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Fitbit Coach Review: Can you achieve your fitness goals?

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Fitbit Coach is a guided workout application that makes it easier to stay in shape with dynamic and adjustable workouts. Catered to the personal needs based on feedback, goals and capabilities, the app is available on all major platforms. The app itself is free but provides advanced features when upgraded to Premium.


Everyone is not a gym enthusiast and for most people its a whole lot of effort to get ready for the gym. Personally, I like to get things as convenient and sustainable for me as possible and after exploring options to get fit at home, it is where I came across the Fitbit Coach app. In my search for a perfect app, I explored many features of it and here I am going to provide you with a detailed Fitbit Coach review so you can assess if it is the right app for you or not yourself.

Fitbit Coach Review: Key Takeaways & Highlights

Get Fitbit Coach app if:

  • You want to become fit at home in the guidance of the personal trainer;
  • You like to use fitness gadgets and record your progress;
  • You need a high level of personalization and custom features;
  • You want detailed sleep reports, breakdown of your macronutrients or detailed health coaching.

Don’t get Fitbit app if:

  • You don’t want to get the premium version as best content is available under premium subscription;
  • You do not understand English;
  • Your phone has little or no storage to download the workout videos.

The Background of Fitbit Coach

Fitbit coach started with moto’s such as “inspiring people to live healthier lives” and “get in shape anytime, anywhere”. Both these slogans attracted me as both responded to my needs. Fitbit coach app was created by company called FitStar, which basically is an app development company. Apparently Fitbit acquired the company back in 2015 for the purpose of adding more training features such as customized workout sessions. However, usually such acquisitions are also business-driven meaning expanding into more markets.

Downloads and Rating

The app gained prominence and is downloaded more than 1,000,000 times on both iOS and Android. Of course, the pandemic increased the trend of home fitness even more. As for the reviews, Fitbit Coach reviews are mixed where some users are appreciating the app for providing fitness kit in-home (like me) and others who are fretting over the high prices during the pandemic (also like me). The rating shows a positive outlook and ranges from 3.6 on iOS to 4.4 on the Android store.

Reasons for popularity

According to the reviews I found online, most of the people are triggered to join the app due to its trainer base – high professional experts in the fitness industry. The app is centered around two personal trainers – Lea Rouse and Adrian Richardson. Lea works as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and a wellness specialist while Adrian started his own strength training during three tours of duty in Iraq serving in the United States Military. Today he’s a certified personal trainer leading the Fitbit Coach app. Of course, the fitness app also have other trainers available as it gives the option to choose our favorite one.

Level of Personalization

Overall, Fitbit Couch was built with enhanced personalization to give people a real experience. It offers many features to make the users comfortable and active to achieve the goals. In the app you’ll find personalized fitness plans, and goals generated after an analysis of the user’s Fitbit data. This makes the training not only worthwhile but highly effective and allows to workout in a smart way.

Take your Fit Test

Another cool thing about this workout app was the option to take a fit test. This reminded me a little of the Freeletics app, where a custom workout plan was created based on your own level of fitness. The test takes you through a 10-minute long physical assessment where you rate the difficulty level of each move that appeared on the fit test. By using your feedback, future workouts are tailored to you. However, you still have the option to explore other workouts too.

fitbit coach fit testLevel of Comfort

There’s a reason why it’s called the Fitbit Coach as personalization reaches new heights and standards. Indeed, if you’re a beginner, the app not only allows you to select your trainer, but you can also use the features of subtitles, exercise tips and repetition count. If you are not comfortable with mobile or tab screens, you can stream the workouts on your TV to enjoy more and get comfortable in your own setting. And to be honest, comfort goes a long way in terms of reaching sustainable fitness. We can have just as effective and guided workouts as if we would go to the gym – only here it’s easier to fit this into our busy lives.


Fitbit trackers provide you with all the data you need to get on with your daily tasks and set your daily goals. If one day is reserved for training your legs, the next might be your abs or arms. Even though Fitbit devices make it easier for us to track progress, trackers are something to purchase alongside the app itself. This might be challenging for those, who are on a tight budget. Free version does give basic stats like burned calories and training minutes but for the more comprehensive tracking, a device is something to consider.

Fitbit tracking


Adjusting the Moves

You can also adjust the moves by skipping or repeating a few once more. This is something I appreciated in Fitbit Coach as it provides us with greater adjustability. We are all quite unique and some people might avoid jumping exercises due to sore joints. Similar feature is also featured in the Sworkit app, only there you can even adjust how long the workout should be.

You won’t really have the chance to modify the actual workout, however, after each move you’ll be asked to rate the level of difficulty for future workouts. If a particular routine was too hard – Pin It Out! You can also choose to skip or redo a particular move. But still, overall, I think it delivers a pretty close estimate to guidance as a fitness app can get. To give you some alternatives for guided workout sessions, check out the Centr app..

Core Features of Fitbit Coach app

Further in this Fitbit Coach review I’ll list down a few things that’s worth highlighting like the workouts, level of difficulty, needed equipment and other crucial things to know before downloading this fitness app.


