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How To Find A Personal Trainer?

Have you ever felt that finding the right personal trainer is really hard? Why is it that we keep switching trainers because they just don’t match our needs? There might be two reasons behind this: First – we have too high expectations, and Second – we simply are limited in our choices. This article will not only look at the importance of finding the best match but also highlight the nature of personal training that needs to change.

How to start?

One prefers a Drill Sergeant approach, the other wants more Nurturing Coach.

I can share a story from my own personal experience. When I first tried to find a personal trainer, I naturally went to my gym for selection. My reasons for seeking a trainer tossed around improving my form to maximize results. They had only 4 pictures on the wall and only one of them was a woman (strange right?).


You see, I have nothing against a male personal trainer, but if this is my first encounter with personal training then naturally I am more comfortable with going to my gender’s representative.

Unfortunately for me, that particular trainer was pretty much booked by all other girls in my gym so I ended up going to a male trainer.

The beginning was promising, he even called me on my mobile and we had a little chat over the phone. But then when I met him in person everything changed.

I really had the feeling that he was trying to persuade me of buying 10 sessions from him right up-front even before going into my personal goals. Then he gave me this ridiculous test to fill in and that took me like 40 minutes. Basically, I had the remaining 20 minutes of my one-hour session to come up with ways of saying that I am not interested in training with him. He obviously did not understand my needs and was too focused on money-making.

When I first tried to find a personal trainer, I naturally went to my gym for selection.

Not only our entire search is limited around our local gym, but there’s also no information about their areas of expertise (hence, custom workout apps gain popularity). When we try to find a personal trainer, we look at everything from personality to training style. It’s just normal that one trainer can be really good for weight loss while the other one is more focused on building muscle.

Now imagine this – you want to lose weight and you go to muscle building instructor – how do you think that’s going to end?

I’m not saying that this is wrong. Instead, I’m just suggesting that it’s okay to have different areas of expertise, but then share these with the users as well so we could estimate if it matches with what we’re looking for or not. Still, today personal training is considered to be a high-priced offering so if we have to pay the additional cost then it’s crucial to find the best match right from the beginning.

Also, if you search an online personal trainer then how do we know that this particular coach that pretends to be a personal trainer even is certified to train me? It’s no secret that trainers are looking to increase their customer base because they want to earn more. Again, I’m not saying it’s bad – but it seems to me that there’s a bit of a stone age around choosing the right trainer. And worst-case scenario, if you have had a bad experience like me, you might ruin your notion of personal training and never look at them again.

Personal Trainer Website

I already did an article on why we need personal trainers so check it out! Long-story-short, we all require a personal trainer at some point in our fitness journey – especially when it comes to beginners. Far too often I see the newcomers not knowing what they’re doing, over-exercising and, God forbids, getting small injuries. All that can be prevented with the right personal trainer.

Luckily, we have personal trainer websites like Find Your Trainer which helps to find a personal trainer that best matches your needs. I highly recommend this new way of looking at personal trainers where you can see all his reviews, ratings, price and availability all in one place. Make it personalized and suitable for you – don’t do with the old-school way.

A personal trainer website that brings together trainers with people not only benefits us but it extremely facilitates the process of finding a personal trainer. Today technology even allows you to find and book fitness classes without having a gym membership. It’s the new way of looking at fitness which highly values suitability, transparency and accessibility – not long gym queues and stressful workout routines that we don’t want to do.

A personal trainer website improves the customer experience so I’ll finish off with a rhetorical question – if today we can order food via app then why not do the same for personal training? Share if you agree!