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Fitness Blender Review: Highly Interactive Start

Updated: Jan 21

I found Fitness Blender 2 years ago online. That time I was searching for something gym-free during summer months so I was ready to try working out from home. Still today, I remember my first routine with them – never thought I could sweat like that at home with using my body-weight only.

The two people behind the scenes are Daniel and Kelli Segars: a lovely married couple that created Fitness Blender somewhere back in 2008. Today it’s the largest fitness community online with over 5 million subscribers on Youtube.

Daniel has been in the fitness industry since 2000 and has a degree in Food and Nutrition while Kelli has been in the industry since 2006 and has a degree in both Psychology and Sociology.

What’s special about Fitness Blender is that not once they have used paid advertising. Instead, all subscribers have come through word-of-mouth referrals. This Fitness Blender review will not only be about their paid workout programs but also looking at everything that they’ve built over the years and why I think they are great for beginners!

Fitness Blender Workout Selection

Fitness Blender has a great collection of free workout videos (roughly 500+ full-length and high-quality routines). And when I mean free, it's everything: from warm-ups to butt-kicking sweaty portions of HIIT and strength. You can pick your own difficulty level, body focus, training type, and equipment. The difficulty level varies from 1 to 5; 1 being the easiest and 5 the toughest.

Fitness Blender Paid Workout Programs

As for the paid workout programs, the length varies between 2 – 8 weeks (the most common is 4 weeks long). The assortment is quite extensive as well; here are just some as an example:

  • FB Reach - Stretching, Yoga & Pilates Program for Flexibility & Total Body Toning;

  • 4 Week FB Strong for Building Muscle, Burn Fat and Feel Great;

  • FB 30 – 8 Week Fat Loss For Busy People for Losing Weight, Tone Up and Build Lean Muscle;

  • FB Booty – Booty Boot Camp for Butt and Tights;

  • FB Bored Easily – Workout Program for People Who Get Bored Easily;

  • FB Bodyweight – Bodyweight Only Fat Loss Program.

Currently, I counted 26 workout programs in total where the cheapest is $7.99 and the most expensive $19.99, thus all sales go back to adding features and content to the website or at least this is what's mentioned on their website. If that's true then that’s quite special.


Meal-Plans for 24.99 USD

There are 4 meal plans in total, all priced at $24.99. They're 4 weeks long and, together with registered dietitians and nutritionists, are designed for vegans, vegetarians, omnivores. Nice and easy to follow – just eat clean, whole foods 3 times a day (plus 3 snacks a day). These are bought separately from workout programs. If you're looking for workout apps with food plan included then go with apps like Jillian Michaels or Asana Rebel.

With Fitness Blender everything is usually super organized regardless of which one you go for - free or paid content.

Each workout/program will exactly list down the workout length, the average duration of a session, days per week, difficulty level, body focus, equipment (if any) and finally training types like strength training, HIIT and toning. They also present the estimated calorie burn up-front so you will roughly know what to expect.

What’s special about Fitness Blender is that not once they have used paid advertising.

Very easy and clear to understand where you are going into! From their paid workout plans you can even find a detailed description below every program to make it even more transparent. They also have made it fun and different so you won’t get bored.

Fitness Blender Review: Pros

  • Fitness Blender has a great selection of videos in high-quality for any fitness level and individual preferences;

  • No-equipment videos can be easily done either from home or on the move;

  • Strong educational factor throughout the workouts on nutrition, breathing, form and more;

  • Makes fitness accessible to everybody as it’s a cost-conscious way to start exercising;

  • The community is a strong plus too – not only it's growing but also they all are responsive to questions and relatable;

  • The injury risk is low as they’re guiding you through on how to do each move correctly and which muscle groups you should feel at that moment;

  • Super interactive for the user (exactly what’s needed for a beginner) with their time tracker and demonstrations. This makes Fitness Blender not only friendly for non-English speakers but also not boring.

