 1-snack principle and all foods are tailored to your goal.

However, with this fitness app, a huge contributing factor is The Sweat Community. There you can always ask for support and additional info on nutrients and its timings coz we all know how friendly fitness communities are!

I must say that it’s a bit costly but in the end, it’s worth it.

Read more on the Sweat app Here!


The next one on the list of best fitness apps with meal plans is the 8fit app. Safe to say, this workout app is a modification beast! Don’t like your workout? – Change It! Tasteless recipe? – Change That One Too!

8fit has one of the largest custom meal collections with never-ending options. Naturally, it’s suitable for women who always seek for variations. The best part – people are actually seeing results!

I always loved their super-short, but crazy effective workout routines.

Get insight into the 8fit app Here!

Asana Rebel

Last but not least is Asana Rebel. This one is quite special because it’s not simply a fitness app with workouts and a meal plan included. Instead, it’s more like a tool for attaining a healthier lifestyle.

This fitness app will explain to you what to eat and why you should eat the things you eat. In this way, the Asana Rebel builds up healthy habits using fun quizzes and giving us daily health tips.

For Asana Rebel, it’s not a short-term weight’s a lifestyle with yoga-inspired fitness!

Read more on the Asana Rebel fitness app Here!

After restless and enthusiastic testing, these 6 are my favorite fitness apps with meal plans included!

If there’s one thing you can take away from this article, is this one – a true commitment to your program will always bring you results!

The speed however depends on your body and how quickly he’s adapting to the change.

It is different for everybody. Personally, my body has never broken down that last fat-reserve simply because I don’t believe in eating just cold protein for 4-weeks in a row (besides, I need to feel energetic too). I like my carbs in the morning and fats around lunchtime. But I did see results in about 3 weeks after starting my journey in fitness.

All meal plans use the same method.. In other words – if you wanna put on weight then you’ll have a calorie surplus but if weight loss you’re after then deficit it is!

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