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Calisteniapp Review – How good is the Calisteniapp?

Calisteniapp review

The Calisteniapp offers more than 300+ routines and plenty of challenges and fitness programs, not only for beginners but also for advanced athletes. You will not be bored, that’s for sure! Find out more about their routines and the Smart Progress Coach feature in this Calisteniapp review.

Key Takeaways & Highlights

Get Calisteniapp fitness app if:

  • you want to try out calisthenic exercises;
  • you don’t have access to gym equipment, but you want an effective workout;
  • you like pre-made workouts but also enjoy the option of making your own.

Don’t get this app if:

  • you prefer lifting heavy weights;
  • you are looking for calming, relaxing, stretching exercises;
  • you are not ready to put in some hours every week to achieve the results.

Fitness App Background

Calisteniapp was created by Iñaki Tajes and Yerai Alonso in Spain back in 2017. Tajes is a software developer at the University of Salamanca and an entrepreneur as well as an athlete himself. This app is his first project and he learned many things about software engineering by making this app. He’s also the developer behind the Yuva Yoga – Hippocampus European project.

Yerai Alonso is a calisthenics athlete and content creator. He has a popular YouTube channel with more than 330 K followers, a podcast and he is the co-author of the book The Street Is Your Gym: A Complete Guide to Calisthenics and Street Workout. He often points out that he wants to be in the best physical condition and share his advice and experience with anyone “who wants to listen to my advice or feels inspired by my work”.

Together they have created an app with a rating of 4.7/5 on Google Play Store and 4.8/5 on the Apple Store at the time of writing this Calisteniapp review. It’s a highly appreciated app from its users that lets you explore the world of calisthenics on your own. With more than 500,000+ downloads from the Play Store, it’s proven to be amongst the favorites in the fitness app field. It offers more than 300+ routines and quite a few of them are also available on the app’s free version.

Calisteniapp’s Main Features

In this Calisteniapp review, we will talk about the main features of the app, the different workouts it offers and other important aspects that you can expect from this app. But first, what is calisthenics?

For those who are unfamiliar with this fitness concept, calisthenics is a form of strength training that focuses on bigger muscle groups. Exercises often use body weight and minimal equipment, but at the same time, these exercises are effective and take a shorter amount of time. For example, a pull-up is not only for your hands and biceps, it also involves back and core muscles.

When you start to use the Calisteniapp, you will need to answer a few questions about your fitness level and how much time you have, meaning, how long you want your routines.

Routines can be of various lengths, starting from half an hour or less to wild and hard workouts that are longer than an hour. After that, you can pick which muscle groups you want to focus on. It is also possible to choose ‘full-body‘. That is what we did while checking out the different workout routines and options.

Calisteniapp exercises

Routine Is The Keyword Here

In this Calisteniapp review, we want to point out that the main focus of this app is on all the different workout routines they are offering. It’s super handy that it’s possible to filter them by difficulty level or by muscle group if you want. Plus, you can save your favorite workouts or share them with friends. We find that making your own custom routine is a fantastic option in this app. It’s possible to add as many exercises and supersets as wanted to the routine.

So when you make your routine, you will need to create a name for it, pick a muscle group you will be exercising, and the number of rounds you want in your workout. Select also the workout mode that best fits your current mood and needs — normal, Tabatha, HIIT or EMOM. Keep in mind that you can also pick the difficulty level of your routine and estimate how long it takes to finish the whole thing.

But if you feel like following an already made workout routine, check the library and choose the one to your liking. We suggest getting yourself familiar with the beginners’ section and the types of exercises this app is offering. If you think that these exercises you have already mastered, go for the intermediate or even advanced level.

Be Ready To Challenge Yourself

All the workout routines can be divided into several categories. Here are the examples:

  • Strength (improves strength of different muscle groups)
  • Hypertrophy (for muscle building),
  • At home (you don’t need extra equipment),
  • Mobility (improves mobility and flexibility),
  • Tension (prepares for static movements),
  • Explosive (powerful, fast, intense).

We tried some workouts in the ‘explosive’ category and they will make you sweat for sure. It includes a lot of explosive jumps and plyometrics exercises (for example, clap push-up). You will need your speed and force to follow all the exercises. It’s pretty hard and not suitable for total beginners, but a fun and fulfilling challenge for those who are more familiar with calisthenics. Be sure you have a water bottle nearby, you will need it!

Smart Progress Coach Feature – Routines That Work For You

We also want to point out Calisteniapp’s Smart Progress Coach. It works in a way that it takes into account your current physical level with different exercises and lets you focus on specific goals. For example, you can learn with this feature how to do the handstand or the front lever. The app will give you instructions on how to do certain activities and the exact number of repetitions. It’s important to mention that your feedback is crucial to how hard or easy you find some exercises. The Smart Progress Feature is available for paid users only.

