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22 Best Fitness Motivation Apps [Keep Going]

best fitness apps for motivation

Fitness motivation apps are great for both – finding motivation and maintaining it! If you are trying to stay fit, then chances are that it becomes hard work to track and follow the calorie intake or work out. One of the ideal ways to get fit and stay on track to losing weight is to install the best fitness motivation app on your phone. And fortunately, several applications can provide you with the motivation and monitoring you need to reach your fitness goals. Here we’ve combined the best fitness motivation apps and listed down why we think they will enhance your motivation rather than kill it.

What is Fitness Motivation?

Fitness motivation refers to the desire to exercise, with an end goal in mind; example – to lose weight. Losing weight via effective methods isn’t solely to look better; it also makes you feel better, helps keep you healthy and strong, and boosts your immunity against dangerous diseases.

Fitness motivation is a great way to ensure that you attain that goal through regular exercise. It also helps maintain your workout routine so that you accomplish your weight fitness goals.

The first step towards a successful workout is to motivate yourself to start exercising. You can start small with a walk around the block, or a jog in the park, or simple workouts at home, to begin with. However, as time passes and you find yourself feeling a bit overwhelmed with your workout, you might need a little bit of motivation to maintain this healthy routine.

How to Get Motivation for Exercise?

There are a few surefire ways to get the motivation to start and maintain your fitness regime. Through a few simple practices, such as writing down your goals to get continuous reminders, that are great for self-motivation. Another easy way is to set short-term and long-term goals.

Since short-term goals are easier to accomplish, the achievement will motivate you to reach the long-term goals without losing motivation. Incorporating things you enjoy into your workout routine; for example, if you love music and scenic views, then a music player and a jog on the beach can help keep your drive high. Getting a workout partner will also make it less daunting, so get a friend or a gym buddy and get to work.

Other motivation methods include going to a gym and seeing a trainer help you keep up with your routine, or to start one. However, ever since the onset of the pandemic, gyms have been one of the first to close down. This does not mean that you have no way of motivating yourself to work out. There are a lot of ways you can pursue and continue your workout, and one of the best ways is through fitness applications. Fitness applications benefit from expert teachers, successful methods, and algorithms that help users figure out where they need to focus most. Some of the best fitness apps are great motivators and eleven of the best ones are listed below for you to consider.

Best Apps for Keeping Your Motivation High

One of the best ways to ensure that your workout motivation is high is through applications that promote it. Here is a list of some of the best fitness motivation apps for you to go through, so you can find one that fits you, and helps you take the step towards your fitness regimen.

Seven App

Seven app is especially great for regaining fitness motivation because it only makes you train 7 minutes a day. With friendly push notifications reminding you to exercise, all workouts are short and effective.

They also have a fun feature that allows you to choose a trainer of your choice who would best motivate you. For example, Drill Sergeant is trying to break you while Hippie believes in you. My favorite one was the Angry Mom showing tough love while exercising.

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Asana Rebel

Asana Rebel is one of my favorite apps because it’s more than just fitness. It’s a lifestyle change aiming to alter your daily habits little by little. With the yoga-inspired fitness and interactive interface, Asana Rebel is supporting a balanced life.

The way it keeps you motivated is by showing fitness in a simple but still educational way. Every day you must answer fun quizzes that teach you something new about wellness. Or, listen to a mindful meditation session telling you how great you are.

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Workout For Women

Workout For Women is beginner-friendly and will go light on the newcomers.

Personally, I think it’s one of the best motivational apps because it’s free! There’s nothing worse than paying loads of money for a subscription and then feeling guilty for not using the app because it’s not what you expected. Very, very bad..

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Nothing motivates you more than doing it together with someone else. It doesn’t even need to be your friend (though it would be nice to do it alongside someone you trust). A complete stranger with a kind heart can change your fitness journey forever. And for that reason, I think Strava is a great app because it has one of the best-supporting communities of like-minded people.

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Another one on the list of best fitness motivation apps is Sworkit. It’s special because part of their revenue goes towards The Youth Initiative program aimed to fight childhood obesity. Therefore, by downloading and using Sworkit, you’re also supporting kids’ fitness. How’s that for motivation?

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30-Day Fitness Challenge

If you have trouble motivating yourself then maybe seeing the end date would help. Based on my experience, when something’s hard or “painful”, what helps me is knowing that it will come to an end eventually.

