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Fitbit Aria Air vs Aria 2 – Comparison [Updated]

We still remember a time when phones were just phones, and not smartphones. The same can be said about body scales, although it seems that only yesterday fitness scales were used to measure weight only. As soon as they got “smarter“, fitness scales became capable of measuring much more than just your weight. From a detailed analysis of your health goals to a thorough tracking, the list goes on and on. Seems that Fitbit smart scale devices are no exception to this. Both Fitbit Aria Air and Aria 2 are great tools to help with your personal weight loss goals. It helps to keep track of the weight and Fat percentages which ultimately lets you know what your ever-changing weight changes mean. In this article, we take a closer look at Fitbit BMI Smart Scales and compare Fitbit Aria Air vs Aria 2 in order to help you decide on which one to go after!

Key Takeaway

Fitbit Aria Air and Aria 2 are both made to integrate with the whole Fitbit ecosystem and are easy to set up and configure if needed. Fitbit Aria Air will be a more affordable option however it will also be more limited than Aria 2. Customer reviews also suggest that Aria Air is a slightly more glitchy device than Aria 2 model. If you’re new to the smart scale world and would like to start slow in terms of tracking your body fat number, Aria Air is a good option. However, Aria 2 is a more comprehensive scale that includes features like progress tracking, food plan creation, earning rewards and so on.

fitbit aria 2 smart scale



What’s In The Market Already?

Today, there are many smart fitness scales in the market ranging from $50 to $200. Some of the better-known brands include:

Without going into much specifics, the whole point of smart scales is to give us accurate and comprehensive body composition tests by mainly using things like sensors and electrical currents (yaiks). If before such technology could only be used by gyms or other commercial chains then today’s fitness scales are brought to the consumer directly in an inexpensive and safe manner.

I remember my local gym used to use the electric current to determine all that good stuff about my BMI, lean muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, etc. Oh boy.. Was it fun? – absolutely! But was it expensive? – you deam right it was! The report I got was so helpful and valuable, but I simply just could not afford it to do it regularly.

Smart scales give us accurate and comprehensive body composition tests by mainly using things like sensors and electrical currents.

Smart scales have radically changed the landscape of fitness tracking. Not only it supports you in reaching your fitness goals but it also follows along with our natural monthly body cycles, monitor health and more. No wonder there are so attractive! So without further ado, let’s look more closely at Fitbit Aria 2 vs Aria Air.

Fitbit Aria 2

Fitbit Aria 2 is an extension of what’s previously know as Fitbit Aria. They have taken the old version and made it better and more fool-proof.

While the scale costs $470, the whole magic happens within the Fitbit app where you can not only track your weight and BMI but also body fat percentage and lean mass. What does this mean, you ask? Well, this means that you will finally have a clearer picture of how much fat and muscle you have (calculate your recommended body fat percentage here).

fitbit aria 2 smart scale


  • Comprehensive and accurate tracking at home;

  • Seamless integration and easy set-up with your existing Fitbit products. The set up takes around 2 minutes;

  • Weighs people up to 400 pounds;

  • Multiple users can use the scale (up to 8 individuals while keeping stats private);

  • Comes with batteries.


  • The product is expensive and tracks fewer metrics than other smart scales in this price range;

  • The bioimpedance signal used in measuring makes it unsuitable for pregnant women and those with implants;

  • Occasional glitches with the Wi-Fi signal.

Fitbit Aria Air

Similarly to Fitbit Aria 2, you will need the Fitbit app to fully make use of the scale. However, in comparison to Fitbit Aria 2, Aria Air tracks your weight and BMI only. Most likely that is why it’s cheaper than Aria 2 pricing at $49.95.

fitbit aria air scale


  • Affordable at a prize less than $50;

  • Easy to set up with a smartphone via Bluetooth;

  • Works alongside Fitbit trackers and smartwatches.


  • Limited tracking features;

  • Facing serious syncing problems after setup.

Fitbit Aria 2 vs Aria Air

Fitbit Aria Air has fewer features than Fitbit Aria 2. However, both do give you a clearer and complete picture of your progress.

Personally, with Fitbit Aria Air I did had syncing errors as it did not want to communicate with other devices. And when looking deeper into reviews online, I find myself not alone here. A lot of others face the same set-up errors as me. I think is because Fitbit Aria Air has a limited syncing possibility while Fitbit Aria 2 syncs with both: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network.

Yes, Fitbit Aria Air is more affordable, but if you’re buying a smart scale then it might as well just go with the slightly expensive option not to regret it afterwards. Fitbit Aria 2 is more practical and runs smoother.

So What’s Better For You?

Tracking your health-related goals on a regular basis has never been easier. Deciding which one of the two is more suitable for you really depends on your budget.

The whole point of smart scales is to give us accurate and comprehensive body composition tests by mainly using things like sensors and electrical currents.

If your budget is limited then Fitbit Aria Air will be a more cost-conscious decision than Aria 2 even though it tracks only your weight and BMI. Heads up though – you might wanna wait for a while until all the initial rolling out issues are fixed by the company first.

However, I would still encourage you to go with Fitbit Aria 2 scales if you can. It just simply has more to offer at a better quality. Combine it with fasted cardio or intermittent fasting and your results will come faster!

Fitbit smart scales really can support and enhance your fitness journey. So I encourage you to go and embrace the unique fitness technology that allows us to reach our goals in a smart and effective way without wasting our time! Reach your goals and be proud of it!

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