Training Programs

Another dandy feature that we want to mention in this Calisteniapp review is their training programs. Some programs they have are:

  • Total Flexibility (beginner level),
  • Calisthenics Requirements that goes for 14 weeks and is suited for intermediate level athletes and
  • One arm pull-up that advanced users can complete in 19 weeks.

So for several months, you don’t need to figure out what you want to do, you can just follow the routine according to your goal and fitness level. We think that it’s worth trying out these programs!

Is This App Only For Men?

Even though the main audience for Calisteniapp might be men, and all the exercises are demonstrated by very muscular men without shirts, don’t let it stop you from checking it out even when you don’t fall into this category. It appears to be a male-dominated sports movement, but there are also many incredible women who prefer to do calisthenics over any other workout type. We also saw in this app that there is an amazing community that supports all people and it does not matter what your gender, age or race is.

smart progress routines


Trying to use your own bodyweight helps to build muscle, gain strength and achieve more mobility in muscles and joints. After using this app for a while, we noticed that our bodies looked just more athletic, sculpted and lean, and who does not want that? Yes, some exercises might be easier for some people because we all have different muscle mass, flexibility, limb length, etc. but we can all benefit from exercises and workouts that Calisteniapp offers to explore.


As mentioned above, this app also has a community page. It’s where people can offer their workouts for everyone else to try out and give feedback about the routine. It really feels like this option brings people together as everyone has a similar goal – to have a good time while working on our bodies.

blog section

Calisteniapp vs. Caliverse & Thenics – Which One To Pick

It seems that there is quite a big calisthenics community and people love to use various apps to track their progress and learn exercises. Every app has its pros and cons, and only by trying out these apps, it’s possible to understand which one fits your style and goals. Here we also look at the Caliverse app and Thenics App.

The Caliverse app is a free app and has no ads in it and the idea is to keep it like that. It has 18 different workout plans, one specific plan for women, and four challenges for its users. Definitely a smaller variety than Calisteniapp but might be good enough for the start. It seems like there is a close-knit community around this app on Reddit. There is a Patreon page for those who want to support any further development of this app. A cool feature is that the Caliverse app also offers a written description of its exercises, not only a video that sometimes might be hard to understand.

The Thenics app is another calisthenics app that offers its users original workout programs. This app focuses more on different skills. These skills are muscle-up, planche, front lever, back lever,  pistol squat,  handstand, push-up, V-sit. Each skill consists of 5 to 8 levels, depending on the skill. The Pro version is 34.99 euros per year, and that is only a bit more than a yearly subscription to Calisteniapp. Compared to Calisteniapp, the app’s interface is more simple and plain but clear enough. It is also the least popular of these three apps.

Fitness App Payments

Even before you go to the Pro Version of this app, you will have access to 300+ routines and 500+ calisthenics exercises in the Free Version. Plus, it allows you to build up to 3 custom routines. However, the Pro Plan lets you really enjoy and explore the guided content, training programs, challenges, and reactive routines according to your progress.

For beginners, the free plan seems good enough, and it’s also possible to try Pro Plan with the monthly subscription for 4.99 euros and then later change to the annual one. The yearly plan is 29.99 euros, divided by 12 months of the year is 2.49 euros per month. This seems like a good price for all the training programs and challenges that are available in the Pro Version of the Calisteniapp.

Final Review on Fitness App and Opinion

So, what is our overall review of the Calisteniapp? We think it’s a great app for those who are already somewhat familiar with calisthenics and are looking for some challenge and diversity in their routines. The community aspect and the blog is a great addition that some other apps are missing. Is this app worth your money and your time? We think so!


  • One routine can have several objectives by changing the set count and resting time between the exercises.
  • Exercises can be as short as four minutes and can go up to an hour or longer.
  • Video examples show how the exercise is done in the right way.
  • The Smart Progress feature lets you follow your tempo and not rush things when you are not ready!
  • A yearly subscription is cheaper compared to other similar fitness apps.


  • Challenges and different workout programs can’t be added to the weekly schedule when planning the workout sessions.
  • The warm-ups are rather on the short side, and we would suggest doing your own warm-up before going on with the exercises.
  • Not clear what each workout entails before picking it out for the scheduling.
  • Some of the beginner exercises and workout routines are already quite challenging and maybe not the most beginner-friendly if you have never done these types of exercises.

How Do You Get the Best Results?

As we’ve mentioned in this Calisteniapp review, this app is full of great workout routines and helps you to achieve your goal. Think if you have a specific goal you want to achieve with this app. For example, do you want to be able to pull up 10 times?

  • Find the best workout routine that will get you there.
  • Devote a specific time and date in your calendar to do the workouts, then it will be easier to follow your goals.
  • As it goes with working out and using the different fitness apps – consistency is the key!

Good luck and enjoy your journey with the calisthenics with the Calisteniapp!

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