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Fitify Review – Is Fitify any good?

fitify review

Fitify is a noteworthy app if you are looking for a customizable, stylish and easy-to-use app for your daily workouts. It has more than 900 exercises in its workout library. It takes your current fitness level into account. One of the awesome features of Fitify is that you can add equipment that you have. Willing to bring a kettlebell or a pull-up bar to your training? Incorporate tools that you own into your workouts! Fitify offers workout plans and programs that are easy to follow and are adjustable. In this Fitify review, we will look into the details and specifics of this popular fitness app.

Key Takeaways & Highlights

Get Fitify fitness app if:

  • you enjoy trying out different exercise equipment;
  • you like workouts that are 15-25 minutes long;
  • you love to mix different training forms (HIIT, tabata, cardio, strengt training, etc.).

Fitify might not be for you if you:

  • want a long and thorough warm-up before your workout;
  • enjoy longer workouts;
  • are looking for an app that offers also meal-plans and dietary tips.

Fitness App Background

Before we move on with the Fitify review, let’s talk about where this app is coming from and who are the people behind it.

Fitify fitness app was created by Martin Mazanec and his classmate Matouš Skála from the Czech Technical University in Prague. Together they founded the Fitify Workouts company. What started as a student project turned into a successful business. Their success has also been recognized also by the magazine Forbes Czech edition in section 30 under 30. The main goal of the app is simple and clear — to spread a healthy lifestyle around the world. Fitify has also been amongst The Best HIIT Apps of 2020 nominated by Healthline Media.

The average rating on the Google Play Store for Fitify is 4.2 stars from more than 80 000 people. It has more than 10 million downloads, showing its popularity amongst some of the best fitness apps. It has an even better rating from iOS users. The average score is 4.5 stars on the Apple app shop and more than 470 written Fitify reviews. To use Fitify you will need IOS 13.0 or later.

It’s all about the adjustments

More than 900 exercises that Fitify users can choose to make their own ideal workout session. The app also provides more than 20+ decent pre-built workouts. Combining these two features means that you never need to follow the same workout twice. Customization of the workout routines includes adding your gym equipment and learning how to use it.

Even though it doesn’t have all the possible fitness appliances in its collection, you will definitely find the most popular tools. That includes the exercise ball, bosu, barbell, pull-up bar, swiss ball, resistance bands and even foam rollers. Curious about how to use the tools? Fitify will add different exercises to your workout and you will learn how to work with your gym equipment.

fitify custom survey

Choose your fitness goals

Similar to other fitness apps, you can choose which body parts you want to focus on. For example — arms, belly, butt, thighs or maybe all of them.

As for other Fitify  reviews online, there were some comments about the fact that the app might be sexist, as it assumes that if you are a woman, you most likely want to lose weight and not focus so much on gaining muscle mass. And to be honest, this is something that we also observe on many fitness apps today — stereotyping their users based on their gender. Luckily, Fitify customized workout routines lets you choose different body parts, types of training and the workout’s duration. It’s great for everyone who wants to add more healthy habits to their daily routine.

How to use the Fitify?

Before you start the workout plan, Fitify wants to know how long you want to commit to your goal and how many exercises you want to have per week. It sends you a kind reminder of the workout on your workout day and notifies you if you have been skipping for a few days. Create your personal plan and follow it.

But if you’re new to the fitness world,  try Fitify’s program Fit Life Starter that goes on for five weeks and lets you master the basics of fitness and improves your strength, endurance and flexibility. It lets you start slowly and build a habit by keeping you interested and motivated.

But for those who are already familiar with the fitness world and want something more challenging, Fitify’s 12-week program has impressive results according to its users.

The core features of Fitify fitness app

As we move forward with this Fitify review, let’s talk about the main points of this app. Before you start with your workout plans, Fitify wants to know several things to make the best workout plan for you. These are things that Fitify takes into the account:

  • your gender;
  • your goal (gain muscle, lose weight, get toned);
  • your body type;
  • your previous experience with exercises;
  • your fitness level and your daily activity level;
  • how much sleep you get on a daily basis;
  • how are your energy levels during the day;
  • how often you feel stressed;
  • if you have any bad habits, etc.

Fitify also asks what motivates you the most and what you want to get out of this app.

Fitify tries to accommodate your needs via workout plans and different exercises. After you have picked your preferred pace and training days, the app builds you a personalized fitness plan, such as Muscle and Strength Starter.

workout selection men women

Fitify workouts – for different levels and needs

Each workout takes between 10 and 30 minutes, and during the week every training focuses on something else and has different benefits. It helps to avoid boredom and injuries during the workout.

The Fitify app includes strength, HIIT, cardio, yoga, stretching and recovery exercises. Recovery here is something we also wanted to highlight considering that our body needs time to restore so this is something we exceptionally enjoyed with this app. Meanwhile, you can always make a custom workout and focus on your daily fitness needs.

Before the workout app gives you the information about its length and how many calories it will burn, you can also choose to include or exclude the warm-up part of the workout. It also lets you see the exercise list before you hit the ‘start the workout’ button, so you can prepare your equipment and get it ready. Something small, yet super important to have within an app.

