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12 Best Free Fitness Apps [With No Hidden Cost] Completely Free

free fitness apps

If you have been into the fitness and workout scene for a while, then you know how important fitness apps are for a functional and effective exercise routine. These days, reliable fitness apps come with fees and additional costs, which make it a bit harder to access the best resources available on apps such as these. And though there are free fitness applications, they can contain harmful malware or come with hidden prices and costs. These are often in the form of in-app purchases after advertising that the application itself is free. Hence, finding a free fitness app becomes almost mission impossible.

Today, fitness applications particularly charge their customers in the form of subscriptions to access sought-after and effective routines. The ‘free’ is often associated with a free trial, and it gets users interested enough to spend their money. Finding a reliable and effective fitness app that is free, doesn’t have a hidden charge, or is not limited to a free trial is difficult. However, here is a list of some of the very best free fitness applications that are without any sort of charge, thus have excellent workout routines.

Workout For Women


Workout for Women is one of the best free fitness apps for beginners and for those who are new to fitness.

The workouts are short and intense – easily done from home. And when you’re ready for something more serious, get creative on weights and start choosing harder routines.

My favorite part about this workout app is the HIIT-style training with a healthy cool-down at the end. Ladies – take it away!

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30-Day Fitness Challenge


This workout app sure does have a lot of modifications available. 30-Day Fitness Challenge has tailored workouts for full-body, abs, butt, arms and legs.

Thus, you can also select your difficulty level so it’s great for something more challenging.

The moves are animated to keep the costs down and the actual routines are anything between 7 – 20 minutes long.

The biggest advantage here is the calendar structure which eases the planning.

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Nike Training Club


Nike Training Club is my personal favorite for quite some time now. Nike is all about increasing your strength so here you’ll get a nice combination of intensity, stamina, and lifting.

Depending on which workout you’ll go with, you might need basic equipment like dumbbells. Though, you can still filter by “no equipment” and get workouts with bodyweight only. The value that’s given to us completely for free is shocking.

Nike app is really deliberative with emphasis on the technique and pushing yourself so promise to check it out before downloading any paid fitness apps!

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Fitness Blender


Fitness Blender is really special to me as this was my first home workout ever! What kept me with FB all those years was (no doubt) Interactivity!

I recommend it to everyone who wants to make workouts more fun and engaging.

You’ll find a workout regardless of your current fitness level, age or gender.

Besides, they have made it soo easy to find what you want & need. The only thing left for you is to tick the right filters and start exercising!

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Johnson & Johnson 7- Minute Workout App


To conclude my list of the best free fitness apps for all levels, here’s Johnson & Johnson! This fitness app is particularly great for people who are short on time.

Quick and effective routines that include detailed video/voice instructions are something that first comes in mind with this app.

J&J was one of the first ones to develop science-based HIIT workouts that train one muscle group while the other one is recovering.

And for those who want longer routines, that’s covered too with “Smart Workouts”!

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myzone review

Everyone has a different workout routine, based on gender, BMI, fitness, etc., therefore it is unfair to compare yourself to, say, an Olympic trainer or a fitness enthusiast. MyZone is great for a personalized workout routine and rewards based on individual accomplishments.

The application is connected to an MZ-3 belt, which resembles a heart rate monitor worn on the chest. The belt will be working under the clothing so the design is subtle and simple, which is great if you enjoy jogging outdoors and wish to remain unobserved. The design is simple enough, as the tracker slips onto a red elasticated belt, which you can wash when it becomes a bit grubby from your workout.

The device itself rests over your sternum and the band keeps it in place once you put it around your chest, so there isn’t much that can dislodge it. After you have worn your device and connected it to the phone application, you can go about your workout as you usually do. However, be aware that you might not hear the beeps that indicate that it is on, recording, or that there has been a halt in physical activity in a noisy gym.


  • Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Accurate physical statistics
  • Precise heart monitor
  • Personalized fitness challenges
  • Connects users with a fitness community using MyZone


  • The sensor is quiet when in a gymnasium or loud areas
  • Needs wearable tracker
  • Features cannot be accessed online


Though it might need a more secure belt or visual sensors to indicate its beeping when in a crowded location, the app itself is highly recommended for those who seriously wish to lose weight. It also has a nice, game-like interface that celebrates your accomplishments with you, which is a great motivator, especially when your in-app friends can see it, too.

Zone Match

One of the most important features of MyZone is the color indication, which tells you how your heart rate is going. The color indicators are simple, the Grey Zone means that you are resting and using 50-50% of your maximum heart rate. The Blue Zone indicates a warm-up with a jump to 60% – 69% of your heart rate. The Green and Yellow Zones respectively indicate 70% – 89% of your heart rate recorded during movement during a light intensity workout. This changes to the Red Zone, which is your maximum output of 90% – 100% of your heart rate is recorded on the device.

Personalized Workouts

Though MyZone has traditional warming up and cooling down routines, it is still a great application for a customized workout. After calculating a workout based on your preferences, you can get one that is short-term or long-lasting, to provide you with the best benefit. Depending on your fitness and activity levels you can get hard cardio or a slower, simpler workout that increases as you accomplish your goals.


MyZone also comes with meal plans, and a special heart training system, which you should use after consulting your doctor. This application is a great tool for those looking to commit to a workout and with its features, it is one of the most recommended.

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gymshark trainers

Gymshark is a celebrity-created, professionally run fitness application that is focused on variety, as it offers a staggering three hundred and sixty options. This means that you can easily find one best suited for you.

You can benefit from a ‘Work out of the Week’, great for those looking to change things up as they complete seven-day workouts. It also has a feature that gives you top workouts, the latest routines, and features that let you choose between Yoga, HIIT, Abs, Core workout, and home working out.


  • Offers video and audio demonstrations
  • Has custom workouts
  • Lets you make customized meal plans
  • Keeps you updated about the latest exercises


  • Workouts cannot be tracked
  • Requires overly detailed information to create your workout
  • Doesn’t offer live, personal training
  • Cannot connect to health apps or count calories


Gymshark is completely free, without any hidden costs. However, the premium version can be bought and offers a seven-day free trial so you can see what it offers before investing. Other promising aspects of Gymshark include the following.

Easy and Accessible

Usability of an application is vital and Gymshark comes with one of the easiest ones. The workouts are categorized, the videos are high definition to make it a better experience. The plans are also divided into different categories, so you can see them and access them without complexities.

Celebrity Training Available

The most attractive part of Gymshark is the celebrity lineup of trainers available to help you. Gymshark was originally famous for its apparel, but now, as it grew, so did the list of fitness celebrities and experts, all of which are there to mentor you through your journey. Whether you are looking for a gym or home workout, your celebrity trainers such as Brittne Jackson, the creator, are there to help.


Though there are more enhanced applications on the market, considering it is free and hosts a variety of workouts, expert help, and features; it is a great contender for the best fitness applications out there.

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Jump Rope Training

jump rope app tracking

Jump Rope Training, as it says, is one of the most convenient fitness applications available. Since you can burn up over a thousand calories with a jump rope, and it is easy to carry, you’re spoilt for choice about your workout location.

Catered to your fitness level, you can access multiple fitness levels to access the best one for you. With the best plan at your fingertips you can work on being healthy, all within the comfort of your home.


  • Provides timed workouts
  • Very convenient
  • Workouts are tailored to user’s needs
  • Offers relevant blogs/articles
  • Provides weekly goals to reach
  • Keeps note of calories, workouts, and history


  • Doesn’t over nutritional advice
  • Not best for those who have heart problems
  • No mentor to help


Jump Rope Training offers easy, medium, and hard difficulty, so both novices and experts can use it. When you select your workout, you get a summary of what it offers and what you gain from it, which is an excellent tool when it comes to deciding what you can and can’t do. Depending on what muscle groups you want to work on, you can use weights and the jump rope to achieve your fitness goals. Jump Rope Training is especially popular because of two main features, and they are listed below.

