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3 Best Swimming Apps to Try in 2022

best swimming apps

Who does not like swimming? Whether it’s a hobby or something you like doing for fitness, swimming is a sport that goes all in. By helping you work each aspect of your muscle group to give you a toned look, swimming is a worldwide preferred sport. It is a sport you can commit to and a group activity you can do with your friends and family. The best swimming apps are here to help you with your health and metabolism, swimming can accommodate your entire week’s workout! The future of the world is digitaland people are switching to fast-spreading applications. If you’re thinking of getting into the world of swimming and do not want to hire expensive coaches, the best swimming apps are your best solution!

Practice like a Pro!

Practice becoming a pro with the following applications designed to make you a swimming champion right from your swimming pool. Whether you have a swimming pool at home or go to the local swimming center, these apps are designed to be your swimming buddy throughout your endeavors. Offering you a variety of options from swimming trackers to swimming lessons, these apps will cover all your bases.

We understand that searching for the app that suits your needs can be tedious, and that is why you’re in luck. We’ve compiled a list of applications that will help you up your swimming game along with complex workouts and proper guidance. Offering you swimming expertise both for IOS and Android, we’ve put together a list of apps so you do not have to go searching for them yourselves.

All You Need to Know About Swimming!

Swimming Training on the Go

Most of the general health apps you will find on the app store do little to monitor your health. The most that can be achieved is monitoring heart rate, steps, or guided workout lessons. Even though these apps are great resources for sports like kickboxing and yoga, their fitness options are limited to surface-level sports. If you’re looking for an in-depth analysis of swimming, some of the best cardiovascular exercises can help you overcome your fear of swimming. Before diving into the world of the best swimming apps available, it is important to know what you’re getting into.

The first thing you need to know about swimming is that it is a versatile sport. Utilizing all of your core muscles in each stroke, helps you build up core strength so that even outside of the swimming pool you feel your best.

More about the Training

Not only is swimming a great way to connect with your buddies, but it also offers tremendous health benefits. It decreases anxiety, improves mood, and helps burn a ton of calories. If you are suffering from arthritis or other major or minor joint conditions, it can help with that as well. The research found that swimming for just 2.5 hours has been shown to negate the risks of chronic illnesses. Coordination of the entire body is a must to swim smoothly. You need to focus on your arms and legs as well as swimming strokes and breathing exercises.

To get your aquatic training started, here are some of the things you need to focus on:

  • Floating

Before you start stroking and kicking your body needs to be buoyant enough to float on water. Floating helios your body stays above water level and helps it to move properly while in water. Keeping your body in the horizontal position, the vertical buoyant force is the first step to mastering how to float. Learning to float is important because as you go to deeper bodies of water, you will be able to float to the surface while you wait for rescue. Not only that but ridding yourself of the fear of water has been found to help immensely in the first few lessons and is one of the basics of swimming.

  • Breathing

Although an important skill to learn while swimming, it is frequently overlooked. To enjoy the wholesome experience of swimming, you have to be comfortable breathing while in water. Different swimmers deal with this issue differently. Some hold their breath in the water and only come to the surface to breathe in while others slowly let their breath go in the water. The main concept is for you to breathe out with both your nostrils and mouth while your head is still underwater. Then you lift your head slightly towards the side to take a full breath before going back in the water again.

  • Kicking

Kicking is another important skill that comes in handy with beginner swimmers. Kicking helps to move the body in a forward direction and increases buoyancy. You can use a kickboard or a plethora of exercises to help balance your body while you learn how to kick. Kicking from the wall of the pool helps to maintain momentum, thereby pushing you forward so you can let your arms do the rest of the work.

  • Coordination of the Body is a Must

While swimming, all parts of your body must coordinate with each other. You should be able to move the muscles of your abdomen, hips, and lower back in a synchronized way so that your body keeps moving forward. Your arms should firstly cut through and move the water, followed by your elbow and the rest of your body.

  • Strokes

Once you have practiced the rest of these beginner-friendly tips, you should be able to perform strokes. Strokes are the result of breathing and floating seamlessly to the point where you can safely maneuver your way through the water. These involve the front crawl, backward stroke, forward stroke, and butterfly stroke, which is one of the hardest to do. But fret not, by continuing with this article and following our tips, you will be an expert in swimming in no time!


