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FitOn Review: A (mostly) free app that offers celebrity workouts at home

fiton review

At first glance, FitOn has everything you’d need for an effective at-home fitness regime – it offers a variety of workouts and meal planning, with motivational advice to top it all off. But is this app truly a valuable find or is there a catch? Today’s in-depth FitOn review answers this question, so keep reading!

Key Takeaways and Highlights

Before you get into the full FitOn review, here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons. You might enjoy FitOn if:

  • You’re too busy to make it to the gym or studio regularly and would rather work out at home whenever you can;
  • You’re just beginning your fitness journey and would enjoy access to tons of free workout videos, including celebrity workouts that might not be available for free otherwise;
  • You have minimal equipment available at home;
  • You get bored easily and would like a large variety of workouts to choose from.

However, FitOn might not be for you if:

  • Want calories counting, meal planning, and workouts all in the same app;
  • Are overwhelmed by too many choices – you feel like you’d have a hard timing choosing a workout when there are so many options available.
  • Want heavier strength-building workouts – bench pressing, etc. – FitOn has many intense strength-building workouts, but none catered towards building bulkier muscle mass considering that muscle building is important, especially for women.

FitOn – App Background

As of now, FitOn has over 5 million active users. Judging from FitOn’s reviews on Google Play and the Apple App store, it has an average rating of 4.9/5. Pretty impressive, and apparently for good reason.

FitOn’s founder, Lindsay Cook, is a former Fitbit vice-president who created the app for people like herself who may be too busy to make it to the gym regularly. The app meets all your training needs at home, but that isn’t all. FitOn offers users free access to the same celebrity trainers that work with the likes of Jessica Alba and Jenna Dewan!

Another thing that stands out in this FitOn review is the level of personalization the app offers. Here’s what to expect when you download and launch the app:

  • You sign up using your Facebook account or log in if you already have an account. If you sign up, the app uses your Facebook name, profile photo, and email. I would have liked other sign up options too though – like via email;
  • Next, FitOn asks for permission to send you notifications, after which you create a profile that allows the app to make workout recommendation you’ll like;
  • This profile requires basic information like your gender, date of birth, height, and weight; as well as your fitness goal. While there are multiple options, FitOn only lets you pick one, which I thought was strange since most people tend to have overlapping goals e.g. losing weight while simultaneously building muscle;
  • FitOn then asks you what your goal weight is, how many workouts you want in a week, and how long you want these workouts to be;
  • Lastly, you select the sort of workouts you enjoy. This is where FitOn does let you pick more than one option, which I appreciate since it creates a variety and prevents boredom;
  • The app finishes by asking you to invite friends or connect to your contacts. This is good because working out with a partner is more effective than working out alone – but FitOn is so insistent here! It keeps asking even if you decline, which can get irritating;
  • Once signed up, you can browse through the app to set workout reminders. You can also change your preferences or goals at any time.
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Source: FitOn app

Core Features

FitOn has three core features: workouts, meal planning, and meditations.

FitOn: Reviewing the Workouts

FitOn has so many workouts that it would take you months to go through them all – and they keep adding new ones! I like this about the app because it guarantees there will be a workout for every single person’s preferences.

You can choose a workout based on four categories:

  • The nature of the workout itself; FitOn has pilates, HIIT, yoga, toning workouts, no equipment workouts, dance workouts, small space workouts, celebrity regimes, and more;
  • The area you want to target; there are different workouts based on toning the abs, arms, booty, legs, back, or the whole body;
  • The length and intensity of the workout; FitOn’s workouts begin at 5 minutes and go on to over 30 minutes. You can also choose between low, medium, and high-intensity workouts;
  • The trainer whose videos you want to follow. All of FitOn’s trainers – both celebrity and otherwise – are listed as you scroll down. You can pick whoever you like and browse through their workouts.

Most of the workouts include cool-downs and warm-ups. If one doesn’t, you can use the 5-minute stretch workouts offered separately. All of FitOn’s workouts are in video form, which means you can pause if you need to catch your breath or rewind if you missed a move. It also makes you feel like you’re at actual gym instead of your living room!

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Source: FitOn app

Each workout has a brief description of how long and intense it is, the benefits it offers, and the equipment you’ll need – if any. If you aren’t able to complete a particular workout, you can resume from where you left off another day. You can also invite friends to join in before you begin! Most of FitOn’s workouts don’t require equipment so you can do them easily at home – the most you need is an exercise mat. There are a handful of toning workouts that use dumbbells, but not very heavy ones.

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FitOn also has workout livestreams. For instance, Dance Cardio workouts begin at 5 pm daily and are 20 minutes long. You can select ‘count me in’ for the workouts you’re looking forward to, and the app will notify you when they’re about to begin. You can follow as many of these workouts as you like – there are usually 10-12 workouts scheduled each day! If you miss a livestream, you can replay it on-demand – but given the number of streams a day, you’d be fine just waiting for the next one. If you are a working man or woman though, these won’t be for you – you’ll be better off simply choosing a workout from FitOn’s library at whatever time you work out.

