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Best Gym Workout Apps for Weightlifting

best gym workout apps

Gyms are good, but gyms with fitness apps are so much more personalized and effective! It’s because gyms do not know our fitness goals nor our fitness level. Therefore if you’re looking for a gym-friendly fitness app then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s my list of Best Gym Workout Apps with the recommended suitability included!


JeFit is one of the best gym workout apps for weightlifting. Once tried this app, you might even never go to the gym without it. That’s because JeFit is famous for its strength-training tracking.

With JeFit you can plan your workouts ahead, track your reps, and monitor progress. This fitness app has a free and paid subscription available.

And the cool thing about this app is that you can share routines with your gym-buddies.

JeFit has all the tools you need to log and track your workouts. Therefore, this app is suitable for bodybuilders who are looking for an efficient way to record their workouts. Obviously, JeFit will be most appreciated amongst people who know what to do in the gym.

Read More about JeFit App Here!

Volt Athletics

Best Gym Workout Apps

Volt Athletics is an AI-powered fitness app that’s created for individuals and teams.

The AI called Cortex builds, tracks, and adapts your training program, therefore, making this app personalized to you. And you know what that means… personalization is great for seeing better results because each of us is different.

This gym-friendly app makes you follow a structured plan and depending on your readiness, it gradually increases the load.

Professional athletes use this app to prepare for the season and professional coaches use this app to get the team ready for the season. So if you wanna train like an athlete and looking for strength and conditioning workouts then this exercise app is for you.

Read More about Volt Athletics App Here!


Centr is special for its coached-routines and easy-to-follow user interface. With this fitness app, you won’t get much of the tracking but the workouts are tough.

You can either chose a self-guided workout or follow a coached-routine which basically means someone training together with you. Coached routines will be much faster while in self-guided you can move at your own pace.

This fitness app is led by certified gym experts but the front-face of Centr is the famous Chris Hemsworth. And did I mention that Centr has a meal plan included? Well..that too.

So if you’re looking for a gym-friendly app with a meal plan included then this app might be suitable for you.

Read More about Centr App Here!

Nike Training Club

Best Gym Workout Apps

Nike Training Club is my favorite fitness app of all time. It’s mainly because of two reasons – firstly, it’s all about making you stronger, and secondly, it’s entirely for free.

If you use this exercise app in a gym setting then get ready for seeing diverse and compounding moves that incorporate all kinds of gym equipment.

In fact, the Nike app is good for also other than just advanced fitness enthusiasts because here you can select your fitness level while not decreasing the effectiveness of your workout.

Read More about Nike Training Club App Here!


If JeFit might be more appreciated amongst guys, then Sweat is more for a women audience.

This gym app is created by female personal trainers who present you with programs like weight training, power-building, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. As you can see..all are very gym-based workout programs.

Besides, what’s special about Sweat is the friendly yet empowering fitness community that’s easily accessible in the app itself.

Quite frankly, this fitness app is more on the expensive side, but it’s only because they have everything – weekly meal plans and shopping lists, community, workout programs, and more.

Read More about Sweat App Here!


With Sworkit, you get diversity and all kinds of workouts for all fitness levels. This exercise app has quite a workout library with many, many workouts for you to choose from.

Most workouts are gym-based, but you’ll also get body-weight only that’s easily done from home.

Sworkit has one of the best customer services I’ve experienced and one of the easiest workout structures to follow.

And because you can set how long your training should be, it’s suitable for busy people. Therefore, if you’re looking for an app that is half gym-based and half home-workout based then this one might be for you!

Read More about Sworkit App Here!

Fitness Blender

Unfortunately, Fitness Blender has no fitness app available, only online mode. However, I’ve taken FB to the gym with me and gotten my muscles burning afterwards.

You can either go with one of their 500+ free workouts or purchase FB 4-week strength programs. Thus, warm-ups & cool-downs are included in all of the workouts.

The most important thing to note here is the interactivity element. Fitness Blender is working out with you! Similarly to the Centr app, Fitness Blender is puffing and sweating just like me and you are.

Some fitness apps can get isolating so if interactivity is important to you, FB might be worth a try! Just remember to place your phone in a comfortable spot so you can see everything.

Read More about Fitness Blender Here!


Fitplan is one of the newest fitness apps on this list but that doesn’t mean is less good. In fact, Fitplan has gathered one of the largest personal trainer bases I’ve ever seen in an app. Some of the coaches are actual celebs too, like the famous Yankee Alex Rodriguez.

And in terms of gym workouts, Fitpaln has some decent gym-based workout programs available for us to follow. I found this app very suitable for busy individuals who are looking for effective and fresh workouts.

Read More about Fitplan Here!


Last but not least is Aaptiv! This one is another great gym workout app that’s different from any other app. Aaptiv’s unique selling point is audio-based workouts.

That’s right.. trainers are doing live classes and you just have to … listen. Can you imagine how incredibly motivating it is to hear someone pushing you?! Yet, here you’re still all by yourself.

This fitness app is particularly great for gyms because you don’t even need to look at the screen. Just get your headphones in – that’s it.

So if you’re looking for interactive strength workouts then Aaptiv might be for you.

Read More about Aaptiv Here!

That’s it for my list of Best Gym Workout Apps for Weightlifting! Have a good training and don’t forget to join our Facebook Community to discuss Fitness Apps and their suitability with others!


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