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BodyBoss Method Review: Is BodyBoss Good for Beginners?

bodyboss review

The BodyBoss guides take the users through effective workout plans that can be done from home. The plans vary from 1-month to 12-weeks in length. The workouts follow the HIIT principle with high-intensity training 3 times a week. Routines themselves are quite long and last up to 50 minutes. There’s also an option to purchase bundle deals with a workout and meal plan included. Suitable for women with a busy lifestyle and are looking to lose weight.

Background of the BodyBoss

Back in 2013, an Australian entrepreneur named Emily Hamilton created BodyBoss workout guides to help women with weight loss. Today, BodyBoss sell both – effective workout guides and nutrition plans. Thus, BodyBoss claims you’ll see results in just 12 weeks. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? This BodyBoss review will test this assumption! We have dedicated this article to help beginners make up their minds about whether to go with the BodyBoss programs or not.

What is the BodyBoss Method?

They sure try to make it seem that The BodyBoss Method is something extremely unique. Actually, it just means they use HIIT or so-called high-intensity interval training.

Today, HIIT-style training is used by many, if not all as it’s highly effective when it comes to weight loss. Interval training provides effective workouts in a short period of time. An example of this would be doing Jumping Jacks for 45 seconds at maximum speed, then resting for 15 seconds and start again. To this day it is one of the most effective training methods for weight loss. The HIIT-style of training is proven to be highly effective in boosting metabolic rate and therefore creating the after-burn effect even after the workout’s done. The first fitness app in the field of HIIT were Johnson & Johnson 7-minute workouts.

Apart from following the HIIT principle, BodyBoss offers various training guides where interval training is the primary type of training for them.

BodyBoss Workout Guides

The workout guides are available in printed or digital formats. Online guides will give instant access and also be cheaper. Printed versions are slightly more expensive and these are delivered via post.

Naturally, the Online Editions are easier to follow as the users can see the execution and repeat it accordingly. The printed guides are something that the brand started out with, but over the years it has lost its popularity and digital has taken over.

Bodyboss review


BodyBoss: Single Guides

The brand has created 4 single guides. These are:

  • Fit Challenge 30-day Fitness Challenge;
  • Ultimate Body Fitness Guide 12 weeks training program + 4 weeks pre-training;
  • Tone Guide Home & Gym workouts for 6 weeks;
  • Superfood Nutrition Guide 12-week nutrition plan + bonus smoothie guide.

BodyBoss: Bundles

Bundles are a mix of single guides but cheaper to buy if you’re considering to purchase more than one guidebook. These are:

  • Fitness & Tone Bundle 12-week exercise program + 6-week weights program;
  • Tone & Nutrition Bundle 6-week Toning program + 12-week nutrition Plan;
  • Fitness & Nutrition Bundle 12-week exercise program (4 weeks of pre-training) + 12-week nutrition plan (bonus smoothies).

All BodyBoss guides are designed to increase the intensity level which therefore improves durability. The price differs for all the products depending on which BodyBoss guide you go with. The cheapest guide is the Fit Challenge (Online) for €38.90, however, their bestseller is the 12-week Fitness Program for €44.90.

bodyboss review


BodyBoss Workouts

The workouts combine a blend of different exercises in circuit training. You’ll work out 3 times a week with 2 days of cardio in between for recovery purposes (Saturday & Sunday off).

The HIIT style of training is short but super intense. It’s anything from bodyweight to plyometrics for 24 minutes (plus 10 minutes warm-up and 10 minutes cool-down). Hence, the total time of exercising will come down to ~50 minutes with workouts being held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. On our cardio days which are Tuesdays and Thursdays, BodyBoss encourages the user to go for a run, do a spinning class or engage in any other active recovery (this is to take the pressure off from the muscles and recover).

However, our BodyBoss review suggests that these active recovery days might require some of the cardio machines at the gym. Therefore, to not be limited only to jogging, users might want to keep the gym’s subscription active and add diversity into their training.

BodyBoss Nutrition Guide

The BodyBoss Nutrition Guide is a diet plan that lists down your meals 3 times a day plus 2 snacks a day for the 12-week period. Basically users can expect to eat some food 5 times a day. The book also has around 150 recipes with shopping and a prep list each week.

After reviewing BodyBoss nutrition plan, we found the meal plan quite strict and the recipes took time to prepare. It reminded us of a cookbook that only listed down ingredients and cooking instructions. Stuff like calorie counts and an overview of macros were definitely missing. Hence, to keep track of your calorie balance for the day, you might wanna combine BodyBoss with apps like MyFitnessPal. In this way, users not only can track but also log their favorite food. Something that is also worth noting – the meal plan is not flexible for those who have dietary restrictions like food allergies etc. so before purchasing, please make sure that it will be suitable for you.

