10 Best Fitness Motivation Apps (Keep Going)

best fitness apps for motivation

Fitness motivation can be a tricky word. I’m not gonna define it here because it differs for all of us. Though, I will say that for me it’s definitely being able to win your inner battle. Because guess what: doesn’t matter if you’re in the fitness for years, days or minutes – every one of us has days where we just do not wanna do anything, period. What separates the active from the non-active is how strong our fitness motivation is.

Fitness motivation apps are great for both – finding motivation and maintaining it! I’ve always been a strong believer that everyone can start exercising, but for some, a friendly push wouldn’t hurt! For this reason, I’ve combined the best fitness motivation apps and listed down why I think it will enhance your motivation rather than kill it.

Seven App

Seven app is especially great for regaining fitness motivation because it only makes you train 7 minutes a day. With friendly push notifications reminding you to exercise, all workouts are short and effective.

They also have a fun feature that allows you to choose a trainer of your choice who would best motivate you. For example, Drill Sergeant is trying to break you while Hippie believes in you. My favorite one was the Angry Mom showing tough love while exercising.

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Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is one of my favorite apps because it’s more than just fitness. It’s a lifestyle change aiming to alter your daily habits little by little. With the yoga-inspired fitness and interactive interface, Asana Rebel is supporting a balanced life.

The way it keeps you motivated is by showing fitness in a simple but still educational way. Every day you must answer fun quizzes that teach you something new about wellness. Or, listen to a mindful meditation session telling you how great you are.

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Workout For Women

Workout For Women is beginner-friendly and will go light on the newcomers.

Personally, I think it’s one of the best motivational apps because it’s free! There’s nothing worse than paying loads of money for a subscription and then feeling guilty for not using the app because it’s not what you expected. Very, very bad..

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Nothing motivates you more than doing it together with someone else. It doesn’t even need to be your friend (though it would be nice to do it alongside someone you trust). A complete stranger with a kind heart can change your fitness journey forever. And for that reason, I think Strava is a great app because it has one of the best-supporting communities of like-minded people.

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Another one on the list of best fitness motivation apps is Sworkit. It’s special because part of their revenue goes towards The Youth Initiative program aimed to fight childhood obesity. Therefore, by downloading and using Sworkit, you’re also supporting kids’ fitness. How’s that for motivation?

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30-Day Fitness Challenge

If you have trouble motivating yourself then maybe seeing the end date would help. Based on my experience, when something’s hard or “painful”, what helps me is knowing that it will come to an end eventually.

30-Day Fitness Challenge app helps you to see exactly how many days are left to complete your fitness challenge. And without knowing, you’ll be over the hardest part of fitness – the beginning! After this, each day will become easier and more fun because the results and progress will start to show!

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If you’re like me, then your biggest enemy to overcome is yourself! Freeletics is designed in a way that motivates you to beat your previous result (either it’s time or reps). In this way, you’re always in a battle with yourself. Every time you smash your personal best, a dose of endorphins just flows through your body. That is what I call a motivational boost!

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For those who are just looking for a gradual start like incorporating walking as part of your activity, I would suggest Sweatcoin.

This fitness app counts your daily steps and kinda pays you for it in Sweatcoins.

With the earned Sweatcoins, you can then purchase cool stuff at their store. The more you walk, the more Sweatcoins you earn.

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runtastic review

Source: Runtastic by Addidas

This motivational app is for all the runners. The worldwide community and support they show are so motivational that even I started to jog more. During the training, you can listen to Runtastic’s “Story Runs” (pre-recorded guided runs that you listen during running).

Some Story runs will share tips and give advice during the run. But the real motivational element is felt when one of the community members share their experience. Personally, this is what I enjoyed the most because it showed me that I’m not alone and that it’s possible to change and adapt to change!

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If you cannot be bothered going to the gym then bring the gym to you. Aaptiv is giving you the opportunity to join on-demand, live classes while still staying at the privacy of your own home.

When I first started exercising, I remember that I felt uncomfortable going to the gym because I did not know what to do. Hence, I didn’t want people staring at me. So if you’re a loner, your gym is too far or you’re just too busy, Aaptiv might be suitable for boosting your motivation.

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That’s it for my list of best fitness motivation apps! Fitness is as diverse and suited for everybody as clothes – we just need to find our best match! Good Luck and Stay Active!

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