Pros and Cons of the High-Level Sport – Swimming

When it comes to swimming, anyone can try it out and you do not even need a lot of equipment. Here are some of the pros and cons of swimming:

Pros of Swimming

So Easy on the Body

Swimmers love swimming, for the simple fact that they can feel weightless in the water. All the experts agree that swimming is a sport that is straightforward for your body. As opposed to sheer strength sports like running or rowing, it is a good way for people with joint problems to stay active. Swimming not only involves the lower half of your body, but it also utilizes your core muscles to help your upper body strength.

If you are a beginner, it is important to engage your entire body. This can include facing mobility, engaging your upper and lower body, and working on your joints. Apart from working with your core muscles, swimming also helps you carve out your arm and shoulder muscles.

Let Resistance be Your Friend

Even though you will feel weightless underwater, your muscles will still be engaged. Swimming is more of a challenge than running because in running you only encounter air resistance while swimming both air and water resistance is making your muscles work harder than ever before. Get ready to get jacked this summer just by swimming a few hours a day.

Little to No Gear

Some workouts like gymnastics or even running require various sorts of equipment in order for you to perform at your best. They also require you to have proper workout shorts/pants, shoes, and shirts. Even when working out at home, a yoga mat and dumbbells are a few of the necessities. In short, when it comes to swimming, you do not need much. And whatever you will end up buying will likely last you for a few good years.

Build Your Endurance!

Swimming utilizes many different ranges of motions with your muscles and that too all at the same time! That usually proves to be exhausting. However, you do not need to worry! If you can stick through the initial learning curve, you will find it makes absolutely amazing endurance conditioning. Swimming can easily be considered on the same level as wrestling or boxing, because a lot of swimmers cannot make it across the pool when starting out.

As with any exercise, there are pros and cons. Swimming, while proving to be a very high-level sport, it also has some drawbacks. Some of them are highlighted below:

Cons of Swimming

Do Not Count on Building Muscle Mass

This is where you are out of luck with swimming. Even though swimming workouts are great for getting muscle strength, you cannot really grow new muscle with them. That is why most people combine swimming with other high-intensity workouts like pilates. Paired with a proper diet for your body’s fat loss, your body along with swimming will give impressive, unbelievable results.

Requires a Lot of Patience

Like with any sport, only with time will you get better. Take out the time to learn to swim correctly. Once the proper techniques are mastered, that is when you will be fully able to enjoy swimming. It can be tempting for new swimmers to give into the pool and pull off lap after lap but that is not feasible. Swimming utilizes tons of oxygen so you will burn out really fast. Start with a couple of laps at a time and when your body is used to it, slowly bring them up to speed. New swimmers are eager to attempt strenuous swimming workouts but patience is needed to build up optimum endurance training.

Not Everyone Has Access to a Pool

You can always check your local gym or get a year-round membership. There are also year-round memberships available in some areas that will be happy to have you start your fitness journey there. Getting to and fro from the pool or commuting can prove to be tedious for some people and if you do not live near a pool, the commute can prove to be exhausting. Not only that but you have to consider if swimming is suitable for you. Some people have lung problems or skin conditions so are advised not to swim. Always consult your doctor before trying out a new sport.

swimming apps


How Do I Know if Swimming is Right for Me?

As you can tell from the reading and a little experimentation, swimming is a versatile sport. Albeit not for everyone, it is for most people. Swimming can be a great way to spend time at the beach with your family or just work out your muscles. But just like any other sport, it is not for the faint-hearted. People with heart and lung conditions are discouraged from rash exercises that can exacerbate their conditions.

Similarly, people with skin conditions or UTIs are discouraged because of the passage of bacteria from one person to another. Hygiene is also a very important factor when it comes to swimming. Any swimming pool you pick should be chlorinated and up to the standards set by the respective places.

If you feel you have lucked out on swimming places, do not panic, because you can do a lot with your body when it comes to exercises’ there are thousands of other types of exercises that you can partake in. Some exercises are great in replicating the act of swimming and you get the same amount of benefits. The following are some alternatives to swimming so you get in your workout without feeling like you are missing out.

  1. Yoga

Yoga not only helps calm your mind but your body as well. Professional swimmers have been found to meditate before their upcoming swimming competitions. The mobility you get out of yoga is similar to the buoyancy you get in yoga and both utilize your core muscles and joint strength. 

