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FizzUP review – Is FizzUp free?

fizzup review

FIzzUp is a fitness app that offers excellent personalized workouts, and a lot of other very fun and intense workout programs to choose from. This app also comes with a meal plan feature which makes it a complete fitness guide. In this FizzUp review, we will go in-depth and talk about all of the features to determine if using this app is the right choice.

Key Takeaways & Highlights 

Before diving deep into this FizzUp review it’s a good idea to check if this app is what you want to use as your fitness guide. To do that, let’s go through the most important pros and cons: 

Download FizzUp if: 

  • You want to lose fat
  • You want to tone your body and build muscle
  • You want to improve your stamina 
  • You want workout programs that are sport-focused
  • You want a complete meal plan 

Don’t download FizzUp if:

  • You want extra hard exercises that will match gym training intensity
  • You don’t want to pay to use all of the features

The Background of FizzUp 

FizzUp’s president, Julien Lavault founded FizzUp back in 2015 as a way to make challenging and fun home workout plans for everyone. The app gained much popularity and now has over 2 million users. These people are really enjoying it and the number of 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store and 4.5 stars on AppStore are the proof of that. Let’s continue the FizzUp review to see if the app really deserves these ratings

First Impressions of using FIzzUp 

The first impression you get from an app is the design and since FizzUp has a simple design it hasn’t really surprised us. The thing that surprised us, however, was the thoroughness of the personalization process.

FizzUp’s personalization process is a bit longer compared to other similar apps because they are asking more questions that are important in creating the best workout plan for your goals. These are few of the questions: 

  • What’s your specific goal? (Flatter stomach, rounder butt, slimmer thighs, firmer chest)
  • Which areas do you want to target? (Arms, chest, thighs, stomach, glutes)
  • How often do you exercise? (Once a week or never, twice a week, three times a week or more) 
  • How many squats can you do? (Less than 15, 15 to 30, more than 30, I don’t know). Please note that the exercise in this question may be different for you based on the answers to the other questions.
  • What is stopping you from working out today? (I need advice, I don’t have enough time, I need support, I’m lacking in motivation, nothing) 

fizzup review opening


Core Features

After answering all of the personalization questions, you are all set to start your first workout or to explore all the other workouts this app offers, your meal plans, and all of the other features. In this FittUp review, we will also explore them starting with the workouts. 


Finally, the section most of you’ve been waiting for. And to be honest, it was worth it. 

This app offers a lot of various workouts and workout programs that will challenge everyone, no matter their experience. So whether you are a person with beginner, intermediate, or more advanced experience in fitness, you will be able to find something that will make you work hard. 

So, what are your choices? The first choice you can make is your own plan, the one that the app made for you. The first workout in this plan is made to evaluate how prepared you are for the challenges before you.

Our workout started with two questions. The first one was if we would like a vocal trainer, and the second one was what kind of music we listen to. 

After answering these questions, and after the warm-up, the main workout finally starts. Our goal was to count the maximum number of squats, burpees, and mountain climbers repetitions we can do. Then, the app recommended we continue with a full-body cardio workout which is a part of the FizzUp premium.

If you don’t know how to do the exercises, don’t worry. Apart from the vocal trainer option, there is a video of a coach doing the exercises. There is also a feature that allows you to review all of the exercises. This feature includes both a step-by-step video and a text explanation. Perfect for beginners.

fizzup workouts

Other types of workouts

If you maybe don’t like the workouts made by the app, or you just simply want to explore the other workouts, there is much to explore from. 

Let’s start with the Single workouts. There are various choices to be made in this section: 

  • Strength exercises for legs, arms chest, etc.
  • Challenges like a 7-minute challenge, gamers challenge, and quick challenge.
  • Cardio. Options like HIIT cardio, jump rope, 15/15 or 30/30 cardio, etc.
  • Core. There are options like static, dynamic, rep core, etc. 
  • Stretching as a warm-up, morning routine, mobility and flexibility work, upper or lower body stretching, and more. 
  • Yoga for hips, arms, legs, and back

There are a lot of options available based on the type, the duration, and the difficulty level of the workout. However, in this single workouts section, there is another choice that can be made and it’s the “My workouts” one. 

Here, you can build your own workout by choosing exercises from the categories we’ve just talked about. After that, the app will add a warm-up session and the number of reps you should do.

