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BetterMe Review – Effective App for Weight Loss

betterme review

BetterMe is a fitness app that offers diverse bodyweight workouts that can be easily done from home. It also gives its users a personalized meal plan. It is customizable with a strong focus on weight loss. All the features are tailored towards losing weight and getting slimmer. BetterMe has an efficient water intake monitor that keeps reminding the user to drink water. With BetterMe, users can work out, follow the diet plan and monitor the calorie intake among other things. To spice up the workout section, BetterMe has other things like a guided sugar-free challenge to make it more interesting. This BetterMe review will detail everything; the good, the bad, and why it is suitable for some people while it may not be for others.

Takeaway and Highlights

Before we get into the BetterMe review, let’s talk about who might enjoy this fitness app. The BetterMe fitness app is suitable for you if:

  • If you want to lose weight by not only counting your calories but also focusing on fitness and diet;
  • If you want to calculate your water intake;
  • If you want a personalized meal plan.

The BetterMe app will not be suitable for you if:

  • You want to focus on exercising and getting toned instead of losing weight to reach your desired weight goal;
  • You want an app that also focuses on mindfulness and meditation;
  • You want an app with an unlimited selection of foods available so that you don’t have to manually enter each recipe separately;
  • You want to only work out and not go on a diet.


Background of BetterMe

The BetterMe app was founded in 2016 by Victoria Repa and Vitaly Laptenok. Victoria’s childhood ambition was to create an app that would help people in losing weight. In return, this app would provide her comfort and heal her pain from her childhood struggles. When the time came to build the company itself, she asked Vitaly to help since he had experience in creating video content for social media marketing.

betterme water tracking


The Success of the App

At the time of writing the BetterMe review, it has seen great success over the years. It has a rating of 4.1 on Google Play and 4.5 on the Apple Store. BetterMe has gathered over 159,000 active users on Google Play and in the 5 years of being founded, it has been installed over 60 million times in 10 countries. Today, it now has over 100 qualified professionals that aim to bring positive change to fitness.

Why BetterMe?

BetterMe is highly customizable. When you open the app, it asks you a series of questions such as gender, body type, lifestyle, type of food you like and avoid and so on. Then it offers a customized plan for you so that you can exercise regularly and focus on your calories as well as your water intake. In this BetterMe review, we will cover all the sections so let’s get started!

Core Features

When you download the app, it asks a couple of questions so that you are able to find the perfect match for you and your needs. These questions are about your gender, body shape, etc. What we found interesting was the question about lifestyle like whether we walk daily, work on foot, work seated down, or are at home inactive. Naturally, fitness is not just afew minutes at the gym. Our goal should be to include some sort of activity within our daily life. BetterMe takes this into account and helps incorporate movement throughout the day.

There is a strong sense of weight loss rather than overall fitness and toning. Hence, is more tailored towards losing excess weight and getting slimmer. This also meant that we could not really select any other goal apart from “lose weight”.

betterme layout


The workouts are divided into 3 sections: beginner, medium, and advanced. You can either choose your workouts or do the workout that the app suggests each day. BetterMe presents a new exercise and different recipe each day. The exercises target all parts of the body, thus each exercise has a warm–up and cool-down included. Compared to other fitness apps, BetterMe workouts are slightly limited but they do have live demos and tips that will help to maintain form.

From other BetterMe reviews online, users don’t seem to have any problems with the exercises. If you do get the monthly subscription, the app provides you with a real-life coach who is available for you whenever you desire to help you.

The location of training is optional as it allows you to choose – either to work out at home or at the gym. There’s also scheduling available to ease the planning and make the training sustainable.

betterme workout

Each workout is about 20 minutes long with an exercise ranging around 30 seconds. The exercises are typical exercises such as jumping jacks, half squat walk, side leg with heel touch, side to side lunges, swimmers and cat plank etc. All training is personalized, and are considered low intensity and cannot be considered HIIT exercises. BetterMe also has a section for meditation, running, yoga, walking and even separate category for men.

A recent improvement that is worth highlighting is “Workouts for business” which offers employee training to fight stress, obesity and poor well-being. In this way, companies can improve their employee health.