Fitness Blender Review: Cons

  • Fitness Blender has no app available which makes it a bit difficult to keep track of your progress, workouts and especially results (app always makes everything easier and quicker). Here I would suggest combining Fitness Blender with myFitnessPal;

  • Even though they claim that the website is mobile-friendly, I have had some issues with the interface (random fields were popping up which I could not close);

  • Not really responsive to any feedback, in fact, they did not even respond to me when I just wanted to confirm the website launch year and give them positive feedback;

  • I haven’t seen them uploading new workout videos for a while. I know that they took a break from Fitness Blender which is completely understandable. We still can find plenty of free workouts in their archive but there is a concern of old-fashioned content;

  • Workouts and Food plans are bought separately (this can get expensive).

Is Fitness Blender Good?

As I said, I have been with Fitness Blender for over 2 years, and what I love the most about them is the relation I get. My workouts are their workouts; they're puffing and pushing as hard as you and I am. This is super boosting, especially when you’re there working your butt off. The only 2 apps that can stand by FB in terms of interactivity are Centr and Aaptiv.

They really put people first on a personal level that is encouraging and uncommon in the fitness industry today. Throughout the years Kelli’s and Daniel’s familiar faces have always been there working out with you in a very human and pure way. They break the stereotype that living healthy is expensive, impossible and tasteless.

Healthy People are Happy People

I definitely recommend Fitness Blender for beginners! Not only you’ll get valuable & interactive content but you'll also start changing your view on fitness. They give us safe workouts for sore joints and great stretching sessions for stressful people – any age, any gender.

My workouts are their workouts; they're puffing and pushing as hard as you and I am.

Apply the knowledge on the spot and feel it yourself. Muscle memory will remember how you did that move and repeat it next time. It’s the most sustainable way how to start changing your life for good. For those who want more, purchase from their paid workout plans – some of the programs are really kicking your butt.

I came to learn that mostly the only equipment they use for their strength routines is adjustable dumbbells and an exercise mat. If you really want to go all the way then I suggest getting them and start diversifying your workouts, hence seeing faster results.

At the same time, I do believe that Fitness Blender should improve its communication from the back-end. I realize that they’re a small team, but if your community is growing then you also don’t want to lose that connection with people (this might back-fire and contradict with their values).

I definitely recommend Fitness Blender for beginners! Not only you’ll get valuable & interactive content but you'll also start changing your view on fitness.

If interactivity is important to you then start here and see where it takes you. Personally, I found that the best thing for me is a healthy mix. Fitness Blender has given me so much and for that, I will always be thankful. Not once in my 2-years' time have I spend a single penny with them, but I have always pushed myself in every workout.

I'm definitely not a profitable customer for them, but then again, I'm not a profitable customer to anybody because I always am quite skeptical about everything that they're trying to sell us in fitness.

Anyway, still today I do one of their free HIIT routines every week while mixing it up with other types of activity like running and gyming. This is how I avoid repetitiveness and seek diversification to achieve sustainability. If you seek something similar then I would suggest mixing up Fitness Blender with Nike Training Club as it's also free and creative.

Practical Tips if you're Going With Fitness Blender:

  • Remember that Fitness Blender is not offering a quick-fix so you won’t see slimming results right away (ultimately, that is why most people move on to other programs). It’s a way of living, not cutting back on calories to lose weight fast;

  • Don’t do HIIT sessions more than 3 times a week, you need time for your body to recover;

  • Don’t just go with HIIT every time, choose different routines like strength training or stretching - you’ll feel great;

  • For practicality, download workout videos on your phone and take it to the park;

  • If you haven’t done exercise for a long time then start with level 1 regardless if you have been a sporty person before or not. You must get used to the movement first, otherwise, it will get ineffective and the risk of injury will increase;

  • It’s better to do workouts 3-times a week with difficulty of 1 rather than 1-time a week session with a difficulty of 4. Remember that the key is a graduate increase (there’s a huge difference between level 1 and level 5, trust me. I usually go with 4 myself).

Fitness Blender "FB Plus" Update:

They recently just upgraded their website to FB Plus which has some extra features like new workouts and ads-free content. You can get this for a monthly or yearly subscription fee and it’s separate from Workout Programs and Meal Plans. This also means that they won't publish free content as much as before.

If you liked this article then make sure to read my BodyBoss post! It's similar to Fitness Blender and will be more suitable for a bigger challenge!

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