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22 Best No Equipment Workout Apps for Home Training

Fitness Apps Without Equipmet

We love fitness apps with no equipment because then we just need a bit of determination to get out of bed! Actually, workouts without equipment are great for toning because we’re working with our own bodyweight. Thats why we thought that making list of the best no equipment workout app would be a great idea. 

With bodyweight workouts, we won’t necessarily build muscle though. Instead, we mostly increase our endurance. And because bodyweight moves normally incorporate a lot of cardiovascular exercises like interval-training, we’ll burn those extra calories too.

If you’re looking for the best fitness apps without equipment then this list is for you! Here we’ve combined list of the best no equipment workout app to help you.

Benefits of Home Workouts

Not everyone likes gyms and crowded places to workout so workouts from home are the best solution for that. There is no need for stress, because in now days workouts at home are as much effective as workouts in gym and at home workout apps is big help for that. There are many benefits of home workouts, here are some of them:

  • You can workout any time you want, no need to schedule time for gym
  • No need for investment, there are bunch of workouts with bodyweight only. We will suggest you best no equipment workout app that are also free
  • At home you can workout in your tempo and no one will be waiting for you to end your reps so they can use equipment you are using
  • You can spend more time with your family by working out together
  • Workouts you can do to reach your goals are as much as you like

If you are one of those who feels discomfort by going to gym, where is a lot of people then you need to try working out from home. No worries if you know only few workouts without  gym equipment we have found some best home workout apps to help you with that.

30-Day Fitness Challenge

30-Day Fitness Challenge app is bodyweight workout app for free.

Although there’s an option for an upgrade with a meal plan included, personally we don’t think it’s worth the price. It’s mainly because the workouts do not really differ that much for the paid subscription.

However, with this fitness app, you can plan your workouts one month in advance and receive notifications every time you forget to train.

So if you’re struggling with organizing yourself, this app for at home workouts might be for you!

Read More on 30-Day Fitness Challenge App Here!

Sworkit App

Sworkit has quite an extensive collection of bodyweight workouts available to us. From short routines to long runs and more.

Our favorite thing about this exercise app is that you can select the length of your workout. This makes it suitable for busy people.

The workouts are safe and guided by voice instructions to help you execute the moves correctly. If you are looking for bodyweight workout app then Swork is the one we suggest at least consider.

Read More on Sworkit App Here!

Jillian Michaels Fitness

Jillian has put together various workout programs with different fitness goals. From yoga to body shred, she has covered it all!

This app also includes a custom meal plan therefore it will be suitable for people who are looking for results.

Also, Jillian Michaels Fitness app is one of the rare apps with a community. There’s nothing better than your fellow peers supporting each other and sharing knowledge.

If social interaction is important to you then this app might be suitable for you!

Read More on Jillian Michaels Fitness App Here!

Asana Rebel

Best Fitness Apps Without Equipment

Source: Asana Rebel app

Asana Rebel is quite special because it’s more than just a fitness app. This app is a huge supporter of a healthy lifestyle.

This app will give your fun quizzes to answer, chill-out music to listen to, delicious recipes to cook, and more.

With their yoga-inspired workout routines and interactive interface, it’s definitely one of the best fitness apps with no equipment.

If you like yoga and are aiming for a healthy life balance then this app is meant for you!

Read More on Asana Rebel App Here!


8fit fitness app is famous for its “room for adjustments”. With this app, you can change pretty much anything you don’t like and swop it with alternatives that suit you the best.

Either it’s a particular move you dislike or the recipe takes too long to cook, this app makes fitness easier.

Besides, it’s like a personal trainer in your pocket. You can easily track your progress and follow along with your achievements.

If you’re looking for some flexibility then 8fit app might be for you!

Read More on 8fit App Here!

Workout for Women

Personally, this app is one of our favorites when it comes to recommending something for beginners. The workouts are bodyweight only and you can target specific body parts too.

Workout for Women app is completely for free and super easy to follow.

Even though workouts will be slightly defaulted and not custom to you, it will be suitable for ladies who are looking to get started.

Read More on Workout for Women App Here!


BotBot is an AI-based fitness app that’s great for those who have had some past injuries.

This app allows you to go easy on certain body parts without affecting the effectiveness of your workout.

I won’t lie, the app was pretty hard to follow but it has 1m+ downloads so that’s got to count for something.

If you have limited physical abilities then maybe try this app first!

Read More on BodBot App Here!

Johnson & Johnson 7-Minute Workouts

Johnson and Johnson is another fitness app that is suitable for those who are short on time.

Even though workouts are short, they’re extremely effective and will make you sweat at home.

J&J doesn’t cost anything either. But comparing to other “free fitness apps”, this app has the option to customize workouts specifically for you.

Read More on Johnson & Johnson 7-Minute Workout App Here!

Fitness Blender

If you’re looking for home workouts but you’re lacking the social element then Fitness Blender might be the best home workouts for you.

They’re working out with you! Yes, you heard us.. puffing and pushing just as much as you and we are. And believe it or not, it’s the interactivity that kept me with them for 2 years.

Fitness Blender might be suitable for people who need a little push. However, note that FB doesn’t have an app available. Oh well.. at least the mobile version is user-friendly.

Read More on Fitness Blender Here!

Nike Training Club

We have always been a huge fan of Nike Training Club. Merely because they’re giving the users tremendous value entirely for free. Besides, we are something in between intermediate and advanced level.. and those workouts are no joke.

