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Future Review – Is it worth it?

future review

Future is a fitness app built specifically for iPhones and other related apple products. They don’t have an android version as yet, but you can try accessing their services via their website. In this Future review, we’ll cover the features in detail, weigh the pros and cons, and give you a thorough understanding of whether this app will be suitable for you. We’ll also cover the limited availability of the app, and its lack of cross platform compatibility.

So, stay tuned for the most in-depth review of Future that’s available on the internet!

Key takeaways & highlights

Install Future if:

  • You’re an Apple user
  • You’re OK paying high subscription fees to access its services
  • You want comprehensive, one on one training with a dedicated coach
  • You have specific sport or performance related goals

Don’t install Future if:

  • You only have access to an Android phone
  • Your goals are less specific – maybe you wish to lose weight, stay healthy or simply get more active
  • Having access to a dedicated coach to work with is not a priority
  • You’d rather go for more generic workout plans, including follow along routines available on demand.

Future Background

In this section of our Future review, we’ll look at the background of the app and what it claims to do. Please note that our review is based on the website version of the app. (We’ll link it at the end of the review).

The app was developed by Future Research Inc and is still in a relatively early stage of its growth. However it has carved out a space for itself in the fitness technology marketplace despite its short tenure. Its compatible with iOS 14 and higher for iPhone/iPod, and macOS 11.0 or higher for use on Mac.

Future has a great ratings score at a stellar 4.9 out of 5 as per 4.3K individual ratings. The developers are quick to roll out new updates and bug fixes, and they seem to take into consideration customer feedback as well. The app has a strong presence on social media, across platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

The app is free to download but includes in app purchases and a paid membership.

In the following section of our Future review, we’ll take a deeper look at what the app is supposed to do and analyze how successful it is in its claims.


The main purpose of Future is to serve as a complete fitness solution that can be taken anywhere with the user. They do it by providing top of the line personalized workout programs with a real coach, accessible anytime and anywhere.

The app strives to create real human interaction and collaboration to create custom plans for the user. The coaches are well trained with expertise ranging from general fitness to specialized athletic performance. The plans are built on a weekly basis keeping in mind your schedule, travel plans, and time availability for the coming week. This provides an opportunity to modify your plan based on whatever circumstances are present in your life.

Future provides daily accountability check-ins with your coach to further provide an incentive for you to show up.

First Impression

In this section of our Future review, we’ll look at the entire journey a user will take, from the moment they sign up on the app to exploring the workouts and following the training plans by themselves.

Getting started

Once you open the website, you’re prompted to Find Your Coach. The design is minimalistic with a black and white color scheme and easy on the eye fonts.

1. Find Your Coach

The user is then taken through a questionnaire which can be divided into a few broad categories:

  • Demographic: involves details regarding age, number of workout sessions per week, gender
  • Goals: The survey will also ask for your location preference (gym/home), goals, motivations, what has been the limitations of previous attempts at achieving the goal,
  • More specific questions such as current limitations (injuries, pregnancy, allergies etc.)
  • Coach preferences: the kind of coach you’d like to be matched to. The questions include gender, personality, and level of intensity.
  • Coach selection: Based on your responses, you’ll be given a few prospective coaches to choose from. For our preference (sports performance), the following coaches were suggested. However, you can skip this step if you want to explore the features before committing to a coach.

2. Memberships

The next step contains a prompt to choose your membership. There are 3 options to choose from. You can either go for Start This Week, Start Next Week, or Stay in the Know which essentially informs you when coaches have availability again.

Please note: If you decide to continue buying a membership, the website will prompt you on what device you own. If you click on Android, they’ll ask for your email for when they launch on the platform.

If you have an Apple device, you’ll be redirected to a payment page. The subscription cost is $149 USD per month. They provide a 30-day trial period with full refund if you’re not satisfied.

Let’s now look at the process of choosing your coach and starting your training plan

Once the payment is made, you’ll be guided through 4 steps. They are:

  • Choose your coach: You can select one from your recommendations, and you can change your coach if you’re not happy with them at any point in the future.
  • Get to know your coach: Your coach will meet you on FaceTime to get to know you better, understand your goals and build a plan together. Then you’ll continue to collaborate with them as your plan changes every week.
  • Receive your welcome kit: Everything you need to get started. Your kit includes an optional Apple Watch which will be used by your coach to track your progress using analytics and other data points.
  • You’re good to go! Use your iOS app to play your videos and start using your plan immediately.

Core Features of Future

In this section of our Future review, we’ll take a deep dive into the features the app offers.

One on one coaching

All Future plans are customized according to each user’s goals, preferences, and current fitness levels. There are no pre-made plans meant for use by multiple people. If you sign up for a monthly plan, your coach will work with you to create a custom plan for each week. This makes the program tailored to your and your needs alone. Other considerations that are looked into are your general agendas for the week, travel plans, access to equipment, time constraints etc.

