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27 Best Fitness Apps of 2022 – The Ultimate Workout App Guide

fitness apps for women

According to Marketwatch, “In 2019, the fitness app market was valued at $3.15 billion. This is expected to reach $15.96 billion by 2026”. In other words, fitness apps will grow and become more popular. For the industry, that’s good news money-wise, of course. But for the users, it means – more brands, harder decision making processes.

The first time I looked into workout apps, I got overwhelmed. Therefore, I created this Ultimate Workout App Guide to help my readers with finding a fitness app that best matches their needs.

In this article, I’ve gathered the most popular and best fitness apps of 2022. And because I’ve tried each one of them, I’ll share my experience with you. Note that workout apps are randomly listed and not hierarchically arranged. Now, let’s go and find you that workout app, shall we?!


best fitness apps

Source: 8fit

8fit is a fitness app that’s highly adjustable and changeable. What I mean, is you can change the recipes, ingredients, exercises, particular moves and so on. This makes it suitable for someone who doesn’t like to follow a defaulted structure. Instead, 8fit is flexible and adjusts to your preferences.

All workouts are short 8-12 minutes long, using bodyweight only. Workouts can be done entirely from home too.

Personally, I thought that 8fit is suitable for people who are looking to lose weight so if you’re looking to go down a size, this workout app might be for you.

Read More About 8fit Here!

Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel has this whole theme around yoga-inspired fitness. The routines connect your mind and body in one continuous movement. Therefore, it’s more a lifestyle app than just fitness. All features are aimed to help you develop healthy habits over time and educate you about wellness.

This fitness app is very interactive and fun because it keeps the user engaged using fun quizzes for you to answer. In this way, it expands your knowledge about fitness and shows how to incorporate fitness into our everyday lives.

In that way, Asana Rebel is unique because it doesn’t just give you cool workouts. It also helps you to increase your quality of life.

Read More About Asana Rebel Here!

30-Day Fitness Challenge

30-Fitness Challenge has both – a free and paid version available. The difference is whether or not you want the meal plan included. What’s special about this particular workout app is that the workouts are HIIT-based routines that you do for 30 days straight. In this way, your goal is to finish the entire 30-day fitness challenge.

It has a convenient calendar structure and notifications that come through as friendly reminders.

Just like the first two exercise apps, this also is bodyweight only so no need for equipment. The workouts are light and will be suitable for busy people who are looking for short routines.

Read More About 30-Day Fitness Challenge Here!


If you ever wanted to be in the gym without leaving your home then you must try Aaptiv. This workout app is definitely one of the best fitness apps in terms of interactivity because with Aaptiv, fitness is audio-based and on-demand.

You just need your headphones to get started. Aaptiv coaches are super-encouraging while also telling you what to do. In fact, this exact energy is greatly appreciated amongst Aaptiv users.

We can do nearly any type of training just by listening to audio-instructions including running, yoga, and conditioning.

This app has good customer reviews especially if you’ ‘re the type of person who is always searching for the next big thing in fitness.

Read More About Aaptiv Here!

Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender does not have an app version but its website is mobile-friendly enough. Since 2008 they’ve published new full-length workout videos entirely for free. As a result, you’re left with 500+ workout content to stream for free. The emphasis here is on the HIIT portions but the library also includes strength training, yoga, pilates, and more.

You also have the option to purchase their workout programs and meal plans too. My favorite part has always been the community. They’re very humble and supportive.

Read More About Fitness Blender Here!


Freeletics is another fitness app in this workout guide of 2020 that’s more suitable for endurance training. Here the main goal is for you to beat your previous time. In a way, I guess you’re always competing with yourself.

The workouts do not require any equipment. In fact, Freeletics actually encourages you to take the app outside and do your workouts in the fresh air.

It’s basically how fast you’re gonna complete your reps. And this leaves you puffing and gasping once you’re done. You can choose to go with the bundle if you wish to include the meal plan too but it might get slightly expensive.

Read More About Freeletics Here!