All workouts are compiled by professional trainers and it has the best UI I’ve ever seen in a fitness app. You can filter by “no-equipment” and only find an open space to sweat your butt off.

This app for at home workouts will be so great for people who are looking to increase strength.

Read More on Nike Training Club App Here!

Seven App by Perigee

The Seven app gives us short & intense workouts that are extremely suited for beginners. Besides, it has such a thorough and simple interface that makes it really easy to follow along.

All workouts are around 7 minutes long and you can target either specific body areas or do a full-body routine.

Seven is rich in features so if you’re looking for a simple way to get some activity in, this app might be for you!

Read More on the Seven App Here!


The last one on the list of Best Fitness Apps Without Equipment is Freeletics.

Freeletics uses AI to constantly adjust your workout program by collecting your feedback. Here, you’re trying to beat your previous results so time is important. The faster you finish the sets, the harder the workout.

Freeletics app is more progression and endurance training. If you’re looking for something less intense, perhaps go with one of the apps above instead.

Read More on Freeletics App Here!


future fitness app

Source: Future app

Future is one of the best no equipment fitness app for Apple product users.

If you don’t want go to gym, but still want to have couch who says what to do, then consider getting Future. This app creates change through real-time partnerships with a coach of your choosing who is checking in with you daily.

There will not be routine, because workouts are built weekly and therefore can be thoroughly customized.

Though for the all cool feature this app is not free. The fees can get pretty high, but we suggest to think about investment and maybe it will be ideal for you.

Read More on Future App Here!


Gymondo workouts

Source: Gymondo App

No doubts that Gymondo is one of the tastiest no equipment workout app

If you are looking for fitness app whit bunch of recipes to help reach your goals then Gymondo will be great helper. In this app there is more than 300 workout routines and 1000 recipies, which we thin are awesome.

You can choose your favourite routine and do it whenever you want, but you need to be self-motivated, because the app won’t do that very well.

Read More on Gymondo App Here!


fitify workout plan

Source: Fitify App

Fitify will offer you mixing different workout training forms like HIIT, straight training and cardio.

On average workouts on Fitify takes 15-20 minutes. If you have busy schedule then this might be right for you. App works great online and offline, so you can workout everywhere and every time you want. You will find workouts you can do using only your body weight.

Read More on Fitify app Here!


exercise log

Source: MyWellness app

MyWellness fitness app is not only for working out, but it also will check up on your wellness and collect dat on that to make custom reports.

If some day you have idea to change something and try training with coach then this app will help you to organise that. You can train in person and online.

This app is for advanced or experienced people, because app provides plenty of options and for beginner that could be too much.

Read More on MyWellness app Here!


workout routines fiit

Source: FiiT app

FiiT is perfect if you want to workout at home.

This app provides variety of bodyweight workout routines. It helps to track your progress whit no problems and reach your fitness goals. Excellent for at home workout!

Suggestions for your workouts are provided by the goal you have selected.

Read More on FiiT app Here!  

Tone It Up

tone it up workouts

Source: Tone It Up app

Tone It Up is app that not only have workouts and recipes, but also have community where you can see other peoples results.

Calendar in app will help you to keep track on your habits and motivate you to reach your goals.

App will also provide you some meals recipes to help you to be healthy.

Read More on Tone It Up app Here!  


Gaiam Yoga Workouts

Source: Gaiam app

Yoga is great way to relax and Gaiam is a big help for already experienced Yogies.

App doesn’t provide step-by-step tutorial for beginners so if you are looking forward to download this app anyway we recommend to add some Youtube tutorials or other apps.

You will find high quality videos so you can workout any time you want and do everything correctly.

Read More on Gaiam app Here

Pilates Anytime

Pilates Anytime app

Source: Pilates Anytime app

Under 10 minutes workouts are provided in Pilates Anytime.

You can find some time in your busy schedule with this apps help. It provides workouts whit minimum equipment or no equipment needed at all. Every workout is based on pilates. So you won’t build your muscles whit Pilates Anytime.

You will get video workouts where instructors will tell you what to do and believe us they know what they are doing.

Read More on Pilates Anytime app Here!

Daily Burn

Daily Burn Tracker

Source: Daily Burns app

Daily Burns is excellent way to start your workout routine.

App is beginner friendly and you can access workouts in all your devices. You won’t need to invest in app to use all the features.

You can choose length of your workout and see how are you doing. We recommend start with shorter workouts and if you are feeling good then increase your workouts difficulty.

Read More on Daily Burn app Here!


betterme workout

Source: BetterMe app

Choose workouts for your body type with BetterMe!

For every part of your focus body part there are levels of workout so every can find the best that suits for them. For example you can do advanced on your butt, but maybe you don’t feel so strong and need to choose beginner workout for your arms.

We think that BetterMe is one of the best no equipment workout apps, because everyone will find right routine for them in level what they need.

Read More on BetterMe app Here!

That’s the end of our list of best no equipment workout app!

Home workouts are much faster and cost-effective, don’t you think? All these apps are suitable for home workouts so choose your suitability wisely and just start training!

Eventually, though, we suggest finding ways how to make it harder for your body to exercise. This is the “secret” of seeing results – it’s the progressive overload. To this day, we love water bottles as an alternative to equipment lol! Good luck everyone!

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