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Best Metabolism Boosters for Overall Health

metabolism boosters

I’m not proud of my metabolism speed, No Sir. Not only have I struggled with constipation, but also bloating, severity, gasified belly and more so for a long time I have been in the hunt for fast metabolism recipes. Just imagining all those times when I ate meat, carbs and all other stuff, but nothing came out makes me a bit heartbroken. If you have been in a similar position then keep on reading – you might find these tips on how to boost your metabolism quite useful. Here, I’ll also share my fast metabolism recipe sources I use!

What is Metabolism?

Personally, I believe that there’s no such thing as a chubby person – only slow metabolism. In fact, metabolism is getting slower for most people over 30. Prioritizing this seems like a good idea, right? Most of the articles wrap the concept of metabolism in complicated terminology, but really – can we just break this down, please?

In short, metabolism is all the processes that happen in the body to keep it up and running. This includes supplying our bodies with energy when it’s needed and supporting all inner processes around organs (know as the basal metabolic rate. You can calculate yours here).

In this post, I will only touch upon those best metabolism boosters that have helped me in feeling great in a natural way.

Personally, I believe that there’s no such thing as a chubby person – only slow metabolism and this, in fact, is getting slower for most people over 30.

What we need to achieve is an efficient body process so the key is easing the digestion and making your body do extra work (AKA spend more calories). In large trains, this can be done by both: simple & fast metabolism recipes and your workouts.

So how can you ease your digestion and efficiently burn food for energy?

There are a few things you can do to make the digestion as smooth as possible (gets the waste out of the body). To facilitate the digestion you can:

  • Chew your food properly so the body can quickly digest the nutrients;
  • Don’t drink after a meal so it won’t mix with your stomach acid, thus slowing the process (note that this may be different for others);
  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning – it will prepare your intestines for food and be ready for much quicker absorption of food;
  • Have a walk after a meal – this really does help me with digestion;
  • Include fiber in your meals, starting from veggies & fruits to whole grains (this also includes whole-grain carbs like brown rice, dark bread, etc). They are much higher in fiber than all the white stuff;
  • Finally, just eat clean food. If you eat food with a lot of trans fat oils and stuff like that, your body will have to think long about what nutrient to use and whatnot.

And then there are additional things you can do like:

  • Doing sports and exercising, especially core workouts – it stimulates the intestines and pushes the belly to work extra. HIIT or high-intensity interval training such as strength training is great for digestion because it boosts your metabolism to recover, creating the after-burn effect, hence burning energy;
  • Try hitting at least 7k – 10k steps every day: the body will burn more calories;
  • Lastly, you can also drink cold water and take cold showers because the body spends more energy to warm you back.

Apart from all this, there are SO many additional things you can do, BELIEVE ME; however, here are some final practical suggestions from my side that have helped me over time:

  • Green tea is one of the super-foods that clean your body naturally. In this way, your body can be detoxed and get much more responsive to food. One of my favorite green teas is La Colombe organic teas from Japan;
  • You can also try intermittent fasting or carb cycling. I’ve tried both and I can honestly say that both are very effective methods to surprise your body and make it digest everything in lightning-speed;
  • A glass of milk before and black coffee after a meal will speed up the process too (of course, you must not be lactose intolerant). I actually found a great coffee supplement that helped a lot of people with digestive issues. It’s called Nano Shred (Fat Burner) and the best part is: it helps your tummy get rid of the waste;
  • Finally, have enough sleep. Your body cannot work 100% if it’s tired.

Fast Metabolism Recipes

To boost your metabolism, I would suggest going with protein-rich foods. Also, iron-rich foods and chili are doing wonders like veggies, seeds, lentils, and dried fruit.

When you’re looking for fast metabolism recipes, I would suggest Amazing Grass, in particular, their Protein & Kale Metabolism Boosting Smoothie which is so simple and loaded with organic energy. They also have a great Wellness Book which I absolutely love with 30 delicious recipes and health tips!

However, if you don’t have time to cook or prepare your meals then I would recommend the Factor food delivery service. They’re specializing in chef-prepared healthy meals delivered to your home. You can choose from their extensive menu selections where pretty much all dishes will boost your metabolism. The best part is, you can select how many meals you want to receive per week.

To boost your metabolism, I would suggest going with protein-rich foods. Also, iron-rich foods and chili are doing wonders like veggies, seeds, lentils, and dried fruit.

Some Final Words on How to Boost Your Metabolism

You should look at metabolism as a whole and this whole is affected by what you eat and how often you move.

Of course, the level of stress, plenty of water and sugar usage also comes in the picture but let’s leave this for another time! I consider these to be the best metabolism boosters that support our overall well-being in an organic way. Enough with all the chemicals! Today, with simple and fast metabolism recipes, you can activate your inner processes rapidly.

I tried to draw up this article from my own practical experience so hope you enjoyed it. I would LOVE to hear your opinion on this! There are so many fast metabolism recipes so let’s start with smoothies – which is your favorite one?