Selected Equipment

One thing to mention in this Fitify review is that the workouts don’t show you exercises with the equipment you don’t have or you don’t want to use. The moment you get yourself a new gym tool, add it to your profile and start to include it in your workouts. This is an excellent way to diversify your workouts and get the best out of your tools. Who needs a gym when you have such smart fitness apps, if you know what we mean.

workout app reviews

The app itself is easy to understand and is not cluttered with too much information and commercials. Track your progress and your weight to observe the physical changes you will notice after using this app for several weeks in a row. The app also lets you add the “before” and “after” photos, so you can appreciate all the hard work you have been putting in. Personally, this worked so well with boosting our motivation up that we even went for it and shared it on social 🙂

A great variety for great results

Fitify has a great library of exercises, more than 900, but who’s counting. You can choose between them when you build your own custom workout. If you are not familiar with the exercise, you can always see how it’s done and which body part it trains the best.

There are different exercises for the upper body, lower body, abs & core, cardio and stretching.

Are you interested in standing abs & core exercises? Add, for example, butt kickers, Heisman lunges, mountain walkers or high knees to your custom workout.

Do you want to use the space and perform exercises on the floor? Add arm raise planks, alternating planks, ab roll-ups, bicycle crunches and many more from Fitify’s wide collection.

We can split Fitify into three parts and each of it works on its own. These three parts are:

  • Fitify fitness plans;
  • custom workout routines;
  • standalone workouts.

Their fitness plans include weekly training programs, plus, recovery sessions, workouts that are done in 15 to 25 minutes, a mix of different styles of exercise types and an easy-to-follow voice coach and video preview.

Standalone workouts lets you choose a body part, type of training and duration. Here are some of the examples of the standalone workouts that we want to mention in this Fitify review: insane six pack, complete lower back, amazing butt, monster chest. In the recovery sessions you will find full body stretching, full body flexibility yoga, full body foam rolling, lower body stretching and many more.

fitify workout plan

Fitify vs. Other Fitness and Health App

The first app that comes to mind that is similar to Fitify is BetterMe. Both fitness apps offer personalised workouts, but BetterMe also includes meal planning. Fitify definitely has a wider exercise collection but BetterMe premium extras include adjustable meal plan and calorie intake. While BetterMe has a strong focus on weight loss, Fitify offers different workout plans and standalone exercises. BetterMe workouts are divided into three levels: beginner, medium and advanced, but Fitify takes into account different factors when they are making your workout program.

Both apps are great options for those who enjoy working out at home. Plus, there is also a workout scheduling function that lets you plan your workout days and recovery. Both of these two apps offer subscription plans for their users after a seven day trial period. We would like to point out that Fitify is cheaper and has better reviews from its users both in Apple App shop and in Google Play Store. Fitify seems to be one the leading apps in this app category.  So both apps are customizable and pesonalised fitness experiences but Fitify seems to be more cost-friendly.It’s important to mention that BetterMe users sometimes complain about poor customer service and bugs in the app, but the workouts are in conjunction with the meal plans they provide.

Fitness App Payments

Anyone can try out Fitify for seven days before moving on to the Pro version. Even though some standalone exercises are also available for the app’s free version, training plans and custom workout builder are accessible only with a subscription.

The price for the monthly Fitify subscription is EUR 9.99 or EUR 69.99 yearly (that is EUR 5.83 per month), hence the yearly subscription lets you save more than 40%. It is definitely something to think about when you are thinking about getting the Pro version. Try an app for a week and see if this is something you would like to enjoy, browse the exercise library and see what kind of exercises you can expect in your workout plans.

Final Review on Fitify

It is not really a surprise that Fitify has been downloaded more than 10 million times. It is fun, logical, personalized and simple to use. It helps you reach your fitness goals slowly and steadily. After 5-12 week long programs you will be able to notice the results that these workouts provide. Fitify is a fitness app that is loved by many people. It is beginner-friendly and at the same time, its difficulty level can be adjusted even to professional gym rats’ liking.

Fitify is a fitness oriented app and it has programs that run even for several months. By using it daily you are guaranteed to notice a change in your looks, your energy levels and overall well-being. It’s fun, easy to use and lets you burn fat, build muscles and strengthstrenght. Your daily workout routines will be different every time you use it. It’s 20+ prebuilt workouts and 15+ prebuilt recovery sessions are a great start towards a healthier lifestyle. Fitify uses not only body-weight but also fitness tools in their exercises.

If your plan for this year is to get toned, build strength and improve your fitness level, then go for Fitify. It’s simple but effective, which is important. For less than 6 euros a month, you get a personalized program and a chance to build your own workouts that fit your needs. So our overall verdict is recommended!

Pros of Fitify:

  • Works online and offline, so you can always have it with you.
  • Large exercise catalog for all body parts, different fitness tools and fitness levels.
  • Clean interface and visuals, the HD video demonstrations show you how to do the exercise.
  • You can add the “beep” notification between different exercises and the rest timer so you know when to start your workout without constantly checking your phone’s screen.

Cons on Fitify:

  • The Fitify app does not ask for your feedback after the workout — how hard or easy you find the specific exercises provided by the app’s algorithm.
  • The resting timer can’t be adjustable if you want to make it longer or shorter.
  • For your progress, it is the completed workouts, not the individual exercises. If you stop your workout in the middle, it will not be added to your progress.
  • The trial period is seven days. After that, you need to become a subscriber.

Use it with your Wear OS device. It is easy to connect Fitify to Apple Health so you can keep track of all your daily activities and burned calories. The download of this app is free of charge, so give it a try. After a week, you will see if this app is working for you and you want to keep investing in yourself by becoming a Fitify subscriber.

At the end of this Fitify review, we can say that Fitify is:

  • worth trying out even if you are not familiar with the fitness exercises and different workout programs;
  • very easy to use during the workout, as well as online and offline;
  • a fantastic choice if you want to get the most out of your fitness tools and equipment.
  • If you are an Apple User, try the Family sharing option – then up to six family members can use this app.

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