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Fitplan Review: How Does Fitplan Work?

fitplan review

Fitplan is one of the most recently launched workout apps.. But regardless of it being quite new, Fitplan managed to already partner up with Jenifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez (1). This goes without saying, but any exercise app that’s recommended by the fittest couple alive is a MUST TRY for me!

This Fitplan review will list down the pros and cons of the app and advise on suitability so keep on reading and let’s dive in!

How Does Fitplan Work?

At the beginning, Fitplan will ask you a bunch of fitness-related questions like what’s your fitness goal, what’s your preferred trainer (male or female), where do you want to exercise (gym or home), how often you train, and so on.

Based on your answers, Fitplan will recommend workout programs that best match your criteria (aka give you a bunch of Fitplans you can follow).

To unlock routines with HD video & rep tracking, you must subscribe to the exercise app.

Fitplan will cost you either $15.99 USD if you get the monthly subscription or $83.99 USD if you go with the annual subscription. On the bright side though, there’s a 7-day free trial available.

Fitplan’s unique selling point is its huge (and I mean HUGE) personal trainer base. Therefore, let’s look at Fitplan’s trainers first.

Fitplan Personal Trainers

Oh boy..where do I begin! Fitplan has brought together elite personal trainers and one of the best fitness experts in the industry.

And it’s not just the Yankee Alex Rodriguez and J Lo alone. With Fitplan you see faces like Yanet Garcia, Rob Gronkowski, Sommer Ray, and many more celebs.

All trainers are sassy, fresh, and cool. They make the workouts more fun too.

Each trainer has developed their unique FitPlan (some of whom have several workout programs).

Fitplan’s unique selling point is its huge (and I mean HUGE) personal trainer base.

Besides, all the trainers look .. Smoken Hot! It was almost like picking my workout program based on whichever I wanted to look the most alike.

But aside from the celeb trainers, even the not so well-know coaches are best at what they do. And having them showing us routines have its benefits like following effective training methods and executing safe workouts to name a few.

Fitplan Workout Programs

This fitness app has a ton of different workout plans available called the Fitplans! I counted over 100 workout programs designed for gym & home setting.

Fitplans can range anything from a few days to 2 months and more in length.

Because of Covid-19, I went with Linn Lowes’ “Fit From Home” program (30 min x 3 days a week), a program that was suitable for me at the time of reviewing Fitplan.

Each Fitplan gives you a step-by-step workout regime to follow (hence the Calendar).

And by clicking on the Fitplan, you can see the overview of the program. Pretty much every day is planned out for each muscle group.

Here are just a few of the Fitplans for illustration:

  • Get Lean: Home Edition by Linn Lowes (6 weeks | 4 Days a week | 45 Mins);
  • Joga by Jana Webb (28 days | 4 days a week | 30 Mins);
  • Bodybuilding 101 by Damien Patrick (8 Weeks | 5 Days a Week | 60 Mins);
  • Gronk Smash by Rob Gronkowski (6 weeks | 4 days a week | 30 Mins).

I came to learn that Fitplan has anything you might be looking for. Yoga workouts, beginner-friendly workouts, 7-minute workouts, body shred & sculpting plans, Zumba, and even prenatal fitness programs. You name it – they have it!

Besides, Fitplan also allows changing the plan while saving your progress until you come back. But you can also go with single workouts in case you’re not the program-type of a person..

Let’s Not Forget About Fitplan’s Community

Fitplan’s community is in the Feed’s section. There you can find daily instructions from the fitness experts and all sorts of motivational content by other app users.

Fitplan has divided its Feed into different sections like:

  • Bug Finding therefore making sure to catch the bugs quickly;
  • Nutrition Tips where other users are sharing advice on food (though there’s not much activity going on just yet);
  • Form Check – again meant for others to post content on technique;
  • The classical Q&A for questions about fitness, Fitplans or workouts;
  • Feedback section in case you wanna get comments on your progress;
  • and so on..

It’s not much them as it’s more us who participate in the community though.

Fitplan Review: Pros

  • Fitplan has HD step-by-step instructional videos and 3D videos with an actual voice;
  • You can set up workout reminders and push notifications;
  • Direct contact with the customer service as it’s built into the app;
  • Fitplan keeps adding new programs and trainers to the database;
  • The app has stats in place for tracking weights & reps;
  • Easy to follow UI;
  • The app allows connecting with apple watch for more convenient workouts.

Fitplan Review: Cons

  • Your workouts are not recorder or updated in your stats if you’re offline;
  • Currently, Fitplan is not syncing with Fitbit, Google Fit or Samsung Health;
  • Fitplan’s occasionally glitchy, especially with video autoplay;
  • We can’t customize the calendar ourselves;
  • Most programs are jumping straight into workouts without a proper warm-up;
  • There’re also no cool-downs after training;
  • For relatively such an expensive cost, there’s no meal plan included;
  • Fitplans are created beforehand which means there’re no modifications nor equipment change possible;
  • Hard to find plans that best match you. For instance, I got 74 recommendations instead of receiving just one that best matched my goal. So I just kept scrolling down till I guessed which one I might like the best.

Who Might Find Fitplan Suitable?

Fitplan is definitely meant for people who are looking for the best fitness pros. There’s no extra thinking here – just get your workout done, that’s it..

Personally, I think that Fitplan is suitable for those who are looking for effective routines that fit our busy lifestyles. Busy = Short & Effective

Also, this workout app might be suitable for those who appreciate diversity and a wide selection of programs to choose from.

It seems that Fitlap covers a wide range of people regardless of their fitness level, goals, and gender. As long as they’re looking for guided workout plans.

Look at it this way – if you want personal training at your convenience then this fitness app might be for you.

Fitplan is suitable for those who are looking for effective routines that fit our busy lifestyles.

However, the Fitplan app won’t be suitable for you if you’re looking for something more personalized.

It’s a shame that Fitplan doesn’t include a meal plan because food is 80% of our fitness success. I would advise looking into Centr fitness app which is similar in style but comes with a delicious meal plan.Fitplan reviews

As for personalization, look into Volt Athletics or Freeletics app. In both, you would be joining a workout program that’s adjusting to your progress over time instead of following a plan that just feels detached from you.

In Summary of This Fitplan Review

I like how Fitplan makes personal trainers accessible and affordable to everyone. It definitely has one of the largest personal trainer bases I’ve seen. Though, personally I think that it does come with a hefty price.

Additionally, Fitplan is a perfect example of an exercise app with a good mix of home-friendly and gym-heavy workouts.


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That’s all from me! Good training and choose your Fitplan wisely!

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