Top 11 Best Fitness Gifts for Him

Updated: Apr 21

It’s hard to find good fitness gifts for guys, especially if he’s into exercise because the chances are he already bought everything he needs! Luckily, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t surprise him. Here's a list of 11 cool gift ideas that are all fitness-related! Maybe you’ll find something that’s suitable for him!

1. Upper 90 Soccer Jersey

Some guys love arts - others love sports! If your guy is into soccer then proper soccer gear is the best fitness gift for him. Order his favorite soccer club’s custom jersey with his name on the back – that would be a really cool gift!

2. Garmin's MARQ Collection Watch

Garmin’s Marq Collection is more a gift for a male fitness lover in his 30s as it’s quite expensive. Though, the price is worth it because you can choose a design between 6 authentic characters. For a fitness lover maybe go with the Athlete – it will not only measure his performance but also closely follow his progression. It’s a highly functional tool that only Garmin can produce!

3. Pair Of Adjustable Dumbbells by Titan Fitness

One of the best fitness presents for men has always been a qualitative pair of dumbbells. This is a simple gift that has always been appreciated as long as it’s good quality and allows him to progress. That’s why Titan Fitness Adjustable Chrome Dumbbells is a great choice. It’s a suitable gift for both – someone who just started going to the gym and someone who’s ready to bring the gym home.

4. ACE Certified Personal Training Courses

You also might consider giving your men something that he would never buy for himself like a fitness instructor course. ACE (American Council on Exercise) is one of the best fitness course providers in the industry. They have everything from long to short-term courses and digital to in-house training. This is more a gift for special occasions like a fitness birthday gift for him. There’s nothing better than investing in ourselves, especially if we have a passion for it.

5. A Gift Chest for Sports Fans by Fanchest

You also might get him a curated chest box that is delivered right to his doorstep. Many ladies have bought this as a birthday gift for fitness guys who love major league sports like the NHL or NFL. Each box contains 4 premium products, thus each product is telling a story. There’s definitely both with this option: an element of surprise and narrative attached.

6. Puma CELL Phase Men's Training Shoes

Puma has always produced the best fitness gifts for men so you can also get him new training shoes like CELL Phase Men’s sneakers with the invisible CELL cushioning technology. It’s one of their best sellers in 2019. Every now and then they even have a sale going on so you might want to check it out (just saying).

7. Muscle Stim Massager by Complex

The next one on the list of good fitness gifts for guys is the new Muscle Stim by Complex. It’s a portable muscle stimulator that helps to contract the muscles and improve their strength. It also reduces muscle soreness and provides faster recovery after training. If optimized workout routines are important for him then Muscle Stim could be a suitable gift.

8. Wireless Headphones by Under Armour

Let’s not forget the importance of music in fitness. Under Armour’s UA Sport Headphones is the perfect example of a great gift. This is the ultimate fitness birthday gift for him because it’s wireless. And that means less focus on wires and more focus on deadlights! It’s true what they say that a good beat can either make or break your workout.

9. Nike Training Bag

What’s training without a proper fitness bag? It’s just one of those things that need changing from time to time. If you’re after gifts for male fitness lovers then with Nike fitness bag you cannot go wrong with. Spacious and branded – that’s all they really need and want!

10. Mud Run & Obstacle Races by Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder is famous for its tough training methods and legendary obstacle races. Currently, they do more than 150 events a year so there’s surely something you can find around your area. Just a heads up, they also offer training guides, 10-minute workout videos, recipes, nutrition tips and more so it’s not just the mud runs. Not that I’ve tried this myself but the rating is really good and it’s just one of those amazing experiences to have. Could this be a birthday gift for your fitness guy?

11. Muscle and Strenght Supplements

Lastly, if none of the above has convinced you and you’re still in this search of a good fitness gift for your guy then you might go with the safest option of all – protein! Muscle and Strength have an extensive collection of different kinds of supplements. From pre-workout to BCAAS, there you’ll find good quality supplements for reasonable pricing. And it seems that everyone's getting this particular one too!

So that’s it for my list of best fitness gifts for men! There are plenty of fitness presents for men out there, yet we never know if the thing we buy will “fit” him so let’s go with the safe choices and stick with something that he can experience, eat or just improve.

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