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Centr App Review: Is It Worth It?

Updated: 6 days ago

Wow, Centr app stroked me as soon as I saw their promo on social media. And, of course, Chris Hemsworth as the frontman himself (even though he’s not really on that many workouts anyway)! They claim that he actually uses the program for his roles, either is bulking or losing weight he's after. But the true treasure is the Centr team that’s created from pro experts indeed! I have a lot to share with you today so let’s just jump right in and read this Centr app review!

So How Centr App Became THE Centr App?

The team started out on the web and got their customer base that way. Now, with the new Centr app, the majority of customers are the ones who already know their workouts. What’s special about Centr app are their full-length workout routines with a coach who’s doing the moves himself.

Honestly, their coached workouts are really something so simple but outstanding at the same time. Most of the workout apps, if not all, are just compiling workouts from hand-picked exercises.

Here, you get a routine with a professional trainer who’s working out with you. I must admit, it’s quite motivating and works great for polishing technique (the closest who has come to this is Fitness Blender but they do not have a fitness app version).

In the beginning, Centr app will ask you a couple of questions like what’s your goal, fitness level, and which meal plan you wanna follow.

Here, you get a routine with a professional trainer who’s working out with you.

They determine your fitness level based on how many times you work out in a week, which is not the best, I must say (just for comparison, apps like Freeletics puts your through a physical test to determine your shape and adjust the custom program that way).

Centr App Cost and UI

The Centr app cost ranges from 1-month subscription for $15.99, to 3-month subscription for $37.99 & 12-month subscription for $95.99.

The app itself is really straight-forward. You’ll find your daily workout, meditation session, and meals in the Daily Planner. So easy right? Maybe too easy at moments.

Anyway, you can also swap recipes & workouts if you don't like it. Once the daily workout is done and ticked off, it disappears from your Planner section. This is also the case for meals and meditation. In this way by ticking off your daily tasks, you’re clearing your daily planned activities and ready to start a new day.

Source: Centr App

Centr app covers 3 main sections: workouts, recipes, and meditation sessions. Let’s start with the workouts!

Centr App Workouts

They have incorporated various training types like boxing, strength, MMA, dynamic yoga, Pilates, even foundation movement and more.

Your daily workout will be in the Planner section. They also let you choose either to go with the coached routine or self-guided workout (and then there are days with a Bonus workout included too).

In the coached routines you’ll have the previously mentioned single continuous video while the self-guided workouts are more set up for individual exercises which you can do at your own pace. I liked all three versions, self-guided, coached and the bonus workouts. But, of course, this will not limit you to browse other workouts from their collection.

Source: Centr App

Centr workouts range from 20 – 60 minutes long with levels for beginners to advanced. Also, all workouts incorporate warm-ups and cool-downs (love this bit too).

Most workouts don’t require any equipment, however, I noticed that as more advanced you go, as more equipment you need. No need for anything fancy but a pair of dumbbells, barbell and incline bench would come in handy, especially if you’re building muscle.

Centr App Recipes

They have 4 options available - regular, pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan recipe selections. The food is surprisingly delicious, and all recipes list down calorie intake, cooking instructions and serving size.

You can swap recipes & workouts if you don't like it. Once the daily workout is done and ticked off, it disappears from your Planner section.

Grocery shopping is super easy! Besides, they have a unique feature that I've noticed only in the Centr app. It's called the leftovers.

Normally, your day would consist of 3 meals, however, one of those daily meals might be “the leftovers from previous meals” for people who don’t really like slaving at the stove. If there aren't any leftovers, then Centr will list down quick alternatives which can be done in 5 minutes.

Source: Centr App

However, the calorie listing in the recipe is pretty much the only way how you can stay on top of your calories. Don't get me wrong, I'm not disputing their accuracy.

Still, if you’re mixing your daily meals with snacks and changing the serving size then I would recommend incorporating a third-party app like MyFitnessPal. This is how you potentially could stay on top of your calorie balance for the day.

Centr App Meditations

Their meditation podcasts are meant for decreasing stress, improving sleep and fighting anxiety (yes, something we all have at times).

Source: Centr App

All meditation sessions are guided and working with our minds and body. They use various methods such as breathing (like this one) to mindfully become aware of our thoughts.

Still, I did not fully understand the timing of the sessions as some were meant to listen before sleep while others could easily be picked up in the morning. Just watch out from falling asleep if you go with the morning contemplation.

Centr App Review: Pros

  • Easy interface and simple to follow – everything’s in the Planner;

  • 7-days free trial;

  • Diversified training methods and training types;

  • The best team behind the scenes, everyone with their own area of expertise;

  • Workouts are explained really well;

  • Routines can be done from home, gym, hotel, park or any other location;

  • Highly qualitative workouts with warm-ups and cool-downs.

Centr App Review: Cons

  • No offline mode available for downloading workouts beforehand;

  • Quite pricy recipes and ingredients;

  • No option for logging activities outside the app;

  • No tracking at all (you can't really see progress or track results);

  • Lacking adjustability and customization.

Is Centr App Suitable For You?

Weirdly enough, finally, I see a custom fitness app that can be used by both – women and men. Male fitness apps are coming in strong so it’s about time they make a workout app for both.

The workouts are professional and high-quality so I would recommend it to people who want qualitative workouts.

I really liked the variety of different workout routines. It keeps the mind and body engaged so they really have done a great job by mixing things up.

At the same time, for some, it’s important to share their progress or favorite workouts with their friends and family. The Centr app doesn’t have this option. Personally, I don’t mind simplicity, but for some it’s not enough to just tick off the boxes..

Besides, Centr app doesn’t really ask for your height nor weight which makes it a bit defaulted. I think that there might be a bit more personalization and tracking involved which would make this app even better.

It keeps the mind and body engaged so they really have done a great job by mixing things up.

I was also missing weight recommendations. Different exercises require different sets of dumbbells. At moments, I had taken too heavy weights which interrupted my workout as I needed to swop the set with lighter dumbbells (adjustable dumbbells might solve this issue).

Just a note from my side - I realize that Chris Hemsworth is a brand so the price reflects this too. It's actually a bit too high considering what other apps offer for the same price. But it comes down to the person and his budget. Still, the workouts really are great and Chris is great too!

Practical Advice:

  • Centr does not have a rest day so make sure to listen to your body and take a day off when needed. Recovery is just as important as working hard;

  • Pick your fitness level wisely. Personally, I work out 5 times a week so I went with the advanced level but sadly enough it was too tough for me.

In many ways, Centr app is quite similar to Sweat app so for comparison you might wanna check that article out (you can read it here). See you around!

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