JeFit is the leader in fitness tracking making this exercise app very gym-based. Suitable if you’re into lifting weights and tracking your progress.

JeFit makes it really easy to log down how many reps you did or how much weights you lifted. And if I think about it, it’s not too expensive either. It has a free and paid version available. Ultimately, the JeFit premium is for deeper stats and insights.

This exercise app is a weight-lifting dream because you can also create routines before the workout, share your workouts with other members, and even print out results.

Read More About JeFit Here!


If JeFit is tracking your reps, then MyFitnessPal is tracking your calories.

MyFitnessPal is one of the strongest calorie counting apps in fitness. It’s a comfortable app with fast food & activity log section to help you stay on top of your calorie balance for the day.

It’s so powerful because they make it easy to track what food you eat. You just simply have to scan the barcode and MyFitnessPal will find that particular grocery product (any food). And if it cannot find it, you can manually log it in. How easy is that?!

MyFitnessPal is a must-have addition to your current workout app in terms of reaching your fitness goals. Remember the 80/20 rule!

Read More About MyFitnessPal Here!

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a workout app that’s created by Nike. With this exercise app is all about increasing your strength and making you stronger with each workout. The routines will be tough but it’s worth it.

The best part, it’s entirely for free – no cost whatsoever! This is literally an app for the majority because all fitness levels can find a routine for them. Workouts are easy to follow with voice instructions and a time tracker. It also works well with an Apple watch.

Nike Training Club workouts can be done at home using just an open-space or at the gym using a variety of different fitness equipment. I really enjoyed the smart training and compound moves so I would suggest this exercise app for people who thrive for effectiveness and power.

Read More About Nike Training Club Here!


Strava is a tritagonist-dream and a social network for athletes! With the precise tracking and progress measurements, this fitness app is favored by a lot of athletes. It also syncs with devices like Polar and Garmin too.

Strava is suitable for athletes preparing for a triathlon, but it also can be used by folks who’s just overall fit.

It has so many sports to choose from. In fact, a lot of users use Strava when skiing and then share their progress with the Strava Community. I bet there are a few friends from your inner circle that has joined Strava already so what you’re waiting for? – Go find them and join challenges!

Read More About Strava Here!


Centr is one of the newest fitness apps in the industry but it has gained a lot of recognition amongst the users already.

The man in front is the always-fit Chris Hemsworth! And if this workout app can deliver results that help us to like Chris then it’s definitely worth a shot!

Centr app has all the elements that a great fitness app should have – diverse workouts, a delicious meal plan, and mindful meditations.

This fitness app is more suitable for intermediates+ who are looking for effective workouts. They cover anything from boxing to pilates, cardio, and strength! And if I’m completely honest, Centr was definitely in my Top 3 Fitness Apps of all time!

Read More About Centr Here!


Perhaps you’ve heard of Sworkit before. They’re running the Youth Initiative Program – a program that fights childhood obesity and provides fitness for kids. But their main product is the Sworkit app.

Just like any other workout app, Sworkit has a wide variety of workouts available for its users. Though, I would like to point out their Senior Workouts build for the elderly.

And with this exercise app, you can also decide on how long the training should be. I did the same routine two times in a row while the length differed. And honestly, it felt like two completely different workouts. The longer you’ll do the HIIT training, the sweatier you’ll get.

Read More About Sworkit Here!

Workout For Women

Workout For Women app is suitable for women who are new to fitness and wants to do workouts entirely from home. All moves are bodyweight only with a focus on high-intensity intervals.

It’s free and accessible for anybody to download. In my opinion, it’s the best way how to start your fitness journey if you’re a beginner. All you need is a bit of determination and real food to start feeling great! It’s that easy!

Read More About Workout For Women Here!


Sweatcoin is one of those fitness apps that counts your steps. Only with this exercise app, it “pays you to walk”! But let me be more specific here. It doesn’t actually pay you.. Instead, it tracks how many steps you’ve walked during the day and gives your SWC (aka Sweatcoins) which then you can exchange for discounts.

Ok, so basically it makes walking a bit more rewarding if you will.. But if this is what it takes to get the people going, so be it!

