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Form Review – A Swim App Worth The Investment?

form review

Form Swim is an app specially designed for avid swimmers looking for a complete solution that focuses on training, community, and advanced trackable metrics. The app heavily focuses on building a strong foundation and correct techniques, and caters to beginner swimmers to triathletes. In our Form review, we’ll take a deep dive into the app, its functions, and compare it with other similar apps in the niche. By the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need to make an informed decision on whether it’s worth your investment or not.

Key Takeaway & Highlights

Install Form if:

  • You’re passionate about swimming
  • You want to build a solid foundation and gain long term pool or open-water skills 
  • You want pre-made training plans that are exhaustive in nature
  • You want to train alongside elite swimmers
  • You want an app that tracks all your metrics and gives you regular reports
  • You want to integrate virtual reality in your training
  • You don’t mind paying extra to buy a pair of Form goggles

Don’t install Form if:

  • You’re a recreational swimmer with no plans to train regularly
  • You don’t have the time required to invest in a thorough, long-term training plan
  • Comparing your stats with that of elite swimmers doesn’t interest you
  • You have no interest in virtual reality or its applications in swimming
  • You don’t want to buy any additional equipments or goggles

Form Swim Background

Form is developed by FORM Athletica Inc., founded by Dan Eisenhardt, a competitive swimmer with over 14 years experience. As a passionate sports technology entrepreneur, his mission was to bridge the gap between ground-level sports and augmented reality optics, to create a holistic experience for swimmers.

Form has an average rating of 4.8 on Play Store and App Store both with over 10,000 downloads on each. The reviews are mostly positive, with some.mediocre ones pointing to technical issues on the app or goggles. The developers are very responsive to feedback. 

The app is free to download and use, with optional in-app purchases.

We’ll begin our Form review by analysing what the app claims to do, how well it lives up to its promises, and how you can get the most out of its offerings. We’re using the latest Android version (2.6.0) for our review.


Form aims to use augmented reality optics and merge it with a vast range of trackable metrics, training plans, and expert guidance, all conveniently packed in your mobile device. 

Here’s how the app aims to achieve this:

  • Your own coach in your pocket 

By removing the dependence on paper, in-person coaches, and memory to remember your training plans. You get real-time updates right on the goggles itself

  • Wide range of workouts to choose from

Their catalog consists of hundreds of workouts for different levels, with new ones added weekly. You can save upto 5 workouts on your goggles at a time.

  • Seamless sync and integrations

The app and goggles sync with wearables and other tracking apps so you have access to detailed metrics at any time. 

  • Customisation

Your goggles are fully customisable with options to select what to display at every turn, lap, or stroke. You can set up multiple configurations and switch between them depending on your goals.

  • Ease-of-use

The goggles can be used in a pool, open-water, or a swim spa. It needs to be synced with a supported smartwatch to show metrics for open-water swims.

  • Community

A unique feature of the app is its tracking function of pro swimmers. Use it for motivation, goal-setting, or just to see what your favourites are up to in their training. Additionally you can connect with people from other swim clubs and share your progress. You can also keep your data private if required.

Home Dashboard


Core Features of Form Swim

The Form Swim app is designed to be used with Form Smart Swim Goggles for an optimal experience. However, you can still benefit from the workouts and training plans free of cost from the app, if you don’t wish to purchase a membership.

For ease of understanding, we’ll split this section of our Form review into two distinct parts – core features of the app and the goggles.

Form Swim App

Once you’ve signed up for an account, you get access to the main features of the app such as the main feed, workouts, and paired goggles. 

In this section of our Form review, we’ll elaborate on each feature independently. 


The main feed comes with suggestions of pro swimmers to follow. Some of our main recommendations were Sarah Crowley, Hannah Wells, Richard Murray, Lionel Sanders, Oussama Mellouli and many others.

Each athlete profile comes with a detailed report on their stats, weekly training snapshot, and logged swims. You can also check their most used strokes, longest swims, and plans completed. 

The swim stats track heart rate data, distance covered, rest times etc. 

The main feed also has a section to show your own metrics which can be private or shared with the community. 


The workout section has an exhaustive list of independent workouts and complete training plans catering to swimmers of all levels. 

