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BodBot Review: How Good Is This Fitness App?

bodbot review

BodBot is a fitness app that uses AI-based workouts that can be done at home or at the gym. The AI principle is also applied to their nutrition plan and tracking. This fitness app allows to select workout equipment, exclude body parts or joints that users don’t wish to train and connect wearables for tracking purposes. Alongside the integrated biometrics, BodBot uses data visualization to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Background of BodBot

The BodBot fitness app was released back in 2016 hitting the workout planning niche and providing its users with tailored recommendations. Created by founders Sergio Prado and Edward Laux, both of whom are fitness enthusiasts themselves but had different fitness goals. As they put it, BodBot is “the most intelligent & adaptive workout planning on the web”. On paper, BodBot sounds perfect for a fitness individual with serious goals, but in reality, we found a few drawbacks to the app. In this BodBot review, we will go through their machine-learning workout technique.

BodBot App Workouts

The BodBot app builds your workout plan and adapts it based on your given feedback. Each user is put through a question-answer type of fitness test. The more details you provide, the more tailored recommendations will come out. Your daily workout routine will be the first thing you see when opening the BodBot app.

Each workout is divided into three parts: a warm-up, main workout, and cool-down/stretching. But the workout length depends on how fast you’re finishing the sets. In addition to this, your workout will get affected if you’re not familiar with the exercises. Otherwise, you must read the very-long instructions – often times formatted horribly.

Averagely, BodBot’s workouts can be anything from 20 to 40 minutes plus. Every time you finish a set, you scroll up to view the next exercise. There’s no timer or voice instructions, just a static image and the name of the exercise. Hence, such training does require prior knowledge in fitness. We believe that beginners would struggle to follow along.

Thus, another thing to mention is all trainers are half-naked so that is something to consider when opening BodBot in public.

bodbot equipment

Source: BodBot App

Meal Plan by BodBot

The food plan is more like “food recommendations” rather than a meal plan where BodBot is noting down 3 ingredients that would help you reach your target. Other than that, there are no recipes nor calorie tracking.

BodBot exercise app also acts as a food log but it’s often buggy and is nowhere near MyFitnessPal. What they mean with “the food plan” is really just a food explorer database where you can view specific food’s nutrient profile (aka you do all the thinking). This is another reason why we think BodBot is more for users with prior insights into the fitness world rather than beginners who are looking for guidance and a friendly start. The interface alone is complicated enough to get lost and confused.

bodbot review

BodBot Cost

BodBot app is not free to use. Users can try out BodBot for 7-days free. After the trial, the app costs $9.99 USD a month or $59.99 USD a year. There are no additional costs after the upgrade. The customer service seems to be on top of the refund policy and users are generally satisfied.

BodBot vs Similar Apps

AI-powered coaching are also present in Nike Training Club and Freeletics fitness apps. Nike is free of charge and more suited for strength & conditioning workouts whereas Freeletics is a bit more advanced fitness app, good for endurance training. It also takes the users through a more advanced fitness test to personalize the workout plan. However none of the two has a nutrition plan included.

Regarding workouts, there wasn’t really natural ease when training with BodBot. This is mainly due to the level of difficulty to use the app itself. From manually switching each exercise to seeing equipment we did not have. We would like to see more flexibility – example of this being replacing an exercise with a lighter modification.

Users are left alone scrolling through the workout which makes it horribly inefficient and inconvenient. The bottom line, if you are looking for effective routines without hassling too much, maybe go with fitness apps like Volt Athletics instead. In comparison to BodBot, with Volt app, users are a part of a fitness program that keeps adjusting to your progress. You can read more about Volt in our Volt Athletics review here.

BodBot Review: Pros

  • Works well with your preferences and adjusts the exercises;
  • BodBot connects to Fitbit, Google Fit and Apple Health;
  • Workouts include warm-ups and cool-downs (with or without equipment);
  • Bodbot has the option to exclude specific body-parts or joints (good for people with injuries or sore joints). Also takes into account your flexibility level, age, and personal preferences when making your training recommendations;
  • You can also focus on specific muscle groups and train just those.

bodbot reviews

Source: BodBot App

BodBot Review: Cons

  • There is no real food plan to follow;
  • The algorithm is not working properly (suggests wrong workouts and forgets the settings). Not fully adapting and occasionally glitchy;
  • BodBot also has no tracking available; not even a workout calendar;
  • Workouts are made in a poor way which negatively affects the intensity level;
  • Confusing user-interface.

Final Verdict

Occasional glitching aside, BodBot is a good fitness app for users with prior fitness knowledge who has a specific goal in mind to achieve. It might not be suitable for beginners nor users who seek effective workouts. The effectiveness of workouts is lost somewhere in between reading instructions and scrolling to the next move. However, BodBot seems to be launching regular updates which certainty is a positive aspect. The biggest drawback for BodBot is its complicated UX. Although the workout instructions are given, the presentation lacks voice-overs to make it effective and sustainable.

Overall, BodBot is highly adjustable and takes the user through basic fitness evaluation before constructing the training program. However, we feel that automatizing the entire thing leaves this app lacking encouragement. Yet, for users who do not need to seek motivation, it might be exactly what they’re looking for.

If you have an injury and you’re looking for a workout app that goes light on your weak areas – then the BodBot fitness app might be for You!

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