With the earned Sweatcoins you can buy various items, services, or simply donate them to charity – your money, your call!

Read More About Sweatcoin Here!


The person behind the Sweat app is Kayla Itsines. She’s the famous Australian personal trainer and the creator of BBG (Bikini Body Guide) workout program.

The truth is, the first time I tried this fitness app, I thoughts it’s absolutely crushing my fitness confidence. The workouts were tough and I did not think it’s beginner-friendly at all. However, she has recently added a light Beginner Program and Post-Pregnancy Program that she used herself when getting back in shape after pregnancy. How relatable is that?

Sweat is very women-focused and it has all kinds of programs like weight-lifting for women, flexibility for women, and so on. Though I must say, this fitness app is more on the expensive side. No wonder it has everything in it.

Read More About Sweat Here!

Johnson & Johnson 7-Minute Workouts

Johnson and Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout App sure has a long name in comparison to its short routines. As the name suggests, short & effective – those two words come in mind when describing this exercise app.

J&J is the pioneer in HIIT-style training which basically means that you work out one muscle group while the other one recovers. The great thing about this app is that you can progress and choose to go with longer routines as you go further with your fitness journey. AND it’s free, yall!

Read More About Johnson &Johnson 7-Minute Workouts Here!

Volt Athletics

A shout out to all personal trainers because Volt Athletics fitness app is made for you! Similar to NTC, it’s best known for strength and conditioning workouts.

You see, Volt Athletics is quite special because it uses AI-based coaching that creates a custom plan designed especially for you. This custom workout plan is adjusting along the way by using your feedback. How cool is that?

The approach here is long-term so it’s not for “get fit quick and then forget about it” kind of people.

In fact, Volt Athletics is used by professional athletes as preparation for the season. With Volt Athletics, they can improve their performance on the field.

These athletes have all kinds of sports background like basketball, baseball, etc. The chosen program is sport-specific.

Read More About Volt Athletics Here!


BodBot is an AI-based fitness app too, but it’s not as fancy as Volt Athletics. What’s special about this fitness app is their custom workout plans and ability to “exclude certain moves”.

In other words, this means that you can go easy on your weak spots and exercise those areas which you really wanna focus on. That’s quite cool for a workout app to do that because it allows people with previous injuries exercise too.

Workouts are not that friendly as in other fitness apps, but if you’re looking for something really personalized then this app might be for you!

Read More About BodBot Here!


Similar to Fitness Blender, BodyBoss is more a guide than a fitness app. Though I chose to include it in this Workout Guide of 2020 because it’s good for losing weight “fast” (please note the quotation marks here as there is no short-cut fo weight loss).

Anyhow, BodyBoss will make you do intense routines 3x times a week + 2 days of active cardio. And to add on the workouts, you’ll also follow a diet. Together they make the “BodyBoss Method” that claims you’ll see results in 4-weeks.

I look at it this way – the training is hard, it might be even too hard if you’re a beginner but with determination and goal in mind, you can try it out.

Read More About BodyBoss Here!

Jillian Michaels Fitness

Not sure why Jillian’s app is only on the 20th position but I did say in the intro that all the fitness apps in this Workout Guide are randomly listed.

Jilian Michaels Fitness app is another great training method for women. Community, progress pics, meal plan, and a huge workout library – yeah that’s pretty much sums it up.

Jillian makes the workouts energetic and fun. What I really appreciated was the ability to list which equipment you have at home and then make your workout plan accordingly.

The UX is not the greatest, but she compensates it with quality workouts. As for the meal plan, it won’t gonna leave you starving either. It’s because Jillian’s app follows the 4 times-principle which basically means that you’ll get Breakfast, Launch, Snack, and Dinner like a normal person! Boom..

Read More About Jillian Michaels Fitness Here!

Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club is a free-running app by Nike. With this exercise app not only you can progress as a runner, but you can also stay motivated. You see, Nike has included a feature called audio-based running that guides you through your run. It’s like running and educating yourself about running at the same time.

