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FightCamp Review – Is FightCamp a Good Workout?

FightCamp review

FightCamp is a coaching app for boxers of all skill levels. This app is made to assist you in building confidence and strength in a mental and physical way. The best thing about it is that everything is individual to each person and is suited to their needs. This FightCamp review will show the pros and the cons, while also determining whether it is appropriate for everyone.

Key takeaways & Highlights

Let’s first discover if this FightCamp review is what you are seeking before checking out everything this software has to offer.

Get the FightCamp fitness app if:

  • You want to improve your boxing and kickboxing technique 
  • You want an easy-to-use tracker of your progress
  • You want to train with professional boxers
  • You want to connect the app to your Smartwatch
  • You want a simple app

Don’t get this app if:

  • You are looking for a mobile application that offers you a diet plan
  • You don’t want to invest money in the equipment
  • You want to exercise with weights

Fitness App Background

FightCamp was founded by Khalil Zahar a few years ago. When he started working on the app, he wanted to find a way that would record his progress in boxing. Together with five other co-founders, he created punch trackers with sophisticated punch recognition. They moved quickly to research and improve the punch trackers until almost every professional fighter was using their technology.

Since it was first made available, the software has been downloaded more than 30,000 times on Android and Apple smartphones. The average user rating for the app is 4.9 (4.8 on the Google Play Store and 4.9 on the Apple store) which shows the satisfaction of users. There are a lot of factors that contribute to those good ratings and we will go through each of them in this FightCamp review.

Core features

The wireless punch trackers, which slot into the wraps that come with the package and sync with your phone to connect you to hundreds of exercises, are a key part of the FightCamp experience. They allow you to track your workouts and keep track of your progress, making it easier to stay motivated. You will be able to monitor your real-time punch count, velocity, and output during the workouts.

After completing your workout, you can check the leaderboard to see how your compare to other FightCamp participants. The leaderboard shows the position, and name of the participants, as well as the number of trackers output. You can compete with yourself or try to achieve the top spot. Your workout numbers are important so you can track your progress over time and see if you have any progress. 

FightCamp is focused on total body workouts:

  • Boxing and body weight – for the best overall body workout, each activity combines boxing with high-intensity interval training.
  • Rounds and rests – each workout starts with a quick warmup and then follows the format of a boxing match – challenging three minutes rounds and one-minute rests in between to cool down and take instruction from your trainer.
  • Trainer-Led – FightCamp trainers encourage you to accomplish a minimum punch goal each round by bringing their own unique style and intensity to boutique boxing workouts.

fightcamp Controls


This app offers you over 1000 workouts in eleven categories (Boxing, Kickboxing, Warmup, Shadowboxing, Shadowkickboxing, Strength, Conditioning, Core, Stretch, Recovery, and Drill). You can choose from workouts that range in length between 15 to 45 minutes and experience levels from beginner to advanced.

There are three options of skill levels:

  • Open – these are suitable for people of all skill levels and include basic, entry-level punch combos
  • Intermediate – these exercises are meant for those who are starting FightCamp with three or more months of prior experience at a boxing gym (or similar martial arts gym)
  • Advanced – this level of training is meant for those who are starting with ten or more months of prior experience at a boxing gym (or similar martial arts gym)

When you have decided which skill level fits you the most, you can start to choose between workout categories like boxing, kickboxing, core workouts, warmup, strength, etc.

App offered us 4 different workout lengths, we could use. There were workouts of 15 to 40 minutes with different rounders.

Before choosing a workout, you can see the name of the exercise, the name of the professional coach, length, and skill level. When you open any exercise you will first hear an intro of a coach and some explanations.

Every aspect of boxing is HIIT (from the training to the fight), and their workouts model the real thing: 3-minute rounds followed by 1-minute recovery. This way has the effect of losing excess fat tissue.

FightCamp review Controls


The app offers you the ability to listen to music while working out. This can help you to stay motivated and focused during your workout. They are a variety of ways to listen to music while you are training with FightCamp. You can choose to listen to FightCamp radio, music apps or not use music at all. You can even listen to your own music by selecting the “Music app” icon.

We can recommend to you the other app that we have been reviewing that is also offering working out with music like Ladder. With the help of this app, motivated users can see results very quickly by combining strength training with professionals.

Fightcamp review welcome

Using the app

Using the FightCamp app is really simple. When you download the app and open it, you will need to make an account. The app itself is free, but in order to use it, you must purchase punch trackers. After that, you can choose which workout you want to start with and record your progress. It is really simple to use and it has a modern and easy-to-use interface.

When you open the app, you can choose which workout you want to start. After that, it will open the page just like the photos below where you can activate your trackers or add music, etc. You can adjust your workout by adding the warmup you want from many available ones or you can add any other workout you want like a core workout. This is a good way to adapt the training to your needs.

When you start to work out, you will see a professional trainer that will give you all the explanations for workouts. You can keep track of your stats like a current round number, total punch count, heart rate, total output, and player vs player mode so you can follow the progress. It will be shown in the bottom part of the video.