FitOn: Reviewing the Meal Plans

FitOn’s meal plans are, unfortunately, part of FitOn Pro, the paid version of the app. You cannot use the meal planning feature in the free version, which seems a bit unfair. The meal planning works in conjunction with their workouts and is customized according to your fitness goal. However, I was a bit disappointed to see that the app doesn’t have a plan for those wanting to gain weight.

If you get FitOn Pro, it gives you a 12-week meal plan to begin with. The plan is created based on these questions:

  • How many meals you eat during the day, e.g. lunch + dinner, or simply 3 meals + 1 snack? The latter is what FitOn recommends, but there are a couple more options too;
  • The diet you follow, e.g. standard, vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan;
  • FitOn then asks you what you struggle with when it comes to healthy eating. Are you drawn to excessive junk food or prone to binge eating? This step also has a few more options, and you can pick more than one. You could skip this question if you wished, but I appreciate how it because it addresses more individual problems when it comes to sticking to one’s fitness regimes;
  • The next question is similar but can’t be skipped. It asks what holds you back when it comes to eating healthy. Is it a lack of time or money, or perhaps social pressure? Again, there are plenty of options to choose from, and you can pick more than one;
  • The app then recommends recipes for all of your meals. The recommendations are easy to follow and delicious, and you can ‘favorite’ the ones you like even outside of the recommended meal plan – there is a separate section where you can access new and trending recipes.

Even FitOn Pro doesn’t count calories though – it focuses on helping you reach your goals without stressing out about calories 24/7.

Meditations and Additional Features

Meditations are included in FitOn’s yoga and stretch workouts, but some separate options focus on mindfulness, calmness, and relaxation alone. I like these for unwinding before bed, but you could do them at any time of the day.

FitOn also has an ‘Advice’ section comprising of informative blogs about nutrition, diet, working out effectively, and so on. This section is free, so you can use it for general dietary advice even if you don’t buy FitOn Pro for meal planning. The blogs are updated quite regularly, and there is a series called ‘Trainer Tips’ here that has short videos with quick tips from the app’s celebrity trainers. These are especially great if you need a quick pep talk!

Speaking of motivation, FitOn is heavy on push notifications that encourage you to get moving – although you can disable them in your device’s settings if they get too annoying. The app also has a motivational quote for you every time you launch it. I like these more than the notifications’ they feel more genuine and I hardly saw any repetition when I was testing the app out for this FitOn review.

FitOn vs. Similar Apps

FitOn still does better than the apps it is comparable to, especially since the ones that come closest are paid. The Tone It Studio app and the Obe fitness app both have a similar range of workout videos from professional coaches, as well as on-demand features – but charge $13 per month and $27 per month respectively. Neither offers meal planning.

There are some apps that, like FitOn, offer free workouts but charge for meal plans – like 8fit and Fitness Blender. Both have a myriad of free workouts that include warmups and cooldowns, as well as specific routines for specific target areas. While these apps are good for at-home fitness, neither offers celebrity workouts like FitOn.

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Source: FitOn app

FitOn: Reviewing the App’s Payments

At this point, it goes without saying the star of this FitOn review is the app’s huge range of free professional workouts, so you can get a lot out of the app without ever paying a cent. But while FitOn is completely free to sign up for and use – for working out primarily, and bonuses like the Advice section – there is a paid version called FitOn Pro which costs $19.99 per month.

As mentioned above, FitOn Pro offers in-depth meal planning and personalized recipes. It also has other perks like download options on all workout videos, digital coaching from the celebrity trainers on the app, and music stations. And like the 12-week meal plan, FitOn Pro offers personalized workout plans beginning at 4 weeks. Such a plan could save you time since you wouldn’t have to choose between FitOn’s hundreds of workouts yourself, but you also could make do without it.

FitOn Review: The Final Verdict

All in all, FitOn is a wonderful app for at-home workouts that brings you something fresh every day. The interface is easy to navigate and has a funky design, and the app works across all devices. The workouts are feasible to do at home and sustainable for long term fitness – but I wouldn’t rely on FitOn for meal planning. If you’re comfortable with buying FitOn Pro then go ahead, but remember that the app’s most appealing feature – the workout – already comes free.

I would recommend using FitOn for workouts only and using other apps for meal planning. My Fitness Pal is good for calorie counting, and Mealime is a great cooking assistant that plans meals and groceries and has easy-to-follow recipes.

If you do decide to use FitOn, here are some practical tips that might help:

  • Remember that even celebrity workouts are never a quick fix – seeing results takes time and consistency. Just don’t give up and you’ll get closer to your goal every day!
  • Even if you don’t buy FitOn Pro, I’d recommend incorporating some sort of calorie counting or meal planning into your fitness routine. The best way to reach your goals is to combine working out with healthy eating!
  • Don’t go for intense workouts like HIIT or Pilates every single day – try to limit these to 3 or 4 times a week. Alternate between them with stretch or yoga workouts so your body has enough time to recover.

I hope this FitOn review was helpful! You can get the app at the links below:

For Android:

For Apple: