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FitTrack Review (App): Is it Good or Bad?

FitTrack Review

FitTrack Health is a fitness application that helps to track your workouts and goals. FitTrack has various features such as weight tracking, activity history, and even meal planning! 

While it’s available to download on both the App Store as well as Play Store, FitTrack was recently opened up in the new Fitbit app store so you can download FitTrack onto your FitBit device.

Although it’s handy for Fitbit users, it might not be an app for you if you don’t own any of the Fitbit wearables. Our FitTrack review will give you everything you need to know – from FitTrack itself to FitTrack on FitBit. So, without further ado, let’s drop the chit chat and get started FitStarting FitTrack out!

Key Takeaways & Highlights

Before we dive into details, here are the key takeaways and highlights:

Get FitTrack Health app if:

  • You want to get the most out of your FitBit device;
  • You want to sync the data of your FitTrack scale with the FitTrack app;
  • You prefer having an app that helps you track your progress;
  • You like keeping track of your stats over a long period of time;
  • You prefer having a system to monitor your fitness levels smoothly;
  • You want to stay motivated to achieve your workout goals.

Don’t get FitTrack Health app if:

  • You don’t have a FitBit device;
  • You don’t want to spend money on fitness tracking apps;
  • You prefer high intensity programs;
  • You just want to lose weight;
  • You are not willing to commit some time to working out (or exercise in general).


What Is FitTrack Health?

Background of FitTrack

Who created FitTrack and when was it created: FitTrack was created in 2016 by Fitnesstracker Inc.

What platforms does FitTrack run on: FitTrack was specifically designed to run on FitBit devices. However, it’s also compatible with all Android and iOS devices. FitTrack also runs on its own custom wearables.

fittrack smartwatch

What FitTrack does: FitTrack tracks your diet and weight loss/fitness goals; FitTrack can be used as a FitBit fitness app; FitTrack has a FitBit scale sync feature.

What FitTrack does not have: FitTrack does not have a GPS or route tracking option; FitTrack does not have water consumption reminders. FitTrack does not have FitBit social features or FitBit coaching services.

In a nutshell, FitTrack Health helps you track your activities and health goals. FitTrack helps users reach their individual lifestyle and wellness goals by providing insights into what’s important – physical activity, food, water consumption, sleep quality, weight trends and setting achievable milestones.

What Makes It Special?

FitTrack is an all in one fitness tracking app. It combines fitness tracking and diet tracking to help users reach their individual lifestyle and wellness goals.

For FitBit users, FitTrack is FitBit’s very own, FitBit-based app to track their health and fitness progress. It can help individuals make changes in their day-to-day lives by making it easier for them to reach their overall wellness goals.

It’s an app that not only tracks your progress but also helps you get motivated and stay committed. FitTrack provides users with a complete picture of their current health status including weight, body fat, heart rate, FitBit food logs and more. 

With FitTrack’s special feature FitBit scale sync, FitTrack helps FitBit users monitor their weight and trends over time. This feature also allows FitBit users to sync their Fitbit scale with FitTrack so that their data can be synced automatically.

What makes FitTrack different from FitBit’s other fitness apps is the fact that FitTrack can not only track FitBit users’ FitBit data but also FitBit food logs and Fitbit weight.

App Downloads

FitTrack Health is available to download on iPhone and Android. FitTrack Health for FitBit can be found in the FitBit App store.

The app has been downloaded several thousand times on both the Play Store and the App Store. Since its inception, it has managed to amass a decent rating of 3.8 on the App Store and a not so decent rating of 3.2 on the Play Store.

The FitTrack Health Review – Core Features

As we reach the interval of this FitTrack review, let’s unveil some of its features. 

FitTrack has a variety of features and it’s great for both beginners and more experienced people because FitTrack allows you to customize your goals and workouts so that they’re appropriate for your level. FitTrack also lets you see your workout history as well as individual exercises’ history so you can track your progress.

FitTrack gives you the option of meal planning which users, in particular the FitBit users, love because Fitbit devices don’t have a food database in them and FitTrack has the largest FitBit food database out of all FitTrack apps.

There’s no exercise video library, but there are videos for FitTrack’s featured workouts. FitTrack has a simple design with easy-to-use options and buttons which contributes to its user-friendliness.

FitTrack also has some great online reviews that say FitTrack is great for beginners and those who aren’t so familiar with fitness apps because FitTrack makes tracking your weight loss or fitness goals really easy.

Like we said before, FitTrack has a number of features. Let’s take a look at what they are and how you’ll use them. 


Similar to the JeFit app, FitTrack allows FitBit users to log their workouts. You can add the FitBit workout you did and FitTrack will automatically calculate how many calories you burned. FitTrack also gives FitBit users tips on proper workouts that they should do after doing or before doing Fitbit’s workout.

Weight Tracking

This feature is FitTrack’s most crucial. FitTrack allows you to track your weight over time, using either FitTrack or FitBit. It gives FitBit users the ability to track your weight and body fat using FitTrack’s features so that you can do a weight loss or muscle building program. 

To add your weight, FitTrack gives you a few ways in which to do so – you can either tap the + sign to input that exact number, scroll up and down on your FitBit dashboard from the FitTrack app itself, or use FitTrack’s FitBit widget.

