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BodBot Review: Just Another AI Workout App?

Updated: Jan 15

BodBot fitness app was released back in 2016 hitting the workout planning niche and providing its users with tailored recommendations. Created by founders Sergio Prado and Edward Laux both fitness enthusiasts with different fitness goals. In this BodBot review let’s see if they really are “the most intelligent & adaptive workout planning on the web”, shall we?

Briefly About BodBot Workout App

What’s special about the BodBot exercise app is its machine-learning workout technique. They build your workout plan and adapt it from your given feedback (similar to Nike or Freeletics).

Each user is put through a question-answer type of fitness test. The more details you provide, the more tailored recommendations will come out.


BodBot Workouts

Your daily workout routine will be the first thing you see when opening the fitness app.

The workout includes a warm-up, main workout and cool-down/stretching. The time depends on how fast you're finishing the sets (also if you’re familiar with the exercises, otherwise you must read the instructions). Averagely, it can be anything from 20 to 40 minutes plus.

Every time you finish a set, you scroll up to view the next one. There’s no timer or voice instructions, just a static image and the name of the exercise.


You can manually switch exercises if you don’t have the equipment or if it’s too hard. As I have talked previously, we should never overtrain, especially if you're a beginner so keep that in mind if you're new in fitness.

BodBot Food Plan

The food plan is more like “food recommendations” rather than a meal plan. They just note down 3 ingredients that would help you reach your target and that’s pretty much it. Here you might consider nutrition designed meals by Factor 75 which are delivered to our door.


BodBot exercise app also acts as a food log but it’s often buggy and is nowhere near MyFitnessPal. What they mean with "the food plan" is really just a food explorer database where you can view a specific food's nutrient profile.

BodBot Cost

Not sure why they’re saying it’s free As It Is Not... Indeed, you get a 7-day free trial but after that you must upgrade to premium which costs $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year.

BodBot Review: Pros

  • Works well with your preferences and adjusts the exercises;

  • BodBot connects to Fitbit, Google Fit and Apple Health;

  • Workouts include warm-ups and cool-downs (with or without equipment);

  • Has the option to exclude specific body-parts or joints (good for people with injuries or sore joints). Also takes into account your flexibility level, age, and personal preferences when making training recommendations;

  • You can also focus on specific muscle groups and train just those.


BodBot Review: Cons

  • There is no real food plan to follow;

  • The algorithm is not working properly (suggests wrong workouts and forgets the settings). Not fully adapting;

  • No tracking available, not even a workout calendar;

  • Workouts are made in a poor way which negatively affects the intensity level;

  • Confusing user-interface.


Final Thoughts on BodBot Fitness App

What a confusing app to be honest.. and sadly, I left disappointed. Considering the price, BodBot sure does glitch a lot.

Not once I had an effective workout with BodBot, neither did I sweat. I just spend so much time reading the instructions that I completely lost intensity.


BodBot app also suggested workouts that trained the same muscle groups for days in a row. Not only this is incorrect as we need time to recover but also it makes me question whether this is even a safe exercise app for beginners.

Also, all trainers are half-naked. For me, it’s super weird and awkward especially when I open this fitness app in public.


Of course, the BodBot workout app is highly adjustable and takes into consideration your input. And, yes, it also puts you through several fitness questions, although there’s no summary of these answers. They claim to use this to construct your workout but at times it forgets the settings.

Ok, fine, we can get ourselves used to the interface but for me, it is not enough to put naked models in front and charge $10 a month for this.

Also, all trainers are half-naked. For me, it’s super weird and awkward especially when I open this fitness app in public.

BodBot workout app could be suitable for people who don't know what to do in the gym. Or perhaps if you have an injury and you're looking for a workout app that goes light on your weak areas - BodBot's for You! For people with injuries, I would actually recommend even getting a fitness journal to note down your progress.

Still, this fitness app does not seem to know how to motivate its users. There are no voice-overs to describe the workout and how to do it. You might end up harming your technique as it does not properly guide you through the workout.

Or perhaps if you have an injury and you're looking for a workout app that goes light on your weak areas - BodBot's for You!

If it’s adjustability you’re after then you could also go with apps like 8fit which you can read more about here.

After writing this BodBot review, it became clear that BodBot doesn't take into consideration how much time do you have for your workouts. Here, I suggest either Jillian Michaels or Sworkit where you can construct your own workout and choose the duration yourself.

Till next time and remember to stay positive! Don't forget to share your thoughts below!

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