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BodySpace review: A stepping stone towards modern fitness

bodyspace review

Overall, BodySpace is a combination of everything one needs from a fitness app. It is a social fitness platform for people of all ages and experience levels who come together to form the world’s largest online fitness community. With a diverse variety of dynamic and personalized workout programs customized to each member’s individual needs and goals, BodySpace allows users to choose their own workout programs to become the healthiest version of themselves, all from the comforts of their own home.

Key Takeaways and Highlights

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at some of the key features of the app and provide you with a detailed and honest BodySpace review so you can make an informed decision on whether if it’s the right fit for you. Prior to getting into an in-depth BodySpace review, let’s briefly weigh out why the BodySpace app may or may not be the best option for you.

BodySpace may be the ideal app for you if:

  • You’re looking to interact with a new community for motivation;
  • You’re forgetful and would like to receive daily training to-do lists with reminders;
  • You want personalized workout programs based on your goals, expertise, gender, age, how much cardio you want to put in, and the muscles you wish to target;
  • You want to track your progress and build on it with exercise tips, videos, stats, and rest time;
  • You’re a beginner who requires a step-by-step guide or instructional videos to assist you;
  • You like being told how much weight you have lifted, your workout time, and how much cardio you’ve gotten in for the day.

BodySpace might not be the right choice for you if:

  • You want an app that provides you with personalized nutritional advice and dietary plans to get in shape, something which BodySpace does not offer;
  • You want a trainer to mentor you live;
  • You are impatient and don’t like waiting because the BodySpace app can be a little slow sometimes and has a few minor glitches that need to be resolved.

BodySpace – App Origin and Details

BodySpace is a social fitness platform that combines the intensity of vigorous workouts with the excitement of social networking with a community of like-minded individuals looking to reach similar fitness goals. The app is developed by which is an online retailer based in Idaho that specializes in dietary, sports, and bodybuilding supplements. The company was founded from the ground-up by Ryan DeLuca in 1999 at only 21years of age.

App’s Successes and Failures

Since its development, the app gradually gained a lot of popularity over the years as one of the biggest social networks for fitness and bodybuilding and continues to grow to this date. It has over 18,000,000 members and over a million installs on Google Play. Currently, the Google Play store has 10,222 BodySpace reviews while only 6 ratings on the Apple Store. The average user rating based on these reviews for the app is 3.3/5 on Google Play and 4.3/5 on the Apple Store. These are low ratings, mostly due to the several glitches within the app itself that seem to annoy several users. However, this does not in any way take away from the abilities of the app as a wellness trainer with a myriad of features to explore.

Distinctive Features

What sets BodySpace apart from the rest of the fitness apps on the Playstore or Apple Store is that it offers everything in one platform. From a unique social fitness platform to tracking tools to workout reminders to professionally-designed and user-submitted workouts, BodySpace has everything you need to meet the goals you have set. In this way, BodySpace app promises to revolutionize the way you think about your daily fitness routines.

bodyspace workouts

What to Expect from BodySpace?


Once you install and launch BodySpace, the app will ask you to sign up for an account or log in to your existing account (if one exists). You can use your existing Apple, Gmail, or Facebook account to create your BodySpace profile. Once your account is set, you can select your gender, age group (18-22, 23-28, 29-35, 36+), main goal (lose fat, build muscle, or transform), and experience level (beginner, intermediate, expert) to allow the app to personalize itself to cater to your needs.

How to Use

Once the app has all the information it needs, it will recommend a list of training programs for you. With its simple and user-friendly interface, you can enroll in as many of these programs as you like by simply tapping on the program of your choice. We’d recommend starting by joining one program only and moving on to more once you’ve completed it. Once chosen, the details of the program will be added to your ‘BodyCalendar’. You can also track all your training and go back and view your workout history from the ‘My Workouts’ section. Additionally, you have the option to choose to integrate the app with the health app on your phone. Scroll through thousands of public workout posts from people all across the globe in the BodySpace community and make friends, who you can learn from. You can also post photos or share status updates about your own training routines and perhaps, motivate someone to get back in shape.

BodySpace Core Features


BodySpace understands your health and fitness aims, which is why it allows you to browse a variety of training plans of different difficulty levels that are tailored to fit you and your fitness goals. These are customizable by time, focused on body parts, and more importantly, are designed to work just for you. Each program is carefully crafted by wellness experts such as Ashley Conrad, Kris Gethin, and Jamie Eason or by BodySpace users using the latest scientific research.