Workout Finder

Independent workouts are added every week and contain everything you need for a well rounded swim session.

Each workout will show the following details:

  • Pool length required – most workouts are designed for standard and non-standard pools.
  • Equipment – these are optional and can help you perform drills better. The most commonly used gears are kickboards, fins, paddles, and goggles. You can do any of the workouts without any equipment at all, as long as you remember to have fun!
  • Distance – measured both in meters and yards, the distance increases depending on the plan you choose. For example, workouts titled S (1200 m/yds), M (2200 m/yds), L (2900 m/yds), and XL (4000 m/yds).
  • Duration – the duration increases with the distance chosen, and can be anywhere between 20-100 minutes, or more!
  • Intensity – it can be rated easy, medium, or hard depending on the effort required and goals set. 

Workouts on Form are categorised by function:

Endurance workouts focus solely on improving cardiovascular fitness by training the base fitness level. They start from moderate intensity, with 25 minutes of work, and a minimum distance of 1200 m/yds.

Power workouts lead to sustained, maximal performance and high-intensity swimming best suited for triathletes and open water swimmers. Starting from 900 m/yds, they follow endurance workouts in duration and distance.

Sprint workouts focus on training for short bursts of high intensity swimming suited for pool or competitive swimmers. The specifics of a sprint workout is the same as power workouts.

Recovery workouts, as the name suggests, are low intensity, and restorative in nature with starting duration of 25 minutes and distance of 1000 m/yds.

Workouts are further classified as Getting Started, Workout of the Week, Newly Added, No Equipment, Equipment Specific, Skill Development, Fitness, and Triathlon.



Workout Plans 

Plans are detailed weekly and monthly progressions that focus on a specific skill set or big picture goals. The structure provided in the plans can be useful for serious swimmers training for a race or event.

They come with a detailed weekly breakdown, tips, weekly distance, techniques and drills.

Workout Plans are categorised into the following:

Skill Development plans include a The Power of Equipment series which are short, usually 2 weeks in length and focuses on using a single kind of equipment. Workouts are scheduled twice a week and can be added to another plan. Common equipment included are fins, hand paddles, pull buoys, and kickboards. 

Skill development also includes a standalone plan called Freestyle Foundations – 4 weeks in duration, consisting of 3 swims/week.

Fitness plans are the most wide ranging in terms of variations. 

  • Swim 200s Non-stop

The first in the endurance series, it trains you to cover 200m in one go without stopping. It’s a 4 week plan, with two scheduled workouts a week. This is the most basic plan aiming to build a solid foundation. You can use optional equipment and add a 3rd workout in a week depending on your requirements. 

  • Swim 500s Non-stop

The next plan trains you to swim non-stop for 500m. It has the same specifics as the 200m plan and is recommended to start after finishing the former.

  • Swim 1000s Non-stop

The final plan in the series, this is for you if you want the endurance to swim long distances comfortably. The duration for this plan is 6 weeks with 3 scheduled workouts/week. 

The plan goes through a progression of skills, intensity, and distance with tests scheduled at the end of weeks 2,4, and 6.

Longer plans come in different training volumes – low, medium, and high. For example, Improve Your Pace (4 weeks) and Step Up Your Pace (8 weeks) each come in mid and high volume options. 

Swimming Your Way Into Shape is a generic fitness plan aimed at recreational swimmers and comes low and mid volumes. Both are 8 week programs with 3 swims/week. 

The other plans are:

  • Boost Your Endurance – an 8 week plan with 3 swims/week and
  • Recharge & Recover – a 2 week plan with 3 swims/week in low and mid volumes.

Triathlon plans are longer and more intensive in nature.

  • Sprint Triathlon plans are 8 weeks in duration, with 2-3 workouts a week in low and mid volume
  • Olympic Triathlon plans are 12 weeks long, with 3 swims/week in low and mid volume
  • Half Iron Triathlon plans are 16 weeks in duration with 3 workouts a week, in mid and high volume 
  • The Full Iron Triathlon plan is 24 weeks long, with 3 swims a week, and in high volume. 



Form Smart Swim Goggles

Form refers to its goggles as “Your Underwater Coach”. 