After you input your weight, FitTrack gives you a graphic representation of how much you’ve gained/lost and makes it so that FitStarters can set goals for themselves to work towards. For example, FitTrack will let you know if you’re trending up or down based on your initial goal.

Activity History

This FitTrack feature is simple to understand but hard to master: FitTrack keeps track of all your FitBit’s movements. Similar to FitBit’s own activity tracker, FitTrack lets you know how many steps you took in a day and gives you a breakdown of that number over time. FitTrack also has sub-totals of FitTrack activity, like calories burned and flights climbed.

You can track your weight, body fat, BMI and even your Fitbit scale data. FitTrack lets you set goals for any of those categories so that you can follow FitTrack’s advice on how to reach your goal in the FitTrack community forums or their FitTrack blog.

Meal Planning

FitTrack has a pretty good meal planning feature which helps FitBit users by automatically entering FitBit foods into FitTrack. In this section of FitTrack, you can input your target calorie intake for the day and FitTrack will help you achieve this goal! FitTrack has FitPlanner features that FitBit lacks, such as macronutrient balance, which is definitely one of its strong points.

FitTrack on FitBit

As we briefly mentioned before in our FitTrack review, FitTrack can now be downloaded onto FitBit devices. People like FitTrack FitBit because FitTrack FitBit, well, it FitTracks FitBit’s FitTracking, heh.

It FitTracks all the FitFunctions people have come to love about FitBit and adds a little extra pizazz! The best part is that you can still use the FitBit app while also having FitTrack. FitTrack is FitHandy for FitBit users, so if you are one, we recommend trying it out!

The FitTrack Review – Pricing

FitTrack offers a free trial but it’s only available for FitBit users and the FitTrack trial lasts just 7 days meaning that FitTrack is only really free for FitBit users who want to try FitTrack out before spending money on it.

The app costs $1.99 so FitTrack might be a little bit too expensive for some people but FitTrack can be a good application if you love FitBit devices and FitTrack’s features suit your needs. 

FitTrack also offers regular discounts and sale which you can more learn about on their homepage here.


FitTrack Health vs Similar Apps

FitTrack is a great all-round fitness tracking app for FitBit users. FitTrack has features FitBit users won’t find in other FitBit apps like the FitPlanner and FitMeal and it’s definitely worth a try if you are a FitBit user.

But does it have anything new to offer compared to other similar fitness apps? And how does it fare against its competitor apps? To answer that question, here are the features of a few popular competitor apps. Let’s find out in our FitTrack review.

  • MyFitnessPal is a calorie tracker that lets you track your calories as well as exercises.
  • FitCal is a calorie counter that tracks your calories, weight, etc. FitCal FitTracks FitCalories easily.
  • FitDay is a reliable app for tracking workout days, foods and exercises. FitDay tracks your progress automatically through FitBit devices and lets you set goals for yourself.

Overall, FitTracks seems to be faring pretty well against its competition as it is the only app offering food logging and meal tracking available on the FitBit store. It’s user interface is also pretty modern and easily understandable as compared to its competitor apps.

The FitTrack Review – Final Thoughts

A FitTrack review can’t really be complete without giving a verdict. FitTrack is a good fitness tracking app and if you love FitBit devices then Fit Track might be the best FitBit fitness app for you.

FitTrack’s features are great and FitTrack is a good FitBit app with FitBit scale sync being one of its main advantages. FitTrack also offers a free trial for FitBit users so you can always try FitTrack before spending money on it.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a FitBit device or FitBit scale then FitTrack might not be the FitBit app for you as FitTrack will be practically useless to you. FitTrack also has a small one time fee which might not suit everyone’s preferences.

So, Is FitTrack worth getting? FitTrack is great for beginners who want to track their weight loss or fitness goals and FitTrack has a lot of great features available. FitTrack claims to have the largest FitBit food database out of all apps so if you use FitBit devices, FitTrack might be the right fit for you!

However, FitTrack can be slow and FitTrack works best with FitBit devices so that might be a potential problem for you if you don’t own a FitBit device.

FitTrack also has mixed reviews. Some FitTrack users love it while others complain about its regular bug problem that negatively impacts the overall user experience. FitTrack’s other features are great and FitTrack can be a very useful application if you’re trying to track your weight loss or fitness goals but FitTrack still has some bugs that need to be fixed.


As we come to conclude our FitTrack review, let’s give you a quick overview of the pros and cons of this app.


  • An all-in-one app offering meal planning, food logging, history tracking and much more.
  • Cheap compared to most other fitness tracking apps.
  • Easy and simple UI and UX
  • Offers a great user experience


  • Does not offer a lot of value to non-FitBit users
  • Not ideal for workouts
  • Does not offer a great deal of personalization
  • Has a relatively shorter free-trial period
  • The app often has bug issues
  • Weak support team

In conclusion, FitTrack is a great FitBit app for those who want to track their progress, stay motivated and achieve their FitBit fitness goals. FitTrack can be used as a FitBit app but it can be slow at times and FitTrack is only compatible with FitBit devices. FitTrack has mixed reviews so FitTrack might not be a good fit for people who prefer high intensity fitness programs.


We do hope that our FitTrack review helped you! If it did, please let us know. Also, if there is a topic that you’d like us to write about in the future, please let us know in the comments. We love hearing from our users and will do our best to make sure we keep making improvements based on your suggestions.

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