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Freeletics Review: Is the App Worth It?

freeletics review

Freeletics is a fitness app that offers effective bodyweight workouts at home. The workouts are AI-driven, which means that the algorithm will adapt to your fitness level and develop a custom workout program with adjusted difficulty over time. The app is great for users looking to get toned and increase their fitness durability. Currently, the Freeletics app has 2 apps – one dedicated to workouts and the other one is nutrition-based. Users can subscribe to both.

Behind the scenes

Founded in 2013 by a German fitness enthusiast and entrepreneur named Daniel Sobhani, Freeletics has grown and developed into a very popular fitness app today. Currently, the app has over 36 million active users worldwide and the userbase keeps growing. In this Freeletics review, we will go deeper into the workouts, subscription cost and other offerings. After reading this Freeletics review, you should get an idea if it’s worth subscribing to it or not.

What Is Freeletics App?

Freeletics is a workout app that is based on AI-powered adaptive coaching. So once you start training with the Freeletics, an AI coach will create your custom program, track your progress, and adjust it if needed. Freeletics uses a feedback loop to adapt the training program for your maximum results. Just like the Volt Athletics app, Freeletics will work out with you and adapt to your progress. If you’re looking to develop and challenge your fitness level, this whole idea of growing and pushing will be highly suitable for you.

How does Freeletics work?

When first subscribing to Freeletics, the app gives you the option to take a physical test that will determine your overall fitness level. This will serve as a starting point for your custom program later on. The test is sophisticated and precise enough to get you going. If the workout plan is too tough or easy at the beginning, you can easily modify it as you go along.

When starting out with Freeletics, the user will have to set a goal. Currently, there are 3 goals available:

  • Lose weight – will incorporate fat-burning exercises like HIIT, Tabata and interval-training. These are proven to be highly effective when it comes to burning fat;
  • Gain muscle – here you’ll get resistance training to activate the muscles. It can be bodyweight-focused or incorporate weights;
  • Stay active – suitable for people who are looking to stay fit with regular exercise.

Freeletics Workouts

Majority of the workouts are HIIT-based, done at a maximum pace so you will work towards increasing your endurance. The workout length also varies depending on how fast you’re doing your reps. It can be anything from 30 minutes to an hour.

You can also choose how many days you want to train and note down if you have any physical limitations or if you want to incorporate sprints or runs into your training program.

Additionally, Freeletics has a single exercise interval feature where you can work on a single exercise like push-ups or squats and repeat it over and over again. Example of this is doing 20 push-ups as fast as you can. It’s a great way to add variety to your training for better results.

Workout programs vary between 6, 8 or 12 weeks long. Most of the workout programs are weights-free, but for building muscle, there will also be some resistance training available on the app. For those you would need equipment like pull-up bar, barbell, and rack & bench.

fitness equipment

Freeletics Cost

At the time of writing this Freeletics review, the training app costs $11.99 a month or $74.99 a year. There are a few workout routines users can try for free, but these are mostly made to get familiar with the app and its interface.

Without upgrading to premium, you won’t be able to properly use Freeletics and their famous AI coach. The free version gives you only access to some of their “signature workouts”.

Regarding the types of subscriptions, Freeletics has 3 types of memberships available:

  • Training;
  • Nutrition;
  • Or training & nutrition together.

Each one is either 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months long. The prices differ from country to country due to the currency change. The third bundle that comes with a training and nutrition plan is the most expensive. To gain access to the Freeletics Nutrition app, users have to download a separate app.

What Do You Get For the Freeletics Price?

Freeletics premium gives access to their AI coach and puts you through a physical test to determine your current fitness level. After that, your AI coach will create your custom training program and start tracking your progress.

After every workout, you will have to rate the difficulty level, hence this will modify your next workout and adjust to your progress.

Freeletics Meal Plan

To gain access to their meal plan, users are prompt to get a separate app dedicated for nutrition. Depending on your Freeletics subscription, a nutrition plan is either going to cost you extra or will be included in the bundle.

Freeletics meal plan is created by following the “eating clean” principle. It’s also tailored to your goals, parameters, and preferences. It’s suitable for those who want to lose weight, gain mass or simply eat healthy.

Every meal displays cooking instructions, ingredients, total calories, and cooking time. I especially enjoyed the detailed nutrient intake where users can see their protein, carb, and fat intake with every meal. No need to combine Freeletics Nutrition with apps like myFitnessPal to see results. And because Freeletics has so many recipes, you can also quickly filter the options to find meals fast.

Freeletics Review: Pros

  • Sophisticated AI coaching and feedback looping;
  • Custom workout programs tailored to the user’s fitness level and goals;
  • Minimal equipment needed;
  • Has a community with like-minded people – a nice place to get some extra motivation;
  • Weekly blogs and fitness tips;
  • Ability to sync data with HealthKit and Apple Health;
  • Clear instructions on how to do each move;
  • Provides low impact modifications and exercise alternatives;
  • Ensures the opportunity to combine training with nutrition.

Freeletics Review: Cons

  • Slow customer service;
  • No warm-ups or cool-downs included;
  • No music too. The workouts can get a bit boring;
  • Expensive.

freeletics pros and cons

Is Freeletics Worth It?

Freeletics is great for increasing your fitness endurance because the app will motivate you to beat your previous time and always compete with yourself. That being said, it might not be the best possible option to start with if you’re a complete beginner. The workouts can become challenging and a newcomer might be highly restricted by his own endurance. Naturally, we all have the urge to compete so there is a slight risk of overtraining. We see this fitness app as a great addition to stay in shape and progress.

Fitness enthusiasts have no problem with keeping themselves motivated and pushing them with each workout, whereas beginners might need a graduate start. Here, the app prompts the user to compete and challenge his level since day one. To be honest, we think that beginners are not aiming to beat the world record on their first workout. They need a supportive and interactive start, which Freeletics might lack in. Here, it’s all about pushing and beating your previous result.

But after writing this Freeletics review, we think this app will be highly appreciated amongst fitness enthusiasts because they’re interactive and immersive. For instance, the community feature allows the user to locate nearby spots where you can train for free and meet other Freeletics users.

If you look at other apps, Nike Training Club uses the same feedback loops to adjust your next workout (and it’s free). The only difference is that Freeletics app is more personalized and takes into consideration your fitness goals. Meanwhile, Nike’s main goal is getting people stronger, not skinnier, leaner or whatever. So Freeletics might be the perfect app for you if a custom workout plan is important for you.

freeletics review

Source: Freeletics app

Practical Advice if you go with Freeletics:

  • Freeletics’ AI coach is working in thresholds so it won’t be 100% customized for you specifically. It will put you in whichever level he thinks you belong so don’t be surprised that your fit buddy gets the same program as you;
  • If you went with Freeletics and now looking to grow muscle, try Freeletics gym version – same principle, only with weights;
  • For complete beginners, I would suggest apps like 30 Day Fitness Challange or Workout For Women. They’re bodyweight only, and less intensive.


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