Equipment needed

You can buy your own home boxing gym with premium equipment. On their page, they offer three types of packages: FightCamp Connect for 399$, FightCamp Personal for 999$, and FightCamp Tribe for 1299$. The FightCamp gym only takes up 4’x8’ and can be modified to 4’x6’ for smaller spaces. 

This gym contains:

  • Trackers – they are small but really powerful, they track and display punch volume, speed, and output in real-time.
  • Wraps – they are equipped with a custom pocket to hold on your Punch Trackers firmly in place during your workout
  • Gloves – they combine professional fight glove functionality and protection with a modern stylish look.
  • Mat – it shows how much space is ideal for completing your FigthCamp workouts.
  • Bag – the bag is designed in two parts for easy setup and it is the first ever free-standing bag that allows you to train without overage movement.

You don’t need all of the listed equipment. The most important thing is to have punch trackers that will help you track your progress. You just need to activate them by entering an activation code you got after purchasing them.

Meal plan

Although having a customized nutrition plan would be great, FightCamp is primarily focused on helping users in improving their boxing and kickboxing skills and techniques. 

We can only hope that they are planning to add meal plans to the app because proper eating is an important thing in successful exercise.

However, the creators have also taken care of nutrition advice on their FightCamp blog. You can find many useful tips for healthy food like “A Boxer’s Guide to Meal Frequency”, “6 Healthy Food Swaps for Everyday Options” and others. Meanwhile, you can combine this app with other fitness apps we have already reviewed that offer you meal plans like the Centr app and the 8fit app.

At the end of the FightCamp review, we will provide you with some useful tips for your meal plan or you can use other fitness apps that will provide you with their own meal plan.

Fitness app vs. Similar apps

Without a doubt, we can say that this app is one of the best in this category. It offers you a big amount of workouts, video guidance, and progress tracking which makes this app a great coaching app. The only thing that is missing is a meal plan, but you can combine it with other apps that we have already mentioned. Also, at the end of the FightCamp review, you can find some useful tips for your meal plan.

If you are looking for a time-tracking app that is different from the rest, you should check out FightCamp. If we compare it with Boxx, they have different purposes, but they aim to help people to keep track of how much time they spend on activities. Boxx is more limited in its features, but FightCamp offers more customizable tracking options.

Fitness app Payments

FightCamp is completely free to download, but in order to use its best coaching features, you must purchase a membership plan. It costs 39$ per month and it gives you unlimited on-demand access to FightCamp’s growing library of 1000+ workouts, exclusive content, and tutorials.

With a regular monthly subscription, they also offer subscriptions with included equipment, and with a purchase, you will get a free exercise mat:

  • FightCamp Connect – it costs 399$ and it includes punch trackers and quick wraps
  • FightCamp Personal – it costs 999$ and it includes punch trackers, premium boxing gloves, a bag ring, a free-standing bag, and quick wraps
  • FightCamp Tribe – it costs 1299$ and it includes punch trackers, a heavy workout mat, 2 pairs of quick wraps, a bag ring, a free-standing bag, 2 pairs of boxing gloves, and kids boxing gloves

You can pay over time for your FightCamp equipment and you can make easy monthly payments over 12, 24, or 36 months. This way will make it easier for you because by choosing more months, you will need to pay the same smaller amount of money every month.

If you can’t decide which package will fit you the best, for each of them you can see reviews, and descriptions just as size and dimensions.

You can create five user profiles per subscription. Each individual user account guarantees that personal paths completed, badges earned and other FightCamp analytics are kept separate from the other fighters at home. This will save you money and you can compete against each other in your household and it will give you the opportunity to get stronger together.

Final review on fitness app and Opinion

In this FightCamp review, we showed you everything that this app offers. This fitness app is a perfect choice for those who want to do exercises and learn boxing from home. It is suitable for everyone because it offers workouts for beginners, intermediate and advanced boxers. You can easily track your progress and it has a simple interface that is easy to navigate.

The only problem is that you can’t track your progress without punch trackers because they are the core of this app. So you will need to spend some money in order to see results and track your punches, but we still think it is worth it. 

Also to make your decision easier here are some pros:

  • Exercises that are very well organized and explained.
  • You have so many options for workouts.
  • Easy to use and track your progress
  • You can stream it on TV
  • You can connect it to Smartwatch


  • There are no fitness diet plans
  • You need to purchase punch trackers in order to see stats and progress
  • This app does not include exercises with weights

As we have written, here are some dieting tips:

    • Try to eat protein at every meal. Proteins promote fat burning and help to preserve muscle mass. It can be lean meat, egg whites, yogurt, cheese, soy, nuts, etc.
    • Take a lot of water or other calorie-free liquids
    • Eat several mini-meals during the day.
    • Change a cup of pasta for a cup of vegetables. Eating less pasta or bread and more vegetables can help you a lot with weight loss.
  • Always eat breakfast. If you don’t eat breakfast, it can make you hungrier later.

Download for Android Here

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