Best Free Fitness Apps for All Levels

free fitness apps

I absolutely Loooove workouts, especially when it comes to squeezing them in on a busy day! No offense gym but workout apps are way much more convenient.

Besides, if you pick the suitability right, apps are more personalized to your body therefore making them that more effective in reaching your fitness goals.

Surprisingly, there are really good fitness apps available to us completely for free.

In this article, I’ll list down the best free fitness apps for all levels which I still use to this day!

1. Workout For Women

Workout for Women is one of the best free fitness apps for beginners and for those who are new to fitness.

The workouts are short and intense – easily done from home. And when you’re ready for something more serious, get creative on weights and start choosing harder routines.

My favorite part about this workout app is the HIIT-style training with a healthy cool-down at the end. Ladies – take it away!

Read More on Workout For Women app Here!

2. 30-Day Fitness Challenge

This workout app sure does have a lot of modifications available. 30-Day Fitness Challenge has tailored workouts for full-body, abs, butt, arms and legs.

Thus, you can also select your difficulty level so it’s great for something more challenging.

The moves are animated to keep the costs down and the actual routines are anything between 7 – 20 minutes long.

The biggest advantage here is the calendar structure which eases the planning.

Read More On 30-Day Fitness Challenge Here!

3. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is my personal favorite for quite some time now. Nike is all about increasing your strength so here you’ll get a nice combination of intensity, stamina, and lifting.

Depending on which workout you’ll go with, you might need basic equipment like dumbbells. Though, you can still filter by “no equipment” and get workouts with bodyweight only. The value that’s given to us completely for free is shocking.

Nike app is really deliberative with emphasis on the technique and pushing yourself so promise to check it out before downloading any paid fitness apps!

Read More on Nike Training Club Here.

4. Fitness Blender

Fitness Blender is really special to me as this was my first home workout ever! What kept me with FB all those years was (no doubt) Interactivity!

I recommend it to everyone who wants to make workouts more fun and engaging.

You’ll find a workout regardless of your current fitness level, age or gender.

Besides, they have made it soo easy to find what you want & need. The only thing left for you is to tick the right filters and start exercising!

Read more On Fitness Blender Here!

5. Johnson & Johnson 7- Minute Workout App

To conclude my list of the best free fitness apps for all levels, here’s Johnson & Johnson! This fitness app is particularly great for people who are short on time.

Quick and effective routines that include detailed video/voice instructions are something that first comes in mind with this app.

J&J was one of the first ones to develop science-based HIIT workouts that train one muscle group while the other one is recovering.

And for those who want longer routines, that’s covered too with “Smart Workouts”!

Read More On J&J App Here!

That’s it for my list of best free fitness apps for all levels! Fitness is easier and cheaper than we thought, Guys! 🙂

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