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Equinox Review – Is the fitness app any good?

Equinox review
The Equinox app can be a useful fitness app for Apple usersgiven that they are willing to pay an exorbitant annual fee without a free trial. Its pros include the diversity of workoutsthe level of personalizationand the interaction with real trainers who can enroll its users in just the right program for them. If you are an Android userwe recommend skipping on this one based on the number of reported glitches alone! In this Equinox review we will be compiling all there is to know about the Equinox app while comparing it with other apps to provide you with a comprehensive outlook.

Background of Equinox

Equinox is owned by Steven Ross and his related companies. Over the years, their brand has evolved and become a luxury fitness brand, spreading its wings far beyond the fitness field. Take for instance their own chain of luxury hotel. This company also owns SoulCycle, which is an exercise bike used by people to work out at home while getting that gym experience.

Takeaway and Highlights

The Equinox fitness app might be for you if:

  • You appreciate real fitness trainers to train with;
  • You want personalized training routines specially created for you;
  • You want to be more flexible with your training and work out from many different locations;
  • You’re looking for a large variety of exercises such as boxing, Pilates, yoga, cycling, dance, running, etc.

This app might not be suitable for you if:

  • You want a personalized meal plan to go with your exercise;
  • You want to measure your calorie intake;
  • Your focus is on weight loss.

The Success of Equinox

The Equinox app has been downloaded over 50,000 times from Google Play and has a rating of 2.9 stars, while on the Apple store, it has a rating of 4.9 stars. We will discuss the overall user experience later in this Equinox review.

Equinox fitness app

What Is So Different About This App?

Equinox is not available in all parts of the world. Only users in the US, UK and Canada can utilize this app. Even after that, you would still need to have an Equinox gym membership just to be able to log in. But once you have the location and membership down, it does not only let you plan your future lessons and workshops, but it also will connect you with different trainers and even will allow you to book your hotel room so you can use the gym while you travel.


Another thing that is extremely unique about this app is the level of personalization. You choose the exercises you are interested in and then the app matches you with different trainers that actually create a plan based on your goals and personal needs. You can take part in different classes that are taking place and can also view the previous classes. Besides the app keeps reminding you of your upcoming classes and call up your fitness goals.

Anywhere, Anytime

With this app you can take your training anywhere so even if you are stuck at home or in a hotel, you can go about your training without any problems or hiccups. Another thing worth mentioning here – Equinox actively state that they don’t want to enforce anybody stereotypes. Their primary focus is on fitness instead of losing weight. This is also one of the reasons why they have no meal plans. Equinox rather goes with personalized exercise regimens and accessibility.

Equinox workouts

The Equinox app and gym offer a multitude of exercises; the training classes and sessions can differ in duration. Some personalized workouts are 30-minutes long while the classes can span over an hour. Before we move on to the rest of this Equinox review, let’s talk about the types of workouts they offer.

  • Boxing – They offer boxing and martial arts classes that focus on upper body exercise and cardio. In this way, users can build up their bodies. They also provide a specific boxing exercise called “the cut” which is when the users hold light weights in their hands and shadowbox without a bag or any wraps.
  • Dance – The workout starts with easy-to-follow Zumba classes. However here the advanced learners can actually learn complicated choreography. They have a particular class called ‘Choreo Cult’ that starts from simple steps and develops into a full routine all while you vibe to the music.
  • Active Regeneration – This is also called stretching in simple terms. They suggest you stretch properly before you actually start exercising to reduce the strain on the joints and muscles. This stretch lasts about 30 minutes. The regeneration exercises can be also done as a workout alone, hence might be suitable for more senior users who are seeking low modification alternatives.
  • Cycling – Equinox claims to provide the best indoor cycling experience. The customers will be challenged with a wide variety of drills so that their indoor cycling experience remains interesting and exciting for the customers.
  • Swimming – This class aims to exercise all the muscles in your body in one go and this exercise is low impact but it remains high intensity. You work out using the water resistance to get cardio and muscular exercise.
  • Running – Running fairly common as a stamina-building exercise or an exercise that easily keeps your whole body in shape and the gym wanted to enhance the treadmill workouts. But without the actual treadmill at home, you won’t be able to replicate the in-gym experience they provide.
  • Yoga – In this workout, you will find a large variety of classes starting from beginner to advance so that all types of people can have their needs met. It won’t be as advanced and comprehensive as Asana Rebel, but it’s decent enough to add some diversity to your training.
  • Mat Pilates – Equinox mat Pilates is different from traditional Pilates; they offer classical, modern, and innovative fusion. With this exercise Equinox guarantees that you will strengthen your abs, burn fat, and sculpt your body. Pilates can also utilize different objects such as small balls, stretch bands, and Pilates rings to diversify the experience of the workout.