  1. Flexibility and Stretching Workouts

Stretching workouts are great for working your muscles and building endurance without any substantial growth. These are pretty similar to swimming in that regard. There are multitudes of exercises included in stretching like static stretching and dynamic stretching to name a few

  1. Pilates

Pilates is similar to yoga. It increases your flexibility and endurance by presenting a low-impact workout. The repetition of pulsing movements in Pilates works out small, lesser-known muscles in your body to the max. 

What Issues New Swimmers Can Face?

New swimmers tend to go fast and tire out pretty quickly. But do not give up hope yet because the faster you tire out, the more quickly you improve. And then it is time to start playing with tempo and speed.

How to Tackle those Issues?

A few lessons on the app can set things straight for new swimmers from teaching them flexibility in the angles to dealing with the art of floating. In swimming, you will find that efficiency is the most important because it helps you to keep your form, and it is hard to achieve without a pool deck. Some factors that come into play can be


To deal with the problem of length, you can set a time goal for yourself starting from 15-20 minutes rather than measuring the distance. As your overall strength increases, you can increase how far you can go without taking a break and then eventually how long your swimming lesson lasts overall.


Swimming is different from running because you cannot keep a steady pace in the beginning for maybe say 30 minutes. You might be able to swim 150 yards and then rest a few seconds, not necessarily because you are tired but because that is how most lessons are designed. In the start, your rest time will make up the bulk of your swimming workout but as you get better, you will reduce your break time.


With different swimming techniques, you will be expected to put in different intensities. This should not scare you because this is something you will eventually build up to. You will add more rest time after these efforts and it mainly depends on the type of exercises you will be doing. For example in a backward stroke, the amount of intensity is a lot so taking a few short breaks in between will do you some good.

 Keeping these three factors in mind, anyone can become a swimming pro in no time! 

Why Choose an App?

Swimming in itself might be great fun but what can transform your leisurely swim into a total workout are applications that you can download on your phone. These help you stay on track and give you cool workouts to do in the swimming pool which are bound to impress your family and friends. Not only that but with leading experts guiding you, you are sure to be a pro in no time.

Exercising in the water is a great way to stay fit without the extra pressure on your joints or restricting yourself to one position during a workout because that can get boring really fast. If you are a beginner swimmer, you can optimize your time in the pool to burn more calories using the apps mentioned below.

We offer you a range of applications that can help you keep track of every workout that you can do. You can track your progress in real time with the right app.

What Kind of App Should I Go for?

There are various types of apps that you can pick to teach you how to swim. However, here are our top 3 favorites, discussed below in detail!

1. Myswimpro – the Best Swimming App

MySwimPro review categories

My Swim Pro app offers an all-in-one trainer and tracker for swimming. It provides you with customized programs solely based on your goals and inputs so you can track everything via integrations on a wearable device or even manually if you have got good memory or a water-resistant smartphone. You can test your stamina and strength and even take lessons with a real qualified swim coach.

You can join MySwimPro and become a part of the thriving community when you pay for your subscription. According to Apple, MySwimPro was named Apple Watch App of the year in 2016 because of its merits. Not only that but they keep adding new features and functionality and have become so popular with the general public that most Apple users prefer it over any other swimming fitness app.

MySwimPro is available on the Google Play store as well as the Apple App store with subscriptions starting from $19.99/month and reaching up to $179.99 a year which is billed annually. It not only offers swimming lessons but also dry-land coaching support to cover all your bases.

You are bound to enjoy MySwimPro if you want a personalized workout plan or if you want to improve your swimming technique, speed, and endurance while also losing weight and getting stronger in the process.

Why Should I Use MySwimpro?

With its unique and easy-to-use interface, this is a very thorough application. When you are out with this application, it offers a personalized quiz to get a better understanding of what exactly you need from these lessons to make a plan for you. This plan typically involves your swimming skills, the days you are swimming and the distance you will be swimming each day. 

To step it up a notch, this app also offers monthly challenges where you can compete with other people and score yourselves accordingly.

What Exercises Does this App Offer?

MySwimPro offers the following exercises:

  • Freestyle
  • Butterfly
  • Kicks
  • Back
  • Breast
  • To name a few

2. Swim Coach – Your Swimming Partner

swim coach dashbord

The good thing about Swim Coach is that it offers a range of workout and training programs that you can customize for your fitness goals. It also helps you stay on track by offering you stats so you can always keep improving. It has excellent ratings on the Apple as well as the Google App store.            