30-Day Fitness Challenge app helps you to see exactly how many days are left to complete your fitness challenge. And without knowing, you’ll be over the hardest part of fitness – the beginning! After this, each day will become easier and more fun because the results and progress will start to show!

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If you’re like me, then your biggest enemy to overcome is yourself! Freeletics is designed in a way that motivates you to beat your previous result (either it’s time or reps). In this way, you’re always in a battle with yourself. Every time you smash your personal best, a dose of endorphins just flows through your body. That is what I call a motivational boost!

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For those who are just looking for a gradual start like incorporating walking as part of your activity, I would suggest Sweatcoin.

This fitness app counts your daily steps and kinda pays you for it in Sweatcoins.

With the earned Sweatcoins, you can then purchase cool stuff at their store. The more you walk, the more Sweatcoins you earn.

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runtastic review

Source: Runtastic by Addidas

This motivational app is for all the runners. The worldwide community and support they show are so motivational that even I started to jog more. During the training, you can listen to Runtastic’s “Story Runs” (pre-recorded guided runs that you listen during running).

Some Story runs will share tips and give advice during the run. But the real motivational element is felt when one of the community members share their experience. Personally, this is what I enjoyed the most because it showed me that I’m not alone and that it’s possible to change and adapt to change!

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If you cannot be bothered going to the gym then bring the gym to you. Aaptiv is giving you the opportunity to join on-demand, live classes while still staying at the privacy of your own home.

When I first started exercising, I remember that I felt uncomfortable going to the gym because I did not know what to do. Hence, I didn’t want people staring at me. So if you’re a loner, your gym is too far or you’re just too busy, Aaptiv might be suitable for boosting your motivation.

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betterme workout

Source: BetterMe

BetterMe is a great application if you are struggling with working out and monitoring your intake; if you wish to create a balance between working out and a healthy diet. This is a great app to use at home since it comes with meal plans and constant reminders to drink water. BetterMe also has a calorie counting option and a sugar-free diet for an even better challenge. BetterMe is focused on making users lose weight and look slimmer, and with it doing all the planning, it’s like a partner to help you through your weight loss journey.

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Daily Burn

daily burn fitness app

Source: Daily Burn

Daily Burn is a subscription-based online fitness application that connects you to a diverse community. It also offers different types of workouts, so it is easy to find something that suits you. Daily Burns’ programs last from a few weeks to a couple of months, depending on which difficulty you choose. You can also take advantage of other workouts that are offered for individuals and choose one after going through the level, duration, and equipment that it requires. Through Daily Burn, you can increase your endurance, lose weight, and become more flexible as you work out. This is a great application for you if you want group motivation and online access to a fitness community.

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workout routines fiit

Source: FIIT

Fiit is a great app if you want to bring in a workout at your home without investing in a gym. It offers a wide range of personal trainers, Pilates teachers, and yoga specialists to make sure you stick to your fitness program. It offers a holistic approach to training so you can begin at your own pace and proceed gradually. Fiit also offers alternatives if you are struggling with exercises and yoga, stretching, and mobility sessions to keep from cramping, or to help in recovery after a harder workout. It has hundreds of recorded classes and twenty training plans, and the option to join live classes to boost your competitive side. This application is designed for those who look for bodybuilding, as it has plans that involve heavier workout equipment than other apps.

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fitbod fitness app

Source: Fitbod

Fitbod is the perfect app for strength training, and perfect for you if you want to access a personalized fitness plan. It works with a training algorithm which makes it one of the most advanced applications on the internet. It features exercises for both beginners and professionals, and constantly improves your workout through increasing difficulties. This is a great motivator as you slowly adjust and adapt to stronger workouts. This is great for working out at home since it caters to your equipment; if you do not have a treadmill, the application will have a plan for you that does not involve one. With a personalized workout, you will be encouraged to do your best and achieve the weight loss you aim for.

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Headspace workouts

Source: Headspace

Meditation is a great way of relaxing before a workout. And with the right application, you will be motivated to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Headspace strikes the perfect balance in helping you meditate without getting bored. Since you can choose the duration of the meditations, you will neither get bored nor overwhelmed. This app offers meditation techniques that calm you down and relax you before or after a workout, leaving you comfortable and eager for the next exercise. With a few minutes of deep breathing and concentration, you can be ready and driven for your workout regimen.

