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Is BodyBoss Good for Beginners?

Updated: Jan 15

Created by Australian entrepreneur Emily Hamilton, BodyBoss is one of the 4 brands owned by Supernova launched back in 2013. From workout guides to a nutrition plan, BodyBoss claims that you'll see results in just 12 weeks. This article is meant to help beginners to make up their minds about whether to go with the BodyBoss program or not. So let’s start with the cost and what you're getting for it!

From the BodyBoss Method to Their Actual Programs

The BodyBoss Method is not something extremely unique. It just means they use HIIT or so-called high-intensity interval training. The HIIT is proven to be a highly effective training method to boost metabolic rate and create the after-burn effect even after the workouts. No wonder it has rapidly gained popularity throughout the whole fitness industry. But of course, to call it the “BodyBoss Method” is way much more convenient from the promo standpoint.

From workout guides to a nutrition plan, BodyBoss claims that you'll see results in just 12 weeks.

BodyBoss offers various nutrition & training programs and the HIIT method is incorporated into all their guides.

Single Guides:


The price differs for all the products depending on which edition you go with. Here the options are either online (instant access and the cheapest) or print version which is slightly more expensive and is delivered to you via post.

The best-seller is the 12-week Fitness Program but you won’t see any major results if you don’t combine it with the nutrition plan. So if you end up going with BodyBoss, go with the Fitness & Nutrition Bundle for $99.50.

BodyBoss Workouts

It's really just a blend of different exercises in a circuit training. You’ll work out 3 times a week with 2 days of cardio in between for recovery purposes (Saturday & Sunday off).

The HIIT style of training is short but super intense. It’s anything from bodyweight to plyometrics for 24 minutes (plus 10 minutes warm-up and 10 minutes cool-down). All in all, you’re looking here at roughly 1 hour of workout routines on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

On your cardio days which are Tuesdays are Thursdays, BodyBoss encourages you to go for a run, do a spinning class or engage in any other active recovery (this is to take the pressure off from your muscles). So if you’re buying the program to get away for the gym, don’t unsubscribe yet.

BodyBoss Nutrition Guides

The BodyBoss Nutrition Guide is a diet plan which lists down your meals 3 times a day plus 2 snacks a day for the 12-week period (around 150 recipes with shopping and prep list each week).

Quite frankly, the meal plan is strict, and the recipes take time to prepare. How I see it, BodyBoss Nutrition Guide is a cookbook that only lists down ingredients and cooking instructions.

I'm used to a fitness cookbook that also includes calorie counts and an overview of macros but BodyBoss doesn't have this option. To keep on track with your calorie balance for the day, you might wanna combine it with apps like MyFitnessPal.

BodyBoss Pros:

  • Nutrition & Fitness guides are easy to follow;

  • Available descriptions of each move at the back of the book in case the workout page is not clear enough;

  • Workouts are designed to become harder and harder as you go along.

BodyBoss Cons:

  • BodyBoss is expensive considering similar fitness programs available online (e.g. Fitness Blender);

  • No trial available to see if the workouts suit you or not;

  • No mobile app either (only print and online editions) making it more difficult to follow along;

  • No modifications of harder and/or easier exercises available;

  • The meal plan is not flexible for those who have dietary restrictions like food allergies etc;

  • Recipes are lacking insight into the macro nutrition; the food is repetitive, and the cookbook is lacking practicality;

  • No space for tracking progress. You can be so proud of committing to 12 weeks but can’t really see how far you’ve come.

Results in 2 Weeks?

In their Q&A they actually mention something about seeing results in 2 weeks' time. Indeed, this is possible but keep in mind that seeing results depends on our own individual body. One can see changes on the scale faster than the other.

Whether it's 2 weeks or less, you'll only see results if you combine a balanced diet with exercise. BodyBoss is quite strict when it comes to its programs so it demands a high discipline and commitment to all workouts and time-consuming recipes.

Is BodyBoss Suitable for Beginners?

Even though the Fitness & Nutrition Bundle includes a 4-week pre-training program that is designed especially for people out of shape, it's still really tough.

The pre-training is meant to prepare beginners for the main program and this is a Must for newcomers. But even beginners report unfinished routines. Some have even pulled muscles and stuff. This is BAD, to say the least..

BodyBoss requires a certain level of fitness in order to keep going, therefore, it's not a beginner-friendly start (more on beginner-friendly start here). If you've been inactive before, maybe choose workout apps like Workout for Women or 30-Day Fitness Challenge. Otherwise, here you're committing to a 12-week strict, strict plan..

Even though the Fitness & Nutrition Bundle includes a 4-week pre-training program that is designed especially for people out of shape, it still is really tough.

You'll also won't master the form and we all know how important technique is in order to avoid injuries. BodyBoss is designed to increase the intensity.

Recommended Suitability

Personally, I would recommend BodyBoss to women who have limited access to the gym. And considering that BodyBoss is too tough too quickly, I really see it being used by women who's an intermediate+.

Also, if you're looking to get stronger and build endurance, BodyBoss will be suitable for you too (even though for the strength I always recommend Nike Training Club).

If you're not ready for a serious commitment and you're quite picky in meals then this program might not necessarily be best for you. There isn't much space for flexibility with BodyBoss as suppose to workout apps like 8fit, Aaptiv or any other fitness app on this website.

What They Really Need To Improve On

In the world of fitness today, customization is the ultimate key. To read more about custom fitness apps click here but in short, fitness apps must be personalized. A section for age, weight, fitness goals and fitness level have to be incorporated one way or another.

With personalization, not only we're seeing progress but we're also staying motivated. Stuff like before & after pictures (Jillian Michaels app) or going light on your weak areas (BodBot app) makes an exercise app more superior than a gym.

BodyBoss doesn't have this. Therefore, programs are not customized. Instead, BodyBoss training programs are running as default. Each and every one of us is different so the same meal plan and the same exercises are not necessarily the best way to go.

How I See It

BodyBoss promotes workouts for women who have a busy lifestyle. Yet, workout apps like Sworkit with their option of designing the same HIIT routine but with an option to decide the length yourself seems more suited for busy-bees.

I would recommend BodyBoss to women who have limited access to the gym. Also, if you're looking to get stronger and build endurance, BodyBoss will be suitable for you too.

Here you really just pay for having everything planned out for you ahead. If you have the discipline - go for it! Clearly, you'll see results if you'll stay fully committed!

Practical Advice:

  • A nice pair of running shoes, incline, and a mat will come in handy;

  • BodyBoss has also created a great community on Facebook so if you end up going with their workout programs then make sure to join the community too;

  • Even though you cannot really try out the program, BodyBoss has a Youtube Channel with workouts taken from their fitness guides.

Choose your program and get the BodyBoss Method Here! Have a fun 12-week + 4-week pre-training fitness journey! And don't forget to share your experience below!

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