About Swim Coach Apps

It is difficult to find proper training even with a good app but SwimCoach is perfect if you are a beginner trying out swimming for the first time. SwimCoach helps you plan an extensive training session. It was developed by Reto Kaul and Thomas Kaul and it stands out because you can choose your training methods. ‘

Easy to Use

The app has a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use interface that is also free of cost which means you can try it out anytime and anywhere the next time you decide to go for a dip in the pool. Not only that but the workouts offered by the app help users train more effectively.

Swim coach is very easy to use. It asks you a few questions about your goals and gives you work out plans based on your answers. There are more than forty workouts included and you can choose the level of difficulty according to your goals. It offers three different training methods and has plans to suit a variety of swimming levels. In addition, you can customize workouts so that you get the best results. Whether you’re training for your first triathlon or want to improve your swimming speed, Swim coach is an indispensable app for swimming. 


The app has been downloaded up to 100K times by both iOs and Android users, which shows how popular the app is amongst its users. It boasts of a 4.7/5 rating which is something to remember. You can also set your difficulty level to beginner, intermediate or advanced to get the full scope of the workout and with most of its features being free, you can get more out of this app than you bargained for! Along with training, you can also track your progress and see your overall stats at the end of the month. 

Free to Download

Designed for swimmers, Swim coach features a variety of training options and is free to download. The app tracks your performance and even works on Apple Watch and WearOS. You can create your custom workout plan with the premium version. The free version has limited features. The more expensive Premium version includes training plans that can help you prepare for a triathlon. There are also workouts for swimming that will increase your cardiovascular endurance.

Whether you are training for a triathlon or just want to stay fit, this app is the perfect way to get started on your swimming journey. 

3. Form – Your Best Investment


The Form offers you a complete solution that focuses not only on advanced trackable metrics but also focuses on community building and giving you the training you signed up for. The app’s main focus is correcting your techniques and building a strong foundation, especially for beginner swimmers. It can also work for triathletes as it offers advanced training along with basic level training. 

Form was developed by FORM Athletica which was founded by Dan Eisenhardt who himself was a competitive swimmer for 14 years! His mission, as a passionate sports tech entrepreneur, was to bridge the gap between augmented reality options and ground-level sports to create an all-around amazing experience for swimmers of any caliber.


Form boasts an average rating of 4.8 on the Google and Apple App store and has been downloaded over 10,000 times. The developers are very open to feedback and the reviews are mostly positive. 

Is it free?

The best thing about this app is that it is free to download and you can access independent workouts with a paid subscription. Monthly plans are priced at $24 with a six-month investment while annual plans are $12. You can also get a gift yearly membership for $228. The cool part about paying for this app is you get Smart Goggles delivered right to your doorstep to start your swimming journey today.

Now that you are set to start swimming, here are some of the safety tips you should remember to keep you and your family safe.

Safety Tips for Swimming

These swimming tips will help you achieve better technique and faster speed. You can practice these tips daily. Here are the top swimming tips for beginners.

Breathe After Each Stroke

One of the best swimming tips for beginners is to breathe after each stroke. This will reduce the strain on the shoulders and neck. Alternatively, you can breathe on alternate sides after three strokes. This will improve your technique.

Make Sure there is a Lifeguard Nearby

Accidents come unannounced and it is better to have a lifeguard on standby than to risk an accident. Make sure you are fully prepared with the right equipment and expertise before you start swimming. The apps can help you when it comes to equipment and with a few lessons, you should be able to go to the deep side of the pool in no time!

Stay Hydrated!

With exercising in water, it is easy to forget that our bodies are sweating and we need water. Be sure to stay hydrated and have lots of fluids before you start working out. Because just like any other workout, swimming also requires exertion and with any sort of exertion, keeping your body hydrated is a must. 

Wear Sunscreen

Even while in the pool, if you are under direct sunlight, be sure to slather on some SPF. The water cannot protect you from the sun’s rays so it is better to be prepared than to be sorry.

Are You Summer-ready?

With all the apps discussed above, it is easy to get confused about which one to pick. Fret not, because we are here to help!

The best part about all of these apps is that they are cheap, easy to work with, and offer you options a normal swimming lesson would lack. Not only can you track your performance, but you can also compete with swimmers all around the world to get a grip on where you stand. With the summer season rolling around, it is best to pick up your swimming gear and head to the swimming pool for a nice relaxing swim.