In Fitness Reality Today Not All of us will be Models but that's Okay!

Updated: Jun 3

We all have different reasons why we pick up exercising. In my case, it was weight loss (not really original here lol). Along the way, I've gotten out some pretty serious life lessons on true results in fitness which I would like to share with you.

For now, I'm standing here today choosing to be strong and healthy. The imaginary beauty doesn't exist - not only it's impossible to maintain, but it's also fake. This article is a reflection of change that's needed in the Fitness Industry Today!

Sorry for the Cliché

On the left-hand side, you see a girl that was smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol, constantly lacking energy, and was full of anger. We all look happy from outside, but deep inside we know.. this was 9 years ago.

On the right, you see me today. This is my first selfie, not to mention my first published picture where my belly is visible. It was taken on the 1st October 2019 and still today I see my belly there, ironic, isn't it? So many people have complimented me, my progress, but for a long time I still was not yet satisfied – was I ever?

One might think - so much for your ab workouts results. But let me tell you one thing: I had two options here – either to keep on chasing invisible utopia, or .. just be me. And this is a girl that has been actively exercising for 3 years straight – 5 to 6 times a week, regular dieting and doing all the supportive things for weight loss.

Never compare yourself with others and always measure your progress against yourself! Every day you’re one step closer to sustainability; to positive fitness.

Still, I was there standing with my squeezed in the belly and not being proud of myself. Sounds insane, don’t you think? Why can’t we just accept ourselves and finally live free?

Three Years of Working Out Results

True results in fitness come in the form of a strong mental state. I realized that today fitness is my therapy towards positivity. That skinny model with a six-pack probably starved herself for 5 days straight. That is NOT the "real ab workout results" as more false deception. Poor girl, if you are that girl or you know somebody who’s in that position, please reach out to her and include her in this community of acceptance.

And just to explain how I got to this point in life - I recently went to the hospital because my life-partner had some health problems. I sat there in the waiting area and the things I saw blew my mind. People, there were fighting for their health. And here I was thinking about my stupid complexity problems where, in fact, I should just be grateful that all is well with me.

Suddenly there it was, the long-awaited click, all thoughts just went into the right place.

What Most People Think Real Gym Results Look Like

The life is not about arrogance or bragging, it’s about feeling love and seeing things through a positivity lens. That is the real result of health and fitness.

The main thing is to be healthy and strong, and that is exactly what sports gives you: a long and healthy life with opportunities to embrace it. Don't live your life only to look back in 20 years and say that you could have been much happier (1)!

True results in fitness come in the form of a strong mental state.

Speaking of results from health and fitness that comes within ourselves, there's a great book worth reading by Suzanne Somers called "365 ays To Change Your Life". This book is about learning how to enjoy life and focus on yourself & your happiness. I highly recommend this to everyone who wants to prioritize happiness and peace of mind.

If there’s one thing you can take out from this article then it’s this: never compare yourself with others and always measure your progress against yourself! Real gym results are happening inside of you. Every day you’re one step closer to sustainability; to positive fitness.

I will always have a belly but I’m learning to be okay with that. I hope you’re too! If my example will inspire at least one person to go for a 5-minute run then it will be all worth it! I’ll finish this one with a personal note: never let anyone tell you that you’re ugly or fat – you are and always will be beautiful so stay positive (to get a vision on how to do that read this one I think you'll like it!).

If you have any thoughts on this, I would love to hear it! Leave a comment below and please, oh please don't let me think that I'm alone in this! What are your results from health and fitness?

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