Fully customized training plans

Once the plan has been created, you have the option of following it through different medias of your choosing (video and audio both). The workouts are guided, so you can simply play and follow along. The ease of access and simplicity are good to remove objections to exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Your coach will provide detailed demonstration of the moves and help correct your form in real time as well.

  • Continued support from your coach: You’ll have the option of connecting to your coach everyday through various methods of communication. The coach will also do accountability check ins to prompt you to stick to your daily plan.
  • Real time partnership with your coach harnessing the power of technology: Future believes in creating a partnership between you and your coach. Their platform is powered by technology, but their services are not automated. At any point of your journey, you’ll have access to a real human!
  • Integrations: Future works seamlessly with your Apple Watch and HealthKit. That ensures all your data is stored effective making measurement of progress as fluid as possible.
  • Full flexibility and control on your plan: You are in control of deciding when you want to work out and how many times a week. Your program will be waiting for you at any time you want. That’s a change from usual client/trainer relationships where you’re asked to decide a specific time and pay cancellation fees if you can’t make it.

Special features

  • Welcome kit: Once you sign up for a monthly plan, you’ll be sent a welcome kit to your address. And this is where things get awesome. Your welcome kit will contain a brand-new Apple watch shipped to you so you can integrate it with your program. Sounds great, doesn’t it?
  • Corporate wellness programs: these are tailored to suit your organization’s fitness needs. The coach will provide 16 workouts a month (each lasting about 40 minutes), 4 texts a day, and a wide range of topics to discuss – nutrition, sleep, stress, and injury at no extra cost!

Future provides attractive rates for its corporate clients with full, partial, and no subsidy options to suit your requirements as well.

  • Gifts plans: you can purchase a plan as a gift and pass it on to your loved ones to use. There are 4 options to choose from with different charges and discounts for each – one month at $149, 3 months at $405, 6 months at $760, and an annual plan for $1425. All charges are in USD. The recipient can choose to continue using the app after their gift plan has expired.

Subscription & Paid Plans

Future is expensive to use and there’s no denying that. A basic monthly subscription will cost you $149. If you purchase for longer durations upfront, you may be eligible for discounts. But apart from that, you’ll have to continue paying a steep monthly fee to access their services.

This may be logical for some people. At a fixed monthly cost, you’re gaining daily access to your coach. Your routine is modified every week according to what suits your needs for that particular week. You’re also receiving accountability check-ins, not to mention an Apple Watch.

Their 30-day free trial seems like a good idea to start with. If you change your mind, you’ll get a full refund on your payment. However, be sure to check with support to make sure what the terms are!

Future vs. Other Fitness Apps: is it better than the alternatives?

Future is quite different from most other apps in the market. However, in this section of our Future review, we’ll provide you with a comparison with other apps so you can make an informed choice.

The apps we’ll look into are Sworkit and Noom.

Noom is similar to Future in the sense that both offer personalized programs and coach access to their clients. However, Noom’s main focus is on weight loss/management with the help of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Future focuses primarily on personal training services. You can read more about Noom here.

Sworkit is more similar to Future than Noom. Both focus on fitness and at-home workouts and users can select from a wide range of specializations. However, Sworkit is way more affordable and provides better integrations with secondary apps/devices. Future is more premium in its services and is suited for a different kind of clientele.

Final Review of Future and Summary

From the beginning, Future can be seen to have multiple pros and cons and creates a polarizing effect on the user. Its very niche-specific and may not work for everyone. In this final section of our Future review, we’ll look at a detailed list of pros and cons, so you know for sure if it’s for you!


  • The app creates change through real-time partnerships with a coach of your choosing
  • It harnesses the power of emerging technology to provide a seamless experience that’s like a personal training session. Future uses a combination of technology, powerful content, and elite trainers to provide a wholesome experience for you
  • Their plans come in audio and video formats and can be used at home, on the move, or at the gym
  • Wide range of coaches to select from, spanning various specialties and past experience
  • Workouts are built weekly and therefore can be thoroughly customized
  • Daily accountability check ins with your personal coach
  • If you don’t already own an Apple watch, one will be sent to you


  • Limited compatibility. There is no Android version available
  • The monthly fees are quite high
  • Upfront payment required to access the risk-free trial
  • Not suitable for those looking for general fitness solutions
  • Requires a high level of commitment from the start which can act as a deterrent for someone who is already struggling with motivation.

To sum up, Future does what it claims to do. It provides you with a highly customized plan, access to a personal coach, and a program that changes with your needs. However, it has some severe limitations from the beginning. If you don’t have an Apple device or don’t plan on getting one, then you’re better off not investing in the app. If the price seems reasonable to you and you have very clear goals for your fitness plan, then it may be suitable for you. You’ll need an Apple product regardless, and if your plan is general fitness, you’ll find much better alternatives in the market.

To access the platform, use the links below:

🡪 iOS

🡪 Website