Most of the workout apps create workout routines to follow. With Fitbit Coach it’s slightly different. Here you can choose both – workouts and workout programs. However, as the app has a mission to provide tailored workouts specific to the user’s unique body needs, workout programs get a bit more attention.

fitbit coach reviewHere we must go back to the Fit Test that’s happening at the very start of your fitness journey. Being a part of a workout program that’s designed specifically to your fitness level and ability makes it that much more effective. Though, if you’re looking for tailored programs for bulking, I would suggest going with Volt Athletics instead simply because there you’ll get more action with the weights.

Fitbit’s workout programs

The app currently offers four workout programs.

  1. Daily Dose – this workout program consists of short workout sessions which are great for busy folks;
  2. Get Moving – will be the best for beginners because the offered sessions are a graduate start for every new-comer;
  3. Get Lean – this one goes heavy on the fat burning moves as the main goal is to get lean;
  4. Get Strong – lastly, Get Strong will be a mix of bodyweight and cardio moves merely designed for building strength.

As you carry on with your tailored program, the progress is saved, so you can pick up where you left off. You can also change your program at any time.

Level of Difficulty

Due to high personalization features, this app works on the feedback received. This basically means that dynamic bodyweight workout videos increase or decrease in difficulty based on our feedback over time. Due to this, progress is visible after a few sessions, and by progress I mean any sort of action/reaction in our everyday lives. That does not necessary mean that you’ll see visible results after first training routines, but the smart way of working out is definitely putting you on the road to see some in the future. When collecting data for this Fitbit Coach review, we found that 85 per cent of people who use custom video workouts for at least five sessions a week sees an increase in strength.

workout routines fitbitDiversification

Fitbit Coach makes it easy to get and stay in shape with dynamic workouts that continually adjust to your feedback, goals, and capabilities. You do not have to do the same routine twice as their exercise base has hundreds of moves dedicated to your core, butt, legs, arms, and back. New workouts are added constantly to keep things fun, fresh, and fit — all you need to do is commit to your custom workouts 🙂


The workouts are designed for people working out at home. You don’t need a lot of equipment other than space, a wall, and some little things to enhance your exercises like a medicine ball. This makes Fitbit Coach very accessible, especially to people new to fitness.

medicine ball fitness equipment

Length of Workout Routines

Your workout could be a 7-minute quick session or a 60 minutes long full-body workout that can be done right from your phone or computer. Hence, if you are a person with busy lifestyle or a person who wants to adopt a long fitness routine, the app caters to both segments.

However, I must say, I was a bit disappointed that Fitbit did not include warm-ups and cool downs. However, when digging deeper into other Fitbit Coach reviews, users are advised to use stretching workouts as pre & post routines. This is the feature that needs slightly bigger attention as warm-ups and cool-downs are extremely important for safe exercising. Without a proper warm-up, you can always run a risk of muscle strain, stiffness, muscle tears or chronic injury. Cool-down is equally important too as it helps the muscle to recover faster and getting the heartbeat down. Stopping quickly without a cool down can lead to light headedness, dizziness or fainting. Hope they’ll get this improved over time 🙂

Fitbit Coach Meal Plan

Safe to say that a meal plan comes when you upgrade to premium. Naturally, the food looks yummy and bright. Besides, it has a food log option where you can enter your daily intake and track how many calories you have consumed and burned throughout the day. Not bad, right? Hitting both – meal plan and a food log. My favorite plan was the macronutrient breakdowns which I found highly usable and insightful. Similarly to custom workout plan, also the meal plan is personalized and tailored to your goal.

Fitbit Coach vs Nike Training Club

In many ways Fitbit Coach reminded me of Nike Training Club app. I think it was because of the feedback loop that works similar in both workout apps. Hence, future workouts are recommended for you depending on your routine choices, yet Nike Training Club is entirely free. Both apps have a large & fresh workout base and expert presence. However, when reading up on other Fitbit Coach reviews online, some of the Fitbit’s features seem to be more lucrative. And it’s not just the opportunity to connect Fitbit Coach to Fitbit’s wearables which naturally gives a more comprehensive tracking picture. It’s also their exercise diary, sleep reports, weight tracking, and adjustability that makes Fitbit Coach stand out. And for those who appreciate the social element, with Fitbit Coach you can share your progress on social media.

Reviewing Fitbit Coach Payments

Fitbit Premium costs $9.99 per month or $80 for a year. Occasionally, the app also offers discounts but I would sit and wait for one. It is slightly on the more expensive apps that other apps on average, but I guess the personalization and tailoring comes with a price. The good news is that there’s a free trial available before purchasing any premium plans so I would highly recommend to check it out first.

Fitbit Coach Review: Final Verdict

Fitbit Coach is highly personalized which makes it much more effective than any other app that lacks customization. To unlock most of the app’s features, a free version will not get you far though. Premium subscription will deliver quality workouts, especially when combined with Fitbit’s wearables. For that reason, the popularity of Fitbit app is not fading anytime soon. This app would be greatly appreciated amongst users who are looking for ways to exercise intelligently and effectively.


The pros of the Fitbit Coach app are:

  • Guided workouts & audio coaching;
  • Progressive and accurate tracking with wearables;
  • Personalization;
  • Tailored workout programs and meal plans.


The cons related to Fitbit Coach app are:

  • Expensive premium version;
  • Limited free version;
  • Long workout download time.

Fitbit Coach Pros ConsGet the app in Android Store:

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