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Best Free Running Apps and Their Suitability

best running apps

We use to think that jogging was supposed to be boring and dull. This was until we decided that tracking our runs was simply not enough anymore. From our experience, we’ve seen how we actually start to enjoy running once we overcome the soreness and laziness bit (inevitable at the beginning). And then the magic happens. We tend to look for better quality running shoes or eat a fast carb before just to have that spare energy. And here is the part where running apps come in! In this article, we’ll combine the best free running apps and advise on their suitability so we can make each of our runs count!

How to choose a Running app for beginners

The best thing for beginners is an app that is easy to understand and use. There is no need for some redundant things that you will not use or maybe even understand. The greatest way to start looking for an app is by just exploring the App store or Play store. See what running apps are downloaded the most and which has the best rating. When you find something you like, read some reviews on the platform or use Google to find any information about the app and what it can provide. Is it suitable for beginners or too complicated for new users.  If you think you will like it you need to download it and give it a try. After a few workouts you will know what that app is for you. If you come to the conclusion that you will pass on this, go ahead and try another one.

How to choose a Running app for advanced

When you feel that your skills are getting better or you already are an experienced runner then it’s time to upgrade not only your next goals, but also the running app you use. You can always go with the most popular and less complicated apps, but as you get better at what you are doing more feedback is needed to get excelente. Running app which is connectable with some gadgets like smart watch, heart rate monitor and other sports related devices can be the best helper to achieve your next goals. It can show information about your health or challenges that you didn’t even think about. We suggest exploring more apps and downloading something more detailed than a basic running app.

1. Nike Run Club

Nike Run Club gradually introduce you to running with its audio-based guided runs. The pep talk is a fantastic motivational boost and interactivity is high. Besides, it’s a very comfortable running app especially if you have an Apple watch.

We really enjoyed how Nike Run Club synced with Nike Training Club because we had my running days and training days planned out in advance.

NRC is suitable for beginners, and intermediates who want to progress with their runs. Besides, the running app is free of charge so if you’re under a tight budget, this app might be for you!

You won’t get a lot of tracking here. You also won’t personalize your runs as much as with other running apps, but it’s a good enough start!

Read More About Nike Run Club Here!

2. Strava

With Strava you get way more tracking and way more sports other than just running. When upgraded to Premium, you get the ultimate analytics to help you analyze your performance. But it has a nice free version available too with most of the features included.

Because it has more tracking options, it will be more suitable for folks who want to keep up with the stats. Strava tracks a whole range of sports like surfing, rock climbing, yoga, hiking, and many more. Lots of users use it for triathlon training.

My favorite part was the community – you can compete with friends and earn achievements. So this is just a great running app if you’re active overall.

Read More About Strava Here!

3. Addidas Runtastic

Similar to Nike Run Club, Runtastic also has incorporated “story runs” which guides you through your run. Though once upgraded to Premium, Runtastic gives way much more personalization than Nike.

Runtastic is all about setting a goal –> tracking how far you’re away from it –> and then sharing your success when your goal is reached.

Indeed, Runtastic is quite a feature-rich running app. It has a worldwide community, blog, “daily fitness tips” section, challenges you can join, virtual events, and of course the ability to connect with your friends.

It’s suitable for runners who are looking for interactive runs and advanced tracking. Also, if you consider yourself to be one of those people who like to take selfies after a successful jog – Runtastic has that feature too!

Read More About Addidas Runtastic Here!

4. Aaptiv

Aaptiv is more a workout app than just running but it has a great “Outdoor Running” section available for mixing up routines. What’s special about Aaptiv is its live on-demand classes and a coach who’s there with you the whole time.

You feel the energy, and encouragement just pumping through. In fact, we got the feeling of being in a virtual gym while still remaining in the privacy of my own home.

With Aaptiv you get a healthy mix of every training possible. Therefore, it’s suitable for people who need diverse training options. It’s not entirely free but they have a free trial available, so if you’re just experimenting in the field of running apps, try it out!

Read More About Aaptiv Here!

5. Jillian Michaels Fitness

Jillian Michaels is another fitness app but this time it includes a meal plan. The extraordinary Jillian has put together a program for 5k and 10k races.

Therefore, your running goal must be either to run 5k or 10k – no in between. It’s more suitable for people who look at running as part of losing weight, getting back in shape, and seeing results whatever they may be. Adding a thoughtful meal plan will just double the speed of your results (ask any coach).

Read More About Jillian Michaels Fitness Here!

6. Map My Run by Under Armour

Map My Run is another fun app that needed to be on my list of best free running apps. Here you can actually connect your Under Armour shoes with a built-in chip and track your activity that way. How cool AND precise is that?

This running app also has a Premium plan available that includes personalized training plans, audio coaching, live tracking, route genius, and other stuff. But in the basic free plan, you get most of the cool creations and benefits anyway.

It communicates with MyFitnessPal, maps your runs, and even suggests potential runs if you’re in an unfamiliar area. Therefore, it might be a running app for you if you wanna explore the area, run in a different direction each time and just let the endorphins take over.

Read More About Map My Run Here!

7. Runkeeper – GPS Running Tracker

Similar to Strava, Runkeeper also tracks several activities like swimming, mountain biking, downhill skiing, and more. What’s special about this running app is that you can log outside activities and keep track of your weight.

Another cool feature of Runkeeper – it takes into account the weather conditions and shows you how does it affect your running performance.

It has a free and paid plan. Once upgraded to Premium, the workout plan adjusts every week and gives deeper insights into your stats, plus allows you to compare workouts.

Runkeeper’s Premium it’s the cheapest from all of the jogging apps above so if budget is important for you, go with this running app. We used their free version and we find it quite useful.

Read More About Runkeeper Here!

In Conclusion About Running

Running is one of the easiest and affordable ways to workout. It doesn’t require any investment. You only need some pair of running shoes and comfortable clothing. Some people appreciate good music while running, but some are the complete opposite – likes running through woods and listening to nature sounds. No matter how old or fit you are, you can just go for a run and feel much better in the next second.

Exploring all the apps and reviews can be overwhelming, but when you find the one. The best app for your running habits, it makes your run more joyful and rewarding after that. Don’t be scared to ask other people’s opinion on some free running apps or equipment. In that way you will find some more new stuff that will help you improve your skills. 

Don’t forget to warm-up and cool down properly so you don’t get unwanted injuries. If you do it all how it should be then everything will be awesome and you can enjoy running to the maximum. We hope this article helped you to choose your best free running app!

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