Once you choose an exercise, you can go through a step-by-step guide on how to get started, along with videos to watch too! Each workout program has a rating that is determined by several BodySpace community members, so you can choose whichever plan catches your eye and step up your home fitness game in no time. It even counts your time as you rest between sets so you know when to get back on your feet. The workouts are integrated into your calendar which makes scheduling your workout much easier! Some exercises require professional equipment which might require you to take a trip to the gym, so choose your workout accordingly. However, one issue that we noticed is that new fitness plans are not updated regularly on the app, something which needs to be worked upon.

Meal Plans

Unfortunately, BodySpace does not offer any meal plans or nutritional advice that you can follow and is more focused on fitness regimes for its users. If you’re looking for health-conscious nutritional advice, you might want to check out our blog on how to live without cooking oil.

Additional Features

Our BodySpace review would be incomplete without mentioning that the app offers the luxury of a built-in fitness store. Everything you need from the best brands in the market to crush your fitness goals is just one tap away in the app including:

  • premium-quality fitness gear;
  • workout equipment;
  • accessories;
  • supplements; and
  • fitness apparel.

Bodyspace in-app store

BodySpace also emails its users helpful and encouraging weekly recap newsletters with tips on how to improve on their progress which we found to be very motivating and just the kick we needed to get out of the couch and hit the gym. However, several BodySpace reviews have shown that the many ad emails do seem to bother several users.

Users also get to track their workout stats including the number of pounds lifted and hours put in. You can also choose to receive push notifications from the app about your exercises from the settings but it doesn’t always seem to show clear notifications.

BodySpace App vs. Similar Apps

While no app offers the one-of-a-kind features that BodySpace does, there are several apps in the market that provide you with guided workouts and allow you to track your progress (just like BodySpace). But, most apps fail to provide the level of personalization that BodySpace offers. An app like Fitbit Coach requires you to have a Fitbit device to track your progress and costs around $9.99 per month to provide the same tailoring BodySpace offers for free.

BodySpace’s unique features of a social fitness network and guided comprehensive workout programs are what make it stand out from the rest. When you compare BodySpace with BodyFit, which are both licensed by, you will find that there are several features that BodyFit offers, such as dietary recommendations or blurbs for each day, but BodySpace does not. Unfortunately, these additional features come at the cost of subscription charges which are $6.99/month or $47.99/annum.

To keep things fresh, new workouts are constantly added to the Fitbit Coach app, something that the BodySpace app fails to do. Feel free to read our honest opinion on the Fitbit Coach app. Other apps like Vivoo provide lifestyle and nutritional advice based on your body’s needs, which is also something that is lackluster in the BodySpace app. Read our final verdict about the Vivoo app here.

Customer service tends to be at the heart of a business’s success and while the BodySpace app is available all across the globe on all devices, judging from several BodySpace reviews from users, their customer care team isn’t as responsive as other apps and could use improvement. Also in need of improvements are the many technical issues within the app.

BodySpace: How Much Does It Cost to Get Fit?

The BodySpace app helps both professional elite-level athletes and beginners to get the most out of their workout, all at the cost of nothing! The app is free on both the Apple Store and the Playstore. However, you will need to pay for the items you purchase on BodySpace’s in-app fitness store.

BodySpace: The Final Verdict

With features that are unique to BodySpace, such as the availability of an online community, BodySpace is a valuable digital wellness assistant to have in your phone if you’re looking to gain muscle, burn fat, and lead a healthy lifestyle. If you look past the glitches, BodySpace is a one-stop fitness solution where users can connect with other fitness-minded people for motivation and inspiration and plan their workout sessions that are designed by experts.

Considering the app is completely free, we’d say the app is worth giving a shot. But, if you feel like your current app works best for you, we wouldn’t suggest leaving your current app for this one.

To wrap up this BodySpace review, let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of the app.


  • Dozens of programs designed by PhDs, athletes, and users for you to choose from;
  • Customization of your workouts;
  • Daily to-do lists with reminders;
  • Guided workouts with written instructions and videos;
  • A social network of fitness enthusiasts;
  • In-App Store.


  • No meal plans;
  • Glitches and technical faults within the app;
  • Slow customer service.

Pros and cons

Recommendations If You Do Decide To Use BodySpace

To achieve the best possible results, we’d recommend using BodySpace in conjunction with another app such as MyFitnessPal which will provide an in-depth analysis of the number of calories you have burnt and a diet plan for you to follow.

Practical Fitness Tips

Finding the right app may not be easy but staying motivated to get fit is even harder. Follow these simple, yet effective health and fitness strategies to reach your goal of sustainable fitness:

  • Make exercising fun;
  • Warm-up with flexibility and mobility workouts;
  • Stay Hydrated;
  • Be consistent.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed our honest and detailed BodySpace review and have all the information you need.

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