Easy Interface

The best part of this application is that you don’t need to sign in or use an email account to use it. Once you download it, you just navigate through the interface, choose what you want to work on, and start right away. You can also choose a male or female AI to help you through the app and use dark mode if you want to save your phone’s battery life. You can access articles, intervals, stats, and a timer at the bottom of the screen, too.


Jump Rope Training believes that all workouts should be accessible and easy. Therefore, you can use both weights and the jump rope to follow customized workouts. You can change any plan you want so it suits your needs better, but if you are a beginner, then a simple jump rope routine will be enough. You can of course progress to jumping with weights as you go on, at your speed.


Jump Rope Training focuses on an easy-to-access workout. It is one of the best because it doesn’t call for expensive equipment or tools to work with like some other workouts out there, which makes it one of the best recommendations for free fitness applications.

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bodyspace workouts

If you are just starting a workout and do not know which application to turn to, then BodySpace is your answer. This application brings a modern twist to fitness, as it promotes community fitness. It lets users of all ages use it with ease, which builds a great community feel within it.

The best part of its community is that they can help you find out what workouts are good and which still need a bit of modification. In addition to step-by-step fitness plans, you can get both home and gym workouts, so it is incredibly versatile.


  • Great for community interaction
  • Able to set reminders for users
  • Personalized workouts based on user preferences.
  • Perfect for novices and professionals
  • Mentions your accomplishments
  • Suggests helpful tips with videos, stats, and videos


  • Doesn’t offer personalized mentorship
  • Is slightly slow because of the user population


BodySpace combines fitness with social interaction with fitness, which is a great way for users to stay motivated. This is also a big reason why this application has grown in popularity. Though it tends to be slow, it doesn’t take away from the multiple features it hosts; some of which are mentioned below.

Workout Plans

BodySpace has everything available on a single platform, which is what sets it apart from other applications. This social fitness app offers tracking for your workouts and a community that helps you reach your goals when it comes to exercise.

The app offers a variety of plans for you to take advantage of and a community that helps you decide which one to choose. They are customizable, so you can exercise your target areas through plans that are created by specialists.

Body Calendar

Through the Body Calendar, you can go back and look at the list of workouts you have completed and what training you have achieved. This is a great tool for you to successfully go through the offered workouts and complete them all one by one. It is suggested to join one, complete it and then move on to the next to keep your focus.


Though it has a few glitches BodySpace is an excellent workout option for those who tend to forget or miss times to work out. With strong community support, you can successfully reach all your fitness goals and aims, so this app is listed as one of the best.

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fiton fitness app

FitON is popular because of the seemingly endless workouts it offers. It usually takes users months to get through them and by then, more have been introduced, which means it is almost limitless. This is a great feature since it guarantees that just about everyone will find a workout that suits them.

Most of the workouts also come with warm-up and cool-down routines, but if they do not, a simple stretching session will do. If you are a beginner, then you can choose an easy to accomplish routine, and professionals can go for strenuous ones, to keep up their exercise.


  • Perfect alternate to going to the gym
  • Free fitness resources for beginners
  • Great options for those who get bored quickly
  • Have little to no equipment for home workouts


  • Doesn’t offer calorie counting or meal plans
  • Choices of workouts might get overwhelming
  • Doesn’t support heavy workouts


FitOn is perfect for you if you find it hard to go to the gym. With over 5 million users, it is a successful fitness app since it meets your exercise need and gives access to celebrity trainers like Jessica Alba or Jenna Dewan. Other features are just as great; some of them are listed below.


Since there is a long list of workouts you can access, you can go through and find what suits you based on the nature of the workout; whether you want Pilates, home workouts, celebrity guided workouts, etc. It also helps to know what trainer you feel suits you and how intense you want your workout to be. Additionally, knowing your targets helps a great deal in figuring out what plan you need.