Nike Run Club also has a great syncing feature with the above mentioned Nike Training Club. Meaning, that you can combine running AND workouts.

And taking from experience, any person who has fallen in love with fitness knows how important it is to mix our routines up. It will keep our body guessing and make your training more diverse.

Read More About Nike Run Club Here!


Similar to Johnson and Johnson, the Seven App also has 7-minute workouts made for (as they put it) “healthy activity every day”. Though, this fitness app has way more 7-minute workouts than J&J does.

Literally, you can target your abs, legs, arms, or just do the whole body. And the workout library just keeps increasing so you won’t get bored easily.

There are no workouts longer than 7-minutes but you can always make it tougher by doing several routines in a row. And another important thing to mention is the clean UI that makes this app so comfortable to use.

Great fitness app for those looking for short workouts without weights.

Read More About Seven App Here!


Fitplan is probably the newest app on this Workout Guide but is it the least important? Absolutely not.

First off let’s start by noting that this app has partnered up with the fittest couple alive – J Lo and Alex Rodriguez. Alex has even has created its own workout program for us to follow.

Secondly, Fitplan has gathered the best personal trainers in one place. The best part, each trainer has created their own custom program – gym or out of the gym based!

Men use this app, Women use this app, everybody uses this app, seriously!

Though I will say, there’s no meal plan nor tracking available. But the workouts are top-notch. It’s a very trendy fitness app that goes heavy on advertising so you might see a lot of ads coming your way!

Read More About Fitplan Here!


Another great running app is Runtastic by Adidas. It’s not entirely free as Nike Run Club but it’s similar to it in a lot of ways.

Runtastic has both free and paid subscriptions available. With this app, you can feel the community spirit, high-quality tracking, and customized training.

To fully take advantage of this fitness app, you’ll have to upgrade to premium, however, for basic feature free version will an idea of what to expect.

Runtastic is suitable for runners who have a specific running goal in mind like preparing for a marathon or something. Personally, I really enjoyed Runtastic and it made me learn new things about running.

Read More About Runtastic Here!


peloton fitness app

Source: Peloton app

Peloton is one of the freshest companies in the market that provides effective workouts at home. Thought it offers around 11 different types of workouts, Peloton is most famous for their cycling, especially if you are owing Peloton bike or tread as it allows you to connect to trainers and gives you the ability to have your progress logged and tracked within the app (calories included). In addition, there is so much flexibility – if you cannot fit a live class into your schedule, you can search the archives for whatever you are looking for.

Adjustable in difficulty and fresh workouts coming out daily, Peloton will have something in store for everybody!

Read More About the Peloton app Here!


Headspace meditation lessons

Source: Headspace

The Headspace app might be one of the best mediation apps in the fitness industry. This nicely designed wellness app is meant for improving our mindfulness and quality of life. If you are struggling with anxiety, sleep-deprived or inactivity then this app might be just the one for you.

Though the beginning of meditation might be awkward and unknown, Headspace does a great job of guiding you through every step of the way. Every practice begins with a calm voice guiding you through a thoroughly relaxing mind-body experience. Headspace even has incorporated a workout section with yoga-based moves that brings the attention back to the body rather than living in imaginary anxious situations.

Read More About the Headspace app Here!


Vivoo app results weeks

Source: Vivoo

Vivoo is a wellness app that uses urine data to deliver health advice at home. The app allows us to make healthier choices based on the state of the body at any given time. In total Vivoo tracks 8 different body parameters like hydration, pH levels, kidney and liver health to name a few. After that, it gives wellness suggestions that are meant to improve your health overall. Suitable for all who wants to learn more about the body as we all are so different.

Read More About the Vivoo app Here!

Workout apps are changing the way we see & view fitness. A study by Lander College showed that people who use fitness apps are more likely to exercise during their leisure time. This study also suggested that the main reason why fitness apps have gained popularity is because they’re much more accessible than gyms (2).

In other words, if you wanna make fitness sustainable, think about how to make it more accessible. Perhaps a great workout app is a way to go here! Wink, wink..


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