The section where you can surely find the best workout for you is the “Workout programs”. To see what we are talking about, let’s check the categories available here:

  • Target your results. This category offers workouts that focus on a certain part of the body like the glutes or abs
  • HIIT cardio. This category has many types of HIIT workouts like HIIT Booty, HIIT Abs, Tabata, or jump rope
  • With equipment. Here, you can find workouts that require a mini band, dumbbells, resistance bands, a pull-up bar, etc. 
  • Specific exercises like handstand, burpee, and more.
  • Out of the ordinary. There are some interesting workout names like Firefighter, Fight, Commando, and Fierce. 
  • For a sport. Sport-focused workouts. The sports included are biking, tennis, football (soccer), basketball, and snowboarding.
  • Programs for sculpting your body. These are muscle-building workouts.
  • Programs for losing weight. These are fat-burning workouts where you can find a very interesting “Train and Dance” program.

When you make your choice and open the program, the first thing you will be able to see is its rating, duration, and difficulty. As you scroll down there is also a description of the workout, the exercises included, and the body areas that will be developed. And finally, in the end, you can see the whole workout plan and the equipment needed (if any). 

Meal Plans

A good workout needs an even better meal plan. The creators of FizzUp know this and included that in this app. FizzUp’s meal plan includes a daily meal plan, many recipes, and a shopping list. 

However, before getting into these, there is a quick personalization process that needs to be completed. The questions you will have to answer are: 

  • Do you have any dietary preferences? You can choose between vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, or no dietary preferences.
  • What’s your goal? Get stronger, lose weight or eat healthier. 

The meal plans consist of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When you open a certain meal, you will see a description of the meal, the time needed to prepare it, and the difficulty. 

Under that, there is an ingredient list with a step-by-step preparation guide with very useful tips such as serving how-tos, and alternatives you can use for some of the ingredients.

fizzup meal plan

To properly prepare for this FizzUp review we’ve tried a breakfast named “The buckwheat bonanza”. It’s basically a pancake recipe that as a healthy white flour alternative uses buckwheat flour. As a topping, we used natural honey and some chopped hazelnuts and it was truly delicious. 

The thing that we think this app lacks is that it doesn’t count calories. There is no option to see how many calories a meal has, so if you don’t want to calculate it for yourself, you’ll have to trust that the app made the right dosage choices for your needs.

Additional Features

The best additional feature is that the app allows you to set the exercise intensity and also add the equipment you own. Also, there is an option to change some of the answers you gave on the personalization question we talked about at the beginning of this FizzUp review. 

The next interesting feature is for the people that still don’t have the habit of working out and being consistent is something they are not good at. This is the Workout reminder time feature where you can choose a time when the app will tell you that it’s time to exercise. You can also use this as motivation.

This app can connect to Google Fit. This might be an advantage for everyone that wants to improve progress tracking. 

And the last two features we want to mention are the blog where you can learn more about fitness and nutrition, and the community, which is an optional feature.

FizzUp vs. Similar Apps 

FizzUp is a complete and very easy-to-use fitness guide. It gives users an abundance of workouts and unlike many other similar apps, it doesn’t stop there. Apart from working out properly, FizzUp will also help you eat healthily.

It doesn’t have the best progress and nutrition tracking, but the meals are delicious and easy to make. If you want to count the calories, you can use MyFitnessPal and have an amazing fitness experience. 

If you want a similar free alternative, there is an app that we’ve recently reviewed called Fittr. This app tracks the calories you are eating and is giving you more freedom to modify your meals. 


While there is an option to enjoy some of the features of this app for free, you cannot get the whole experience and the best results unless you pay for the premium version. 

The FizzUp premium version has three different prices based on the subscription’s duration:

  • A monthly price of $17.97 or $4.13 per week.
  • A three-month price of $35.56 or $2.73 per week. 
  • A yearly price of $63.69 or $1.22 per week. 

There isn’t a free trial version, so we recommend trying the free version of this app in order to decide if paying for FizzUp Premium is going to be worth it. 

Final Review on FizzUp and Opinions 

This FizzUp review covered all of the important and useful features. We’ve explored how the workout and the meal plans will help a person positively transform his body and his lifestyle. 

The number and the quality of workouts you can choose from are truly amazing. The meals are affordable and tasty and even if you are not a cook, you will surely be able to easily put together a healthy meal quickly.

As for the price, getting a complete fitness and nutritional guide on your phone for a weekly price of an average coffee sounds like a great deal. The deal becomes even better if you choose to commit to the app and buy the three-month or the yearly version.

To end this FizzUp review, let’s make a quick list of all of the pros and cons of the app:


  • A great number of exercises and workout plans 
  • Exercises with different intensity and difficulty 
  • Meal plans, recipes, and shopping list
  • Very good personalization questions


  • There is no calorie count on the meals
  • There is no free trial option to try the premium version

Download FizzUp on:

Google Play Store