Pros of BodyBoss

  • Easy to follow fitness guides;
  • Clear workout programs with written descriptions;
  • Workouts designed to become harder and harder as you go along;
  • Few workouts are available online for trials.

Cons of BodyBoss

  • Expensive when compared to industry pricing;
  • No mobile app;
  • Inflexible nutrition guide with lacking practicality;
  • Defaulted plans that are not customized to the user’s parameters;
  • No new plans coming out.

Can you see results with BodyBoss?

Depending on  metabolic rate, BodyBoss actually claims that users can see results in 2 week’s time. Indeed, you might see minor visual changes in your appearance after 2 weeks. However, that change usually is getting rid of excess water in your body first (1). Seeing results “fast” also depends on our own individual body. One person can see changes on the scale faster than others.

However, to see real results, workouts won’t be enough. There must be a mindful diet alongside training too. Only with a combination of clean eating, results evidently will come. The BodyBoss nutrition plan might not be the best in the world, but it still is a guideline for clean eating. And with effective, regular workouts along the side, the overall fitness level should increase over time.

When looking at other BodyBoss reviews online, users point out that only commitment to the guides can bring results. Thus, expect that guides demand high discipline and commitment to all workouts and recipes.

Is BodyBoss suitable for beginners?

BodyBoss Fitness & Nutrition Bundle includes a 4-week pre-training program that is designed especially for people out of shape. In other words, it’s meant to prepare beginners for the main program. But even with the 4-week pre-course, the majority of BodyBoss online reviews highlights the difficulty and challenging routines. Naturally, this makes the 4-week pre-training an absolute must for any beginner looking to purchase BodyBoss. At the time of writing our BodyBoss review, printed guides were somewhat used the most. Hence, beginners who went through the 4-week pre-training report unfinished routines. Some have even pulled muscles and stuff. However, with online guides gaining popularity, these seem to be easier to follow with low-impact modifications included. So if you’re not sure if your fitness level is ready for BodyBoss workouts, the safest choice would be going with the 12-Week Fitness Guide Online edition (with 4-weeks pre-training included).

Alternatively, for inactive users who might struggle with choice, we recommend checking out workout apps like Workout for Women or 30-Day Fitness Challenge these are free fitness apps with beginner-friendly moves to get your foot on the ground first.

Recommended Suitability

Our BodyBoss review suggests these workouts for women who have limited access to the gym and are looking to tone or lose weight. BodyBoss requires a certain level of fitness in order to keep going. Therefore women who are used to a workout buddy might struggle with motivation and discipline. We also see BodyBoss as a great support for users looking to get stronger and build endurance. The plans are designed to challenge the fitness level over time.

However, if you’re not ready for a serious commitment and you’re quite picky in meals then this program might not necessarily be best for you. There isn’t much space for flexibility with BodyBoss as suppose to workout apps like 8fit.

Drawbacks of BodyBoss

In the world of fitness, customization is the ultimate key. Unfortunately, BodyBoss doesn’t really offer much personalization. Possibility for entering the age, weight, fitness goals and fitness level has to be incorporated one way or another. With personalization, we’re seeing progress and staying motivated. Thus, fitness becomes accessible while still being effective even if you do workouts at home.

Both – lack of customization and lack of progress tracking is something we consider to be the biggest drawback in the BodyBoss guides. The user can be so proud of committing to 12 weeks but can’t really see how far he has come. For this reason, a fitness journal where to note down the struggles and milestones could come in handy.

BodyBoss method review

Fitness Journal:

Once again, BodyBoss training programs are running as default. Each and every one of us is different so the same meal plan and the same exercises are not necessarily the best way to go. However, for a user who is looking for weight-loss specific training, BodyBoss could be a plan to consider.

Final Verdict

BodyBoss offers trainer-led routines which are planned out ahead. When fully committing to the meal and workout regime, BodyBoss can be an effective way to burn fat and get in shape for an important event. However, after finishing one workout plan, the user is left with either repeating it or re-purchasing a new guide. This makes BodyBoss more like a quick solution rather than a lifestyle change.

For users looking to purchase BodyBoss:

  • Check out a few workouts on their Youtube Channel before ordering bundles online;
  • Join their Facebook Community;
  • For equipment, only thing you might need is an exercise mat and a pair of dumbbells.

fitness mat for workouts at home


We hope you found our BodyBoss review insightful! Choose your program wisely and happy sweating! 


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