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Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels App Review

Source: Jillian Michaels

Jillian Micheals is one of the most successful fitness motivation apps because it comes with highly motivational features. The most prominent feature that users love about Jillian Micheals is that it doesn’t require expensive or excessive equipment to work with and is perfect for home workouts. It also comes with custom meal plans and interactive functioning so that it can cater to your needs and motivate you throughout the process. It will also award you once you reach your fitness goals and encourage you with a fitness forum, to keep your motivation strong.

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Les Mills

Les Mills Coaches

Source: Les Mills

The Les Mills on Demand app is the right app for you if you are someone who gets bored of workouts easily. Instead of taking breaks, using Les Mills will provide you with fast, dynamic workouts at home, starting from calming yoga to fast martial arts, to keep you motivated. Les Mills has short and quick workouts that you asked for, without wasting time or energy. The app also provides a combination of workouts, which excite and inspire users to exercise, and you could enjoy them too. Additionally, each workout has good music and clear instructions so there is no problem in working out alone at home.

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motosumo home

Source: Motosumo

Motosumo is an interactive, engaging, and exciting application, best for you if you are an avid indoor cyclist. Motosumo has engaging interactivity, which gets you pumped up for a workout from the moment you start using it. You will have a teacher through this application, who will be able to monitor your progress and motivate you through your routine. There are four zones that you will go through during your workout; blue, green, yellow, and red. Red is when the RPM will be the highest, and you have the option to stop if you feel like it is getting too much. If you are doing well, then different emojis can convey that to your teacher so you can continue doing the workout.

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mycurves workouts

Source: MyCurves

Much like Fiit, MyCurves is not for intensive workouts. Instead of losing weight, MyCurves is focused on giving you a comfortable workout to ease you into a better shape. Because it has 30-minute workouts instead of long drawn ones, you will get energized and motivated to start your routine. With a focus on training, stretching and cardio, MyCurves guides users through full-body training and fitness routines designed to burn fat. One of the best reasons to work out with MyCurves is because it targets women and doesn’t have fancy technology; rather it works with tried and tested old-fashioned and classic workout regimens.

Read More About MyCurves App!


myzone review

Source: MyZone

MyZone is known for offering an easy interface and updated stats regarding your fitness. Through personalized regimes, fitness goals, and personal preferences, your workout aligns with your needs. It will also track your progress and point out the right time for you to work out, so you do not have to be inconvenienced. Additionally, it also provides access to the fitness community for added motivation through friends and fellow users. It also has a game-like interface which gives it the added appeal of making working out interesting and seem less laborious.

Read More About MyZone App!


Peloton app

Source: Peloton

The Peloton fitness app is famous for people who exercise primarily on exercise bikes. There are a lot of workouts, which means that if you are someone who does not want to repeat a session, you will be happy with the app. There are about 10,000 different regimens to choose from and new ones are added to the app every day. The application also keeps track of the ones you complete so that you do not have to repeat any of them.

This is the perfect way to energize and motivate yourself to start your cycling, as new and exciting plans also come with ten different classes ranging from cycling, running, cardio, jogging, boot camp, strength to yoga, meditation, and stretching. The list of workouts is endless and with great instructors, you will never lack motivation or desire to work out with Peloton.

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Tone it Up

tone it up workouts

Source: Tone It Up

Tone it Up is a great, woman-centered fitness app that had successfully achieved amazing results in the business. Since it is offered as a home workout application, you can take full advantage of it whether you are a novice to working out or a professional. It also offers five hundred workouts for different levels of users, even pregnancy and post-natal workouts are available to help you stay in shape. One of the best motivators that women have found in this app is the meal plans and easy availability.

Tone it Up offers delicious and satisfying healthy meals for women looking to lose weight, in addition to wonderful recipes and advice from fitness experts. It also offers healthy family dinner suggestions, which also have vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. It finds a balance between working out and calming meditation to keep you from overworking. Tone it Up also gives you connectivity with other women who are working with your plan, which means you have constant encouragement and partners to keep you company.

Read More About Tone it Up App!


With various guides and coaches helping users through different applications that help motivate them to get in shape, fitness applications are a great tool to have when you want to manage a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, with the appealing features that these applications offer, you can achieve your weight loss aims easily.

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