One of the best things after a heavy workout is to relax and unwind. FitOn also has excellent yoga and meditation options for you to access. This is great to help you relax before bed. These also come with notifications and reminders for you to start with your meditation, so you don’t miss out on ultimate relaxation.


If you want to feel fresh and energized every day, then FitOn is a great way to access new workouts daily. Each workout is great for a long-term routine at home, which means you can rely on it. That and the overall variety of workouts make it an exceptional fitness app.

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Runtasticruntastic review

As the name suggests, if you are a runner, this application is made for you. It is an Adidas running app that focuses on community, believing that working together gets better results. It comes with both a free and paid version, but both of them offer great features.

You can connect with experienced runners who help and guide you with their ‘stories’, similar to Nike Run Club. This is great for you, as it pushes you and gives you the needed motivation to accomplish your fitness goals.


  • Links to Facebook to connect with fellow runners
  • Offers 7-Day trial for Premium
  • Tracks user’s miles
  • Synchronizes with Adidas’ training app
  • Offers live community challenges
  • Can track other sports


  • Drains phone battery
  • Plans cannot be customized
  • AI voice cannot be muted
  • Minor GPS tracking issues


This is a great application for both Android and iOS users. Runtastic sets running goals for beginners and professionals. This app is great for those who want to mingle with the jogging or running community, and those who have specific goals in mind. Additional features make it even better and some are listed for you to go through.runtastic reviews

Incredible Community

The community is what makes this application worth it. You get to learn from people’s experiences and constant feedback improves how you run or jog. By learning from others, you can perfect your routine, starting from time, speed, route, and what apparel to wear, too.

Low Cost

Though the free version is great on its own, if you wish to access training for a marathon, you might want to upgrade. The Premium version is for $9.99 a month and a yearly subscription will cost you $49.99. It lets you access targeted running plans, deeper tracking, and access to all ‘stories’.


This is a great application for all types of runners regardless of what their goals are. With the free option already offering so much, this app is one of the top ones for those who wish to improve their running.

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Strava app

Strava is one of the oldest fitness applications available, and therefore worth mentioning. It is a GPS-connected tracking fitness application that tracks activities for those who love the outdoors. Through this application, you can track your progress in swimming, cycling, running, and other exciting workouts such as canoeing, skiing, and hiking.

This is a great tool to analyze how much you have achieved, even when you are on vacation. Because of its GPS link, you can track your workout from just about anywhere in the world.


  • Offers community and Facebook link
  • Motivates through awards and raised ranks
  • Allows you to combine different activities
  • Works offline


  • Glitches in tracking
  • Expensive upgrade
  • Automatic sharing of activities


Strava is constantly upgrading to synch with the latest devices, so you do not have to worry about it becoming outdated. If you want your activities to be recorded and analyzed for later, then all you need to do is download the application and access its incredible features.

Measure Performance

Because of its compatibility with almost all devices, Strava lets you track and measure your performance on different applications. Once the GPS has loaded, Strava records your distance and then parses that into a stream of data to calculate the distance, average and maximum speeds, heart rate, and power output. This information can help you maintain a healthy routine so you neither over nor underwork yourself.

Social Network

Once you record your activity, Strava will automatically put it in its feed, so your friends can see it. This helps in promoting the community that Strava has built over the years. It also helps keep you motivated to maintain your exercise and get helpful pointers for the future.


Though Strava has a few issues, it is constantly developing to give the users what they want. And with a solid community to back it, it is one of the best fitness apps that you can access for free.

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Good fitness apps are few and far in-between. Knowing which one is best for you and meets all your needs is crucial for you to make the right decision. Though many advertise excellent plans and routines, without a price, usually in-app purchases become a hurdle in using that application. With the list above, you can take your pick among the best apps and achieve your goals faster.

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