Diet plan

BetterMe diet plan is something that is connected with the workouts. Hence, it cannot really be compartmentalized. You can follow the diet plan, train and monitor the calorie intake- all of which contributes to the end result of weight loss. The recipes are interesting. It seems delicious and they do ask what kind you ingredients you want to avoid. BetterMe meal plan also takes into consideration whether or not you seek vegetarian or vegan meals. However, there are a couple of problems with the meal plan itself:

  1. There is no calorie counting for the food you intake. Instead, each ingredient must be manually added. Hence, this makes it harder to track and execute it;
  2. We were also missing proper instructions to follow. It was challenging to figure out how much to add etc;
  3. Lastly, we also encountered the app crashing when we were ticking off the grocery list.

When checking other BetterMe reviews online, we noticed similar feedback. Slow operation and mismatch between the needed ingredients and the name of it are just a few to list here. Hopefully, this will be something that BetterMe will improve over time.

betterme meal plan

However, keeping the above in mind, BetterMe has a lot of unique features that other apps do not offer. Example of this is an intermittent fasting plan which is considered to be highly effective for loosing weight (you can read more about intermittent fasting here). Also, the meal plan included unusual ingredients like liver which might be sensitive to some people.


There is no equipment needed or offered by the app. At most you will need a yoga mat so that you don’t hurt yourself while exercising on the unforgiving ground.

fitness mat for workouts at home


Regarding subscriptions, payments are a little all over the place so to speak. BetterMe has so many subscription options that it’s hard to choose which one to go with. Here are the most popular:

  • $4.99 USD for a week;
  • $29.99 USD for 12 weeks;
  • or $120 USD for a yearly subscription.

While the app does have a free trial available, the conditions are a bit tricky. If you take the 3-day free trial and don’t cancel it 24 hours before it expires then you will be charged 9.99 dollars.

If you ask for a 7-day free trial, make sure to cancel it before you complete the 7 days in case of not liking the app itself. Otherwise, you will be automatically subscribed for a 6-month auto-renewing which will cost you 6.99 a month. Something worth noting here is that the monthly subscription does not cover weekly challenges and additional plans. Instead, users must buy these separately.

To check if this app is suited for you, we recommend you trying out BetterMe without choosing any of the trials. Since it gives the option to flip through, simply browse through the app. In case you find it suitable, sign up for a free trial first.

BetterMe vs. Other Apps

The two apps that come to mind relevant for this BetterMe review are FitOn and Fitbit Coach. Similar to BetterMe, both fitness apps have personalized workouts and meal planning included. However, it is safe to say that both FitOn and Fitbit Coach offers a wider collection of workouts. Technically, users could easily work out with both apps without subscribing to premium because they offer a good number of free workouts too. The premium is there for extra features like digital couching, adjustable meal plan and tracking. Meanwhile, BetterMe is more expensive than both apps, and additional features are not included in the price.

Additionally, Fitbit Coach Premium goes a step further and list down sleep reports, breakdown of your macronutrients and even takes you through a Fit Test to determine your level of fitness. Hence, it might be more suited for users looking to be on top of tracking and progress. Find out more by visiting our Fitbit Coach review here. While, FitOn has actually gathered celebrity trainers that deliver both audio-based and video-based workouts. You can read more about the FitOn app here.

What makes BetterMe stand out is its food log. As buggy and limited as it can be, the food log allows the user to manually add ingredients. In this way, you could stay on top of your calorie intake if needed. Therefore, if you have the patience and willingness to insert each ounce eaten, BetterMe might be exactly what you need to get that body you’re after.

BetterMe Review: Final Words

BetterMe has a great user interface that allows users for easy and quick navigation. While we did enjoy various elements such as the water intake calculator, the workouts and a few recipes, its subscription options are confusing and overpriced. However, if you’re looking to lose a good amount of weight, the BetterMe app might be a good solution for you as it has a strong focus on weight loss. Calculating your water intake and creating a personalized meal plan is something you can easily do with this app.

BetterMe Pros

  • Customizable and personalized training based on the fitness goal;
  • Has a food log and calorie counter;
  • Workouts in conjunction with meal plan for better results.

BetterMe Cons

  • Confusing subscription plans and extra cost for additional features;
  • Poor customer service with slow response times and refund errors;
  • Slightly buggy.

betterme infographic

This about concludes our BetterMe review! If you’re looking to try out BetterMe, you can find the links below:

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