It relies heavily on visual metrics. Once you sync the app with your goggles, your plan details will display right before your eyes, without interfering with your vision. It’ll show you numbers, upcoming moves, metrics and everything you need to complete a guided training, without a coach.

If you’re following a workout plan, the goggles will show you what to do next including rest times, current effort level, and progress reports.

Construction & Packaging

  • The goggles come with adjustable fit, and 7 interchangeable nose bridges
  • Great battery life, with over 16hrs use with a single charge
  • FDA-certified silicone eye seals that promise optimal comfort 
  • Anti-fog lenses with chemical-resistant coating that saves you from having to repeatedly clean them mid-swim
  • The goggles come with a protective case, clip for more accurate heart-rate monitoring, and magnetic charging cable.

Technical Information

  • Form goggles are compatible with smartphones, and smartwatches like Apple and Garmin. Additionally, it can be synced with multiple apps such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, and Final Surge.
  • Automatic syncing via Bluetooth so you can focus on your training
  • Advanced heart-rate sensor and metrics. You can choose to purchase Polar Verity Sense and OH1/OH1+ separately for more comprehensive metrics.

Analysis & Metrics

Form goggles track the following metrics for both pool and open-water swims:

  • Swimming and resting time are automatically calculated in the pool when you stop moving. For open-water, you need to pause it manually.
  • Distance covered is displayed on your goggles
  • Modulate speed using pace metrics
  • Real-time calories burned while swimming, and at the end of the workout
  • Advanced heart-rate sensor that comes with an optional upgrade to Polar Verity Sense or OH1/OH1 + to be used with the mounting clip provided with your goggles
  • Accurately track lap-times by seeing the duration for each split-length
  • Find your optimal stroke-length (real-time tracking only available when swimming freestyle)

For pool swimming, a couple of other trackers are included:

  • Stroke count – monitor your current stroke counts and train towards your optimal count
  • Distance Per Stroke (DPS) – evaluate your arm-stroke length and speed to improve stroke efficiency.

Additional Features

Apart from the above, the goggles have a few additional features including:

  • Customization – you’re in control of what metrics you wish to see on your goggles
  • Display – you can choose to see the stats on your right or left lens
  • Pool length – set your pool length above 15m. Workouts cater to pool lengths of 25-50m/yd.

Form goggles are included in their membership plans and have 1-year warranty protection, carbon-neutral shipping, and free 30-day returns.

Subscription & Paid Plans

In this section of our Form review, we’ll look at the membership plans available to users.

The app is free to download and the independent workouts can be used without a paid subscription

For the full experience, monthly plans are priced at $24 with a 6 month commitment, an annual plan is $12/month paid for 12 months upfront, and a gift yearly membership at $228. 

All plans come with a Form Smart Goggles delivered to your address.

Form Alternatives: Are There Better Options?

In this section of our Form review, we’ll look at MySwimPro and see how it compares to the former.

The main difference between the apps is that MySwimPro contains a workout library that not only focus on swimming drills, but also dryland exercise focusing on strength and conditioning for swimmers. However, it’s overall rating is 3.8 which is a lot less compared to Form. It also lacks the advanced technological inclusions that you find with Form’s goggles.

Final Review of Form Swim and Summary

In this final section of our Form review, we’ll list the pros and cons and give our final opinion on the app.


  • The app is suitable for those with serious swimming aspirations
  • The workout section is full of detailed independent workouts that can be combined together
  • The workout plans are very well-detailed and goes deep into foundational concepts and techniques
  • The app is continuously getting updates and bug fixes
  • The membership plans include a Form Smart Swim Goggles
  • Great functionality and sync features
  • Real time stats and detailed reports
  • A like-minded community of swimmers from around the world


  • Memberships are expensive and require a minimum 6-month commitment
  • The app is not suitable for recreational swimmers who don’t need a lot of guidance
  • The technological features can be overwhelming
  • The app experience is severely limited without a pair of Form goggles
  • The app is new and the developers are still figuring out the technology

If you’re looking for a complete swimming and coaching solution without spending too much on a personal coach, and have aspirations to take your swimming skills to the next level, Form can be a great choice for you to try out! We’ll recommend starting with the free plan and deciding if you need to upgrade to the full experience.

To install the app, follow the links below:

Play Store

App Store