Equinox workouts

While there is a warm-up exercise available separate from the other workouts, nowhere do they mention that there is a warm-up and cool-down included in the exercises and neither do they mention how long these workouts will be and what materials you will need. This means that if you are exercising from your home, you have to buy all the equipment to be able to do their exercises especially if you want one of the workout classes they offer such as cycling and boxing and if you want an onsite workout class then you have to pre-book when there are slots available.

Personal Training

This might be the most appealing part of the app and must be mentioned in this Equinox review. As we said before, the app matches the user with personal trainers that will discuss your plans and fitness goals. After that, Equinox’s personal trainer builds a specific plan for you based on your fitness assessment and the specific goals. The trainers will challenge you and the app will keep track of your sessions, history, and even remind you of upcoming sessions. You can take this training anywhere as it is virtual.

Athletic Training

Equinox also offers calorie-burning HIIT exercises and they will leave you breathless with their intensity. In general, we legitimately felt burn after their effective routines.

Meal Plans

There is no meal plan as the creators of Equinox believe that fitness doesn’t mean weight loss, rather, it means getting toned and feeling good about yourself, achieving your own individual goals. They also don’t count any calories burned during the exercise; the app simply exists for you to connect with your trainers or pre-book your place in one of the different workouts and sessions they offer.

Cost of the App

The cost of the app is also an incredibly important area to discuss in the Equinox review. While this app is incredibly personalized and convenient, the problem remains that people who don’t have a membership of this luxury gym, are unable to utilize any of the classes. And the cost of the Equinox gym is a whopping 2,200 dollars per year with a 500 dollar initiation fee, which is quite a lot of money, especially with no free trial! You have to have a membership or be a guest at one of their hotels to be able to utilize and experience their classes. Furthermore, the app is only compatible with Apple devices which is another problem if you are an Android user.

Equinox classes

Customer Issues

We wanted to include this section in this Equinox review because of the polarizing opinions of Apple and Android users. While people who have Android phones can be a member and can download the app, the app itself is not compatible with Android phones. This not only seems pretty brand conscious but also limits the number of people who will be able to access and enjoy this app.

The majority of the problems stem from the new update which makes the app glitch and both Apple and Android users are having problems with it. Some customers have reported data loss and other glitches related to class locations and waitlists. For instance, at the time of writing this Equinox review, the app developers decided to remove waitlists. This means that users are unable to see if the class is full or not.

The android users are unsatisfied with the app being incompatible with their device when they are paying just as much money as Apple users. The incompatibility clearly shows that this is not a problem experienced by some users but rather is a recurring problem that has been happening since the app originated. Unfortunately this still hasn’t been altered to make it compatible with Android phones.

Equinox Vs Other apps

To be fair, Equinox is unlike any other app we have come across. Its concept of matching you with trainers instead of providing you demos and exercises is quite unique. However, Equinox is not for everyone. First of all, there is an insane membership fee and if you are not using their gym, you’ll have to buy workout equipment to be able to do their exercises which again is a big investment and is not cheap.

Another thing is that, unlike other apps, it doesn’t even provide you with a free trial! You have to be a member to be able to experience their class so you can’t evaluate the exercise to see if you will be interested or not. If you are looking for a workout app that doesn’t cost a lot of money but is still a great app, check out ALO moves and our full review on it.

Equinox- Is It Worth It?

So let’s conclude this Equinox review: is it actually worth it? To be honest, you need to decide if you are willing to invest so much money in a gym membership because not everyone is able to go to a luxury gym. If you do decide that you want to go get a membership, remember that you will not get a free trial and that you will have to pay a yearly membership fee. Their exercises look interesting but the in-gym experience cannot be replicated at home since the app experience is not that great. Since we are responsible for rating the app fairly, we have to say that the reviews did not paint a good picture of the user experience.


  • The workouts are diverse, interesting, and they can be personalized to your specific needs.
  • The customers greatly enjoy the level of personalization and the ability to keep track of all of their workouts and book workouts in one go.
  • You can go enjoy different workouts you enjoy and can even pre-book so that you know that there will be space for you.


  • The membership is expensive. And while the app is free, it is not that useful and has too many glitches. Not suitable for Android users.
  • Recreating the gym experience will be expensive because some workouts need you to use tools.
  • It feels very exclusive because it basically targets only three countries: the UK, US, and Canada. Even among these countries, the app only works for Apple users.
  • There is no free trial.

This concludes our Equinox fitness app review. If you would like to hear our take on